“The essence of Mathematics lies in its freedom.”
Georg Cantor

What does the area under a curve have to do with the cardiac output of the human heart? The EJC Mathematics programme will create meaningful learning experiences for you to better appreciate the beauty of Mathematics. You will also see first-hand how classroom learning is deeply connected with authentic real-world situations, and how mathematical applications abound everywhere.

Our Curriculum

Construct + Apply + Extend = Excellence. This could very well be the law that governs the Mathematics programme at EJC. It begins with the process of construction, in which your personal learning experience counts for more. You will then apply this co-constructed knowledge to both regular and non-routine problems, and further extend your learning through opportunities to evaluate and reflect on your work. Perhaps there is a winning formula after all! EJC students in the Arts stream may offer Mathematics as a contrasting subject at H1 or H2 level. If you have an enduring passion for Mathematics and wish to acquire a wider range of mathematical concepts and skills, you can offer H2 Further Mathematics as a student in the Science stream.

Our Enrichment

The EJC Mathematics Talent Development Programme aims to groom a pool of Mathematics talents, adept at using computer modelling software to solve real-world problems. If mathematical theory fascinates you, take on opportunities to embark on high-level research. You will also get to pit your skills against your international peers through a variety of worldwide mathematical competitions. We see Mathematics as more than just a tool and a body of knowledge. To us, Mathematics is a language that can be acquired and appreciated, with ideas that transcend disciplines. There’s certainly truth in how Mathematics is said to be the language in which the universe was written.