“Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions.”
Tyler Cowen

What constitutes economic growth? Why do poor countries remain poor? How are trading decisions made? As an EJC Economics student, you will analyse the world with a new pair of eyes. Delve into the intricacies of human behaviour and understand why consumers choose one brand over another. With an appreciation of economic concepts and phenomena, you can respond constructively to real issues and start to make positive change happen in Singapore and the world.

Our Curriculum

Economics is a social science that studies how economic agents, ranging from individuals to governments, allocate limited resources to meet unlimited wants. Taking a student-centred approach, we empower you with an Economics curriculum foregrounded by Paul and Elder’s critical thinking framework, visible thinking strategies and a culture of collaborative learning. We will equip you with the tools of economic analysis to appreciate how consumers, firms and governments influence one another. In this dynamic and constantly evolving social science, you will examine real case studies from multiple perspectives and propose solutions together with a vibrant community of learners. These insights will give you greater confidence in managing the complexities and ambiguities of a changing economy.

Our Enrichment

We believe that students thrive when there is authenticity and relevance in learning. That is why we provide you opportunities to apply economic concepts to the real world and to foster deep, interdisciplinary thinking. Learning journeys, dialogues with esteemed leaders and university lecturers, and meaningful partnerships with government committees bring authenticity to your understanding of Economics. Enlarge your view by visiting overseas financial institutions or actively participating in university lectures. With knowledge of the economy, you have the ability to advance the world.