Student Council

Lead to Inspire

In our Constitution you will find our manifesto: The Student Council is more than just another CCA. This is the highest office a student can hold in the College and the Council is the student leadership body of the highest standing. Every Student Councillor will aim to Lead to Inspire”. They lead the entire student population by inspiring hope, change and activism. They will earn the respect of the student population through inspiration and love, not by position or power accorded to them. They will be courageous to explore uncharted waters, try new things and challenge status quo, so as to bring the college to new heights and craft uniquely Eunoia experiences.


Bringing Eunoia Together

Every Eunoia Student Councillor feels a calling that we can’t ignore. We just need to step up and do something for those around us. This isn’t just about standing up and making a lot of noise on random occasions! This is an unshakeable aspiration that we feel deep within, an unquenchable drive to build something even greater than what we inherit from our predecessors. This is about quiet resolve and purposeful grit to endure difficulties and hardship for the sake of others. We know we are building something amazing, it takes time but we will do whatever it takes because it will mean the world to our peers – it will define a large part of their college experience. This is about knowing that we might not yet be the best but we will be the best we can be, because there are many who need us.

Councillors are not only leaders in our own right. We support other leaders too. We  are the fulcrum for all student bodies and extendour reach into every aspect, big or small, of student life. We bring everyone together, weaving a common experience and building a Eunoia shared by all.


Fight for Glory

Just as every Eunoian fights to bring glory to the college in different arenas, Council fights alongside them too. We are the tip of the phalanx, the spearhead of the Eunoia spirit. We lead from the front of the entire student population, rallying them to put a colossal Eunoian footprint in Singapore. As long as a single Eunoian stands on the field or stage, Council will be rooting for them all the way. The Council also fights for student welfare within college.

We are the student leaders who have the mandate and moral authority to speak on behalf of the entire student population, and thus our work brings us into close contact with the college management.

We Are Council

That moment when you just wish you could inhale the beauty of it all,
Knowing that it will be over all too soon.

That moment when the hairs on your skin stand and you’re covered with goosebumps,
When your heart beats so fantastically fast, and you’re straining forward subconsciously,
Screaming your heart and lungs out because you don’t care who’s judging anymore.

That moment with a lump in your throat, choking back the tears in your eyes
Singing with your heart in your voice, our college song.

That moment when you know without a doubt, that you belong in Eunoia.

There is a yearning in every student’s heart to be part of something greater, to be touched by wondrous magic of what JC life can be. But this yearning is usually outweighed by self-consciousness and reality of academic demands, and from there the spirit dies. This is the Council’s worst enemy – apathy – and we fight with all our might to combat that.

Every bit of our time and purpose, and every fibre of our being is dedicated to creating moments of magic.

We are Council. You can't possibly be ready for us.