“Art doesn’t change society. Art changes people. People change the world.”
August Wilson

Art, from the provocative works of Damien Hirst to Pollock’s entrancing action paintings, inspires a world of emotion and ideas. Not only does the EJC Art student appreciate visual arts within multiple social contexts, he or she proficiently uses design principles to communicate big ideas. Explore, examine and experiment: you have the creative tools to influence the world.

Our Curriculum

An in-depth study in the visual arts, the EJC Art experience brings together studio practice and critical learning experiences in analysis, interpretation and evaluation. You will explore diverse techniques including painting, photography and digital media to translate your imagination into reality. In the Art classroom, you will learn to compare naturalistic and surrealistic art, investigate new approaches to artistic representation, and engage with the role of art in a nation’s cultural heritage, political concerns and social issues. Invention and inquiry are part of the same canvas.

Our Enrichment

Here in EJC, we bring people to art, and bring art to the people. Meet-the-artist sessions and masterclasses promise to take your craft to a new level. Experience more on our visits to museums and galleries in Singapore and overseas. Why stop there? You have the chance to spread your love for art at a college art exhibition and to influence the design of our two campuses. Art has the power to inspire people. So do you.