Programme LATITUDE

“Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other.”
Gyan Nagpal

Programme LATITUDE aims to provide the necessary intellectual rigour and cognitive challenge in stretching and fulfilling the potential of high-ability students at Eunoia Junior College.

LATITUDE aims to nurture a deep sense of moral responsibility and commitment to society and humanity, and cultivate the disposition of intellectual humility and intellectual curiosity, in our gifted and talented students.

In 2020, LATITUDE will be a full-fledged programme with three Academic Enrichment Modules on offer – ​Public Policy & Civic Engagement (PPCE)​, Global Citizenship & Advocacy (GCA)​, ​Political Processes & Constitutional Liberties (PPCL). ​They are conceptualized and designed with the same aims in mind.

The recognition that these students are our future leaders necessitates a deliberate and conscious effort to not only inculcate the right skills and competencies in them, but also broaden their worldview and enrich their perspectives by exposing them to intellectually-stimulating content and interdisciplinary concepts.

The exploration and examination of these beyond the confines of the classroom, and the experience of engaging in meaningful exchanges with various partners would hopefully embolden them to be the change they want to see.


LATITUDE is an intensive and rigorous programme requiring commitment and close contact with various facilitators. Participants must be willing to dedicate 1-2 hours beyond their academic hours during the academic weeks.

There are three phases, Acquire, Activate and Advocate that involve seminars, learning journeys, internships, overseas trips and an advocacy paper. Participants can present their learning outcomes to their peers and juniors in a LATITUDE Symposium in their JC2 year.



The target audience are Junior College Year 1 Eunoians with a keen interest in the public sector or the global sphere and proven academic aptitude.

Students will have to write an essay for selection and attend an interview. Selection will be based on their intellectual ability, disposition and maturity to engage diverse perspectives.

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