China Studies in Chinese

“China is a country that is far too exciting and colourful to give up on and most exciting of all, its story is still being written.”
Xue Xinran

Is China’s development sustainable? How stable is China’s socio-political system? How does the rise of China impact her external relations? Analyse and understand the rapidly changing face of China, amidst economic anxieties, political shifts and global tensions. In this ever-current subject, You will make the connections and evaluate multiple perspectives to form an informed, independent opinion. In this ever-current subject, you will become China-conversant and globally aware. You will make the connections and evaluate multiple perspectives to create an informed, independent opinion.

Our Curriculum

China Studies in Chinese is an interdisciplinary subject that spans the four domains of economy, politics, society and international relations. We take an issue-based, constructivist approach that emphasises research, collaboration and application. In class, you will examine China’s development and its impacts, governance and its challenges, and the implications of China’s rise on the world. This will culminate in an independent research essay on an area related to China’s transformation and its future.

Our Enrichment

You will have opportunities to experience and engage in a host of Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) activities. Go on learning journeys and immersion trips to broaden your view of China and the world. Seminars and the BSP Symposium bring guest speakers and alternative voices to the issues you have learned. Or make your voice heard by presenting your research paper to a notable audience. You too can be part of the exciting story taking place in China today.