Eunoia Junior College – Official Opening

We are delighted to have welcomed our full complement of students in January 2018 and will be holding our Official Opening to celebrate the establishment of our college.

The theme As One We Write carries forward our inaugural 2017 theme Beginning with a Dream, Making History. Together, these lines form the first verse of our College Anthem written by our Eunoians.


5 May 2018 (Sat)



3.00 - 7.15PM


Smart Casual



Eunoia Junior College

We are honoured to have Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education, senior Ministry of Education officials, school leaders from the Joint Integrated Programme, members of the Eunoia College Advisory Committee and Parents@Eunoia, and other distinguished guests grace the occasion. 

We invite all guests, parents, staff and students to join us in a line-up of exciting activities in celebration of our official launch. You can also take the lead in some of the learning experiences happening on the day. We look forward to your presence together with the Eunoia family.



A fun-fair where you will see our JC1s’ creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial dare and feel the Eunoia heartbeat. Expect games galore, excitement, experimentation, food and plenty of house spirit! 

Human Library

Trace the story of Eunoia from its conception to its eventual realisation by reading our very own Eunoia Human Books. Hear from Eunoians who shaped and weaved our shared story and ask them questions!

Eunoia - Our Name and Identity
Our Anthem - Joint Effort
Our Uniform - Creative Process
Eunoia Shining
Beautiful Thinking, Goodwill to All
Bridging Heart and Mind
Uniting with our Parents
Co-creating the Student Voice
Designing Rich Learning Experiences


Learning takes place anywhere, anytime, by anyone, for everyone in our Unconference sessions. Watch Eunoians explore, facilitate and participate in a wide range of activities that go beyond the curriculum, with an emphasis on student voice, student excitement and learning from passionate, beautiful people!

Boutonnieres and Corsages

Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng
3.30 - 5pm



Ms Sim Yi Min + Darie Chan
3 - 4.30pm


Rubik's Cube

Wesley + Jie Hui + Yi Da
3 - 4pm



Dawn + Wen Li
3 - 5pm



4 - 5pm

Basic Coding with Python and Machine Learning

Dr Chen Weiqiang
3 - 5pm


Street Dance

STEP Studio
3 - 5pm



Mr Crispin Rodrigues
4 - 5pm



Zhen Yu
4 - 5pm



Mr Victor Yang
4 - 5pm

Talk with Deputy Head Keeper, Zoology

Mr Jose Cairos
4 - 5pm


Video Production

Ms Mandy Tay
3 - 4pm



Ms Mandy Tay
4 - 5pm



Jun Hyeok
3 - 4.30pm



Clyde + June
3 - 5pm



A video to honour the pioneers of Eunoia, including the JIP school leaders who proposed the formation of Eunoia, the MOE personnel involved in starting Eunoia, the architects overseeing the Mount Sinai campus rejuvenation work, many more stakeholders and our Eunoians themselves, the life force behind all that we do.


A combined performance featuring the college's Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra and Choir. This will culminate in the singing of the College Anthem led by  various stakeholder representatives and pioneers.



A parade of floats showcasing the creativity and identity of our five houses, Akila, Eder, Isami, Ora and Uzuri, alongside a picnic celebration with our students and staff.