As One We Write –
Our Foundation

Official Opening
Foundation Speeches

Eunoia Junior College
Official Opening
5 May 2018

Nicholas Lee Jun Yi

Good evening. I am Nicholas Lee from 17-E4.

In the lead-up to our Official Opening, a team of students from the Media Club devoted 3 weeks of hard work to produce a film entitled As One We Write. We wanted to remember the contributions, no matter big or small, of various stakeholders and pioneers in our college’s history. We discovered what makes Eunoia, Eunoia.

I am the creative director behind the video, and it is my privilege today to represent my crew members here today. Presenting to you the Eunoians who made this video a reality.

This video would not have been possible without the help of Ms Ang Siew Ching, Mr Tay Theng Hwee and many other members of staff who gave us their support, and realised our vision with us.

Together we faced many challenges throughout the production process, from planning to conceptualisation to filming and editing. I am grateful to work with a group of talented individuals who gave their all to overcome these challenges. We stayed back long after school hours, coordinated our shoots during an intense schedule, and persevered.

But with my crew and the teachers, we accomplished what seemed impossible. We eventually wrote a small chapter of Eunoia we are incredibly proud of. We hope you will enjoy our work as much we did making it. Thank you.

Mr Cao Jiandong







Mr Mahmood Fahmi

Good evening. I am Mr Mahmood. It is with great pleasure that I accept this opportunity to write the first chapter of Eunoia's history. It is of special significance to me, as a History teacher, to make History as it unfolds.

The first set of resources I prepared, the first lesson I taught in EJC, our first cohort of students, their first tests and examinations they took... and we marked... their first competitions, their first achievements... and the list goes on.

Some of these may be forgotten over the decades, but one fact will always remain: that we all came together to start this college from scratch and it will be a great college! Thank you.

Mrs Kellie Woo

Good evening. I am Mrs Kellie Woo, Dean of the JC2 cohort, and also our pioneering cohort.

Beginning with a dream, making history. I joined the college in 2016 with a group of school leaders and heads of department. Our role was to dream big, with and for the Eunoians gathered here today.

Together as one, we write Eunoia’s history and Eunoia’s future. We dream bigger dreams for Eunoia and future cohorts of Eunoians.

History is not just about the past. History is always in the making. How will our history look like in the future?

We now invite our guest of honour, Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education, to share his thoughts as we write the history of Eunoia Junior College.