World Readiness Programme

“The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.”
Wade Davis

Our flagship World Readiness Programme (WRP) is geared towards giving you the edge, as you make the step up onto the vast global stage. As international boundaries rapidly disappear, we know that you will be working with a wider variety of people — people beyond your immediate circle of friends, beyond your community and beyond our country. The WRP therefore aims to develop your cultural intelligence and nurture a more globally-aware you, one who is able to use that knowledge to thrive in the wider world out there.

Through a spread of opportunities for you to learn and connect, you will acquire the critical knowledge, skills and values to understand, engage with and make an impact on the world. You will be invited to brown bag lunches and enjoy being able to network with the wider community at dinners and functions, and participate in social movements — both offline and online. Triggered from these experiences, you can reflect on your strengths and areas for growth in cultural intelligence. The world has never been more ready for you; it’s now up to you to be ready to make a change!