Millions saw the apple fall but Newton asked why. We believe that curiosity is more important than knowledge. Hence, our academic programme is designed not simply to inform but to intrigue. Teaching and learning at the college is supported by three pillars: educational neuroscience, educational psychology and professional collaboration among teachers. Interesting lessons are designed to develop our students’ cognitive and metacognitive abilities. We believe that the greatest gift an education can provide is not great knowledge but an undying thirst for knowledge. After all, the future belongs to the curious.


We want our students to inspire and be inspired. An inspired person finds it easy to accomplish the difficult; an uninspired person finds it difficult to even accomplish easy tasks. Our flagship Talent Development Programme, supported by our Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), Humanities Scholarship Programme, Music Elective Programme, LATITUDE, ALTITUDE and MAGNITUDE programmes and STEM Research Programme, provides platforms to inspire students to pursue their dreams, and opportunities for them to be an inspiration to others in their pursuit of excellence.


Our experiences are only as good as the lessons we draw from them through quality introspection. Studies have shown that successful people have high intrapersonal intelligence. High intrapersonal intelligence enables one to discover one’s values, beliefs and passion. It also allows one to draw the most valuable lessons from one’s experiences. We cultivate intrapersonal intelligence in our students through meaningful introspection and by cultivating their personal voice. Our Life Coaching Programme, Leadership Advancement Programme, Character & Citizenship Education Programme and Co-Curricular Activities are designed to encourage and impart the important skill of introspection.


Passion is focussed energy. We want our students to be in love with life and harness the power they get when they focus on what excites them. We believe that an education is incomplete if students are not invigorated or if they do not feel excited about what their future holds. Our students will be energised through Passion Pursuit, Internship & Externship opportunities, our Physical Education Programme and Aesthetics Programme.


Without making a contribution, great ambition and achievements are of little significance — what is an educational experience without the opportunity to make an impact? Students can look forward to exciting opportunities to make an immediate impact, and learn how to continue making a difference to our future. In our flagship World Readiness Programme, Community Engagement Scholarship Programme, Global Orientation Programme, Environmental Literacy Programme and Values-in-Action, they will build better communities, a better Singapore and a better world.