“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
Victor Hugo

Whether in the melodies of Bach or the poignant strains of the erhu, the EJC Music student hears beauty. You will learn to interpret music at a higher level and develop a keen pulse for diverse musical styles and traditions. Through critical commentary, performance and composition, you are guaranteed a polyphony of musical experiences, tailored to your musical interests and strengths. Your musical voice will be honed and heard.

Our Curriculum

Harmonising music studies with music making, the Eunoian Music programme is conceptualised for students who have a background in musical performance and theory. In Music Studies, you will appreciate and analyse musical features and processes in both Asian and Western styles. In Music Making, you will engage in performing and music writing at an advanced level. This will culminate in a solo or mixed recital, as well as a folio of musical compositions. At the same time, take on an independent research project in an area of your choice. Lessons are conducted in a dedicated Music Elective Programme (MEP) studio, complemented by two practice rooms.

Our Enrichment

As part of the MEP, you have many opportunities to gain exposure and practice. Our tie-ups with orchestras, music therapy groups and conservatories will broaden your perspectives on music. Or choose to go local — share your talent with the college community, our neighbourhood or anywhere in Singapore through specially organised concerts.