Careers, Scholarships
& Higher Education

Our Philosophy

Junior College is a time in your life when many big decisions about Careers, Higher Education and Scholarships (CSH) will begin to be made. This can be both exciting, yet daunting for many students. Here in Eunoia, we believe in helping you to make the best possible choices for yourself by equipping you with the necessary tools for self-discovery, as well as sufficient exposure to the plethora of CSH options available.

We believe that this journey begins with a strong sense of knowing oneself - what one is passionate about, good at and is best suited for. Gaining clarity about one’s mission in life will then feed into the process of exploring the myriad of CSH options available. To that end, we believe that such exploration is best done by immersing you in what the real world is like, and not just studying it from afar.

Lastly, we believe in making the process of your Higher Education and Scholarships applications as informative and smooth as possible. With our team of dedicated CSH teachers equipped with specific know-how about the various processes and timelines involved, we will provide timely guidance to you along the way.

Our Curriculum

Here in Eunoia, we have an enriching and informative CSH journey mapped out for you to embark on in order to gain clarity on (1) who are you and (2) what CSH options are available out there.

Over the course of your two years with us, you will be taken through various interactive lessons about decision making, understanding the CSH landscape and preparing yourself for the application processes ahead.

Beyond the classroom, you will also have many opportunities to explore the world of CSH options through interacting with esteemed speakers from various faculties, university admission offices, scholarship boards, and organisations during our Deep Dive Days. You will also have the chance to see what the real world is like for yourself by embarking on internships/ externships as well as learning journeys to universities and workplaces for a more immersive and hands-on experience.