Chinese Language & Literature

“My works are Chinese Literature, which is part of world literature. They show the life of Chinese people as well as the country’s unique culture and folk customs.”
Mo Yan

Is the pen mightier than the sword? As an EJC Chinese Language & Literature (CLL) student, you get to wield both. You will leap from wuxia novels to social media posts, analysing and appreciating them at a higher level than before. With the ability to think critically and communicate effectively, the might of the Chinese language is yours to keep.

Our Curriculum

The Language component of CLL takes you into real-world issues. You will be brought closer to editorials, commentaries and online discussions in Chinese, critiquing their meaning and intention. In the Literature component, you will be exposed to classical and modern poetry, prose and plays, from the works of Li Bai to Jin Yong.

Our Enrichment

Our love for Chinese language and literature spreads beyond the classroom. Hear from renowned local writers and artistes, and be inspired to sign up for our own bilingual songwriting competitions. Or take part in a bilingual debate or cultural activities such as tea appreciation and calligraphy. Culture and a passion for the language go hand in hand.