“With his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.”
Edwin Hubble

Scientific thinking is beautiful thinking. To us, science is more than a body of knowledge. We see science as a way of life — of knowing and doing. Biology, Chemistry and Physics students will learn to navigate uncertainty, practise scientific inquiry and solve real-world problems both critically and creatively. We look beyond ‘right’ answers and are not afraid of mistakes. We want you, the EJC Science student, to embrace increasingly open and complex levels of knowledge, and experience the epiphany of Science.

Our Curriculum

Do our genes determine who we are? Does human biology influence the decisions we make? The study of Biology seeks to answer these questions by exploring biological processes, structure and function, and the evolution of living organisms at microscopic and molecular levels. On the macro level, we examine how organisms interact with one another, the environment and the ecosystem. The foundational ideas of Biology are suffused in all our learning experiences: investigative hands-on activities, debates on bioethics and Socratic seminars that hone your scientific reasoning skills. You will see in multiple ways how Biology permeates your daily life. At EJC, it’s not just genes that have differential expressions.

Our Enrichment

As an EJC Science student, you are endowed with both depth and breadth of learning. Experience the forefront of scientific research at NUS and NTU or be enlightened by renowned academics at guest lectures and workshops. Learning journeys to STEM-related industries will broaden your understanding of how science is applied in society. You could develop the next big idea right here, with our in-house research opportunities, online courses and customised training for Science Olympiads. For budding professors, engage in university-style literature reviews and presentations. At EJC, we bond rigour and discovery.