Project Work

“Part of education is learning. And what drives learning is curiosity and collaboration.”
Ken Robinson

See, think, act. Where most people see problems, Eunoians see opportunities to create a better future. As part of the Project Work programme, you will hone your abilities and dispositions to be critical and inventive thinkers, confident communicators and effective collaborators. You will also be equipped with the skills to thrive in today’s complex world. But what greater purpose do these skills serve, if not as a call for action? Project Work at EJC will kindle your desire to be a trailblazer who dares to make a difference.

Our Curriculum

The EJC Project Work Model is specially customised for our students, inspired by a rich diversity of pedagogical literature. Various elements are synthesised into our unique model that will drive Eunoians’ Project Work journeys, through waypoints such as Feel, Negotiate, Understand, Ideate, Evaluate, Communicate, Reflect and Act. Be prepared for an exciting ride, as you see your project come to life in front of your very eyes!

Our Enrichment

While the Project Work assessment cycle may seem like a life of tests for some, Project Work at Eunoia prepares you for the test of life. Through a series of innovative platforms such as Unconferences, mass project pitches and even negotiation programmes guiding Eunoians on how to conduct ‘Courageous Conversations’, there will be something for everybody to come out of Project Work a better person, better placed to make your community, Singapore and the world a better place for everyone.