Typography establishes the Eunoia identity with immediacy and consistency, expressing the voice of the college community. The college makes use of the FF Mark and Avenir font families in all official printed collaterals, digital communications and spatial graphics.

College-appointed vendors and students should approach their Eunoia Junior College staff liaison for the fonts, where required.


FF Mark is present throughout the college's design system, including the college wordmark, printed collaterals and spatial graphics. Strong yet simple, modern yet true to geometric tradition, this FontFont typeface is a distinct element of our visual identity.

The college uses FF Mark for headlines, headers and captions in title case and uppercase. The typeface is available in a variety of weights; the college recommends the use of Heavy, Bold, Light (up to 72pt) and Extra Light (72pt and above).



Avenir is commonly used in all college communications, printed or digital. This Adrian Frutiger-designed typeface is harmonious, sensible and forward-looking. Avenir means 'future' in French.

The college uses Avenir LT Std for body copy and headers in sentence case. The typeface is available in a variety of weights; the use of 45 Book for regular text and 85 Heavy for bold text is recommended, while 65 Medium is preferred for captions. Arial or Helvetica can be used as a substitute for Avenir on digital applications such as email or websites, where Avenir is not available.

Avenir is available on all macOS devices and Google applications including Slides and Docs.


Typographic Style

Typography is a vital form of expression within the college. FF Mark and Avenir establish familiarity with the visual identity of the college as a whole. These typefaces are used consistently and extensively in official college communications.

To showcase the diversity and personality of the community, an eclectic range of font families is used. These complement the college typefaces, while also visually distinguishing the college's programmes, student groups and staff departments.