“Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other.”
Gyan Nagpal

Programme MAGNITUDE is aimed at developing global awareness in the high-ability students at Eunoia Junior College. From the programme, students will understand the issues and opportunities of the evolving local, regional and global contexts. They will appreciate that being a global citizen is more a mindset and skillset, and that a global citizen is one who is capable of managing resources, problem-solving and creating new or improved ideas/solutions/products/services to value-add to society.

In 2022, we have 3 exciting modules: Entrepreneurial Skills and Perspectives, Futures & Foresight Methodologies, and International and Regional Affairs. Each module explores a different aspect of global awareness. Similar to Programmes LATITUDE and ALTITUDE, MAGNITUDE aims to develop in our gifted and talented students, the values of moral citizenship and giving back to society. We want these students to draw upon their talents and strengths, identify real needs in society, and have the heart and courage to inspire change.

By the end of the programme, students should be ‘inspiring change, maximising opportunities’.


The pilot module will run for 8 consecutive weeks in Term 2, in the form of seminars with key readings to be discussed and facilitated by teachers and guest speakers at each session. In Terms 3-4, another 5 weeks will be devoted to learning journeys, dialogue or forum discussion sessions, and other experiential learning opportunities such as internships and externships. These are essential parts of the module. Students are also encouraged to actively search for entrepreneurship challenges / competitions that they can take part in, in order to apply the skills that they have gleaned from being a part of MAGNITUDE.

MAGNITUDE is an intensive and rigourous programme requiring commitment in terms of time and effort from the students, as well as close contact with various facilitators. Hence, participants must be willing to dedicate 1-2 hours beyond their academic hours during the academic weeks, and time during the June and/or November holidays for experiential learning opportunities.


The target audience are Junior College Year 1 Eunoians. Students will have to write an essay for selection and attend an interview. Selection will be based on their intellectual ability, disposition and maturity to engage diverse perspectives.