Further Mathematics

“The power of mathematics is often to change one thing into another, to change geometry into language.”
Marcus du Sautoy

Our Curriculum

If you have an enduring passion for Mathematics, you can offer H2 Further Mathematics, where you will acquire a wider range of mathematical concepts and skills that will set a strong foundation for future pursuits in science, technology and engineering. You can look forward to a greater variety and depth of exploration in mathematical modelling, as part of the Further Mathematics programme.

Our Enrichment

The EJC Mathematics Talent Development Programme aims to groom a pool of Mathematics talents, adept at using computer modelling software to solve real-world problems. If mathematical theory fascinates you, take on opportunities to embark on high-level research. You will also get to pit your skills against your international peers through a variety of worldwide mathematical competitions. We see Mathematics as more than just a tool and a body of knowledge. To us, Mathematics is a language that can be acquired and appreciated, with ideas that transcend disciplines. There’s certainly truth in how Mathematics is said to be the language in which the universe was written.