For We Are Eunoia –
Term 1 Bulletin

Dear Parents and Alumni Members,


The first year of Eunoia Junior College is now behind us, with its share of historic moments, memorable achievements and burgeoning opportunities. Another year of firsts beckons. 2018 will see a Eunoia propelled by two cohorts of students, ready to write new and exciting chapters ahead. As a youthful school, the only limit is our imagination. On this voyage, even brighter days await us and our students will go as far as, if not farther than, their aspirations.

Throughly our termly bulletins, we hope to provide you a slice of our Eunoians' experience in the college, and share the latest developments in our programmes. At the same time, we would like to chart the way forward for our Eunoians in JC1 and JC2, so that we may work with you to anticipate the decisions they will make for a meaningful year ahead.

Full Circle

Our JC1s complete us as a school. They give us new strength and greater heart in all we achieve as a school. In January, we welcomed our second cohort of Joint Integrated Programme students from our three partner schools, and they have brought new energy into our midst. Their fervent cheers and joyful laughter, which could be heard from my office, moved me to join them in their orientation activities. On occasions I could not join them, they gave me reason to smile for the rest of the day. I am glad to see that our students from Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School had from their first week in the college already grown into proud Eunoians. My fellow school leaders were just as happy to share that on the day they returned to their secondary schools to receive their O-level results, their sense of affiliation echoed through the hall, and stories of new friendships were shared with their former teachers.


Encouraged as we are by their passion, we know that Eunoia is not yet complete. The students we take in via the Joint Admissions Exercise come from different backgrounds, and will bring a wealth of strengths and perspectives to our growth as individuals, as a school and as a larger family that includes our parents and alumni of our partner schools. Our name leads us to pursue the good of all and to build beautiful friendships. It is our hope, and will, that all Eunoians, no matter their background, study, work, play and grow together and emerge as leaders of people here, now, and in the near and distant future. 

We promise that the educational journey they will embark on be second to none. In the early weeks of January, our JIP students experienced some of the intrigue that permeates the Eunoia classroom. They investigated crime scenes as forensic scientists-in-waiting, tested their problem-solving skills to the power of infinity, and showed ingenuity as they crafted games using only recycled cardboard and limitless creativity. In the following weeks, this breadth of learning will be guided by our educators towards greater depth in the subjects our students have chosen; we will ensure that we never lose the inspiration to learn so evident in their eyes.

It is our hope, and will, that all our Eunoians, no matter their background... together emerge as leaders of people here, now, and in the near and distant future.

First Class

We would not be able to speak boldly of a first-class educational experience if not for the hard work put in by our passionate teachers and our pioneer cohort. Their myriad achievements are testament to this. Most recently, our shuttler and student councillor Nicolette Tan (17-A3) took on the role of lead oath-taker at the opening ceremony of the 2018 National School Games. Nicolette is but one of many Eunoians who have borne the responsibilities of a pioneer with exuberance and perseverance, like our six Science Olympiad winners who will usher more wins in the future or the various CCAs who have made their talent known on the national stage. I am reminded of a banner in our school hall that reads, ‘Striving as Five Houses, Shining as One Eunoia’: with the talent and industry they have shown, we are confident that our JC2s will light the way for their juniors, representing themselves and Eunoia with the fullest pride.

We are confident that our JC2s will light the way for their juniors, representing themselves and Eunoia with the fullest pride.

The banners, flags and photographs you see on our campus symbolise more than our seniors’ determination and desire to create a student culture of their own. These represent the friendships they have made across different backgrounds to unite in their classes, houses, CCAs and finally, as one college community. Add to these their social media posts, which may seem fleeting, and we have a collective monument standing for the enduring meaning of eunoia –– beautiful thinking, goodwill to all, a bridging of the heart and mind.

It is with these bonds that their academic and co-curricular pursuits become meaningful. Through these connections they can grow braver, kinder and wiser.

Our JC2s have grown in the maturity the past year. If the few weeks of Term One have given us any indication, they have shown the drive and tenacity to conquer the challenges ahead. Our teachers have remarked that our seniors have settled into the rhythm of school work very well, asking intelligent questions in class, being fully prepared for tutorials and planning their work ahead. Before the term commenced, some requested for the operating hours of our library to be extended and for more study spaces in the school to be open until closing time. The rigours of the A-Level curriculum indeed demand high levels of preparedness, and our teachers are similarly eager to carve a smoother, though not always easy, path towards our common goal. Even as the examination looms, we must remember to strike a balance between academic achievement and appreciating the beauty of life.

Beauty and Goodwill

The Eunoia Global Orientation Programme, or Eunoia GO for short, that took place at the end of 2017 gave our students greater avenues for growth. Venturing to five unique locations across Asia, our Eunoians traversed borders, trekked mountains, taught lessons, took on fresh perspectives and traded appreciation with newfound peers. The many stories shared by our teachers have stuck with me, but one on the trip to Sri Lanka particularly struck a chord. Two of our young ladies had noticed a young boy desperately chasing after their bus, and being concerned for his safety, requested for the bus to stop. Upon speaking to the boy, they realised that he was trying to sell flowers to our group of Eunoians to pay his school fees. While the more seasoned travellers amongst us doubt his intentions, our Eunoians thought with their minds and their hearts.

They decided that the small sum would be more meaningful in the young man's hands and could pay off in other ways. Once they reached the train station for their next stop, our students started to distribute flowers to their fellow commuters as a gesture of their appreciation for the warm hospitality that they received in Sri Lanka. Their actions represent our most human side, transcending the cold rationality that sometimes takes over our faculty to think beautifully for other people. These lessons are difficult to replicate in the classroom; it is in the college’s plans to expand the Eunoia GO Programme to more locations for our future cohorts to journey, learn about new cultures with humility and seek to learn most deeply about ourselves.

Joint Voyage

The full educational experience in our first year was made possible by our parents, alumni from our partner schools, partners and friends of the college. At our Commendation Ceremony in November, we had the pleasure of having our Parents@Eunoia in attendance and to present prizes to more than a hundred Eunoians for their sterling academic achievements and contributions. That said, the entire student population would have been poorer in spirit without the backing of Parents@Eunoia throughout the year’s events and study programmes. Our parents play an important role in the short two-year journey to the A-level Examination. Together we will spur your child to successes big and small.

To the parents of our JC1 Eunoians, we hope you can lend your time and support to our Parents@Eunoia group and participate in the college’s efforts to enrich your child’s education. You can catch them in their eye-catching pink polo t-shirts at our upcoming Parent Engagement Session on 23 Feb 2018, and we are sure they will be excited to share their plans and hear from you. We too look forward to partner you in the college’s growth, and I invite you to start a conversation with us at

As One Eunoia

Stronger with you, Eunoia will make greater headway in its second year. As individuals and as a college, we will always rise up to new challenges, strive for positive change, and stay humble when achievements come. As a junior college now complete with two cohorts, we commit ourselves to pursuing our purpose and our passion, seeing beyond grades, numbers and outcomes on paper. For Eunoia is about people and making a genuine difference to the lives of others. We spread our successes to all.

At our college’s opening ceremony in Term 2, we will be able to share with you in full the effort and beautiful thinking we stand for. Until then we wish you an enriching 2018 full of eunoia.


Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng