Level Up! – Orientation 2022

Level Up!


Dear new Eunoians,


Hello and the warmest welcome! Eunoia is now your home and we cannot wait to make you a part of the Eunoia family. As our newest and most promising members, you will level up in every sense at Orientation, enduring, euniting and excelling in your next two years with us. Speaking from experience, there will be many precious memories and beautiful friendships on the journey to savour. As one Eunoia, our minds ignite, our hearts unite and together, our dreams will take flight.


Mr Ganison Rajamohan
Dean (JC1)


Orientation 2022

Our EJC Orientation quest begins on 7 Feb 2022 (Mon) and will continue to double your XP until 11 Feb 2022 (Fri).

We look forward to meeting you on 7 Feb 2022 at 7.55 am in your secondary school PE T-shirt and secondary school bottoms (pants/skirt). The programme on the first day will end by 4 pm.

Your Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) will be waiting for you all around the campus and at the entrances to provide directions to the reporting venues. If you are taking public transport, you may enter via the South Gate (Marymount Road), East Gate (Sin Ming Ave) or North Gate (Bishan-AMK Park). Those arriving by private transport may enter via the West Gate (Sin Ming Place) and alight at the drop-off point on level 2. For more information on getting to our campus, please click here.

Assembly will be held at the respective venues stated below. Flag raising begins at 8 am.


OG01 - OG19: Auditorium (Levels 1-2)

OG20 - OG30: Multi-Purpose Hall (Level 1)


Please also bring a water bottle, some writing material, a working thermometer and extra masks.

Our OGLs should be contacting you shortly after the release of the JAE Posting Results to provide the above information and to answer any immediate queries you may have. The full Orientation programme will be communicated to you on the first day.

For additional information, contact us at 6351 8388 or eunoiajc@moe.edu.sg.

We look forward to seeing you real soon!

Selection and Diagnostic Tests

H2 Music

Diagnostic / Selection Test, Audition and Interview: 8 Feb 2022, 9 - 11am (MEP Studios)

Students with a pass in O-Level Music/Higher Music intending to take H2 Music will take a DIAGNOSTIC TEST and AUDITION & INTERVIEW.

Students without O-Level Music / Higher Music intending to take H2 Music will take a SELECTION TEST and AUDITION & INTERVIEW

Students who wish to take Music must attend the diagnostic/selection test and Audition for the teachers to support curricular design that better meets their learning.

For clarification, please contact Dr Gooi Tah Choe <gooi.tah.choe@ejc.edu.sg>.


H2 Art

Diagnostic Test, Drawing Test & Portfolio Interview: 8 Feb 2022, 9 - 11am (Art Studio)

Students with O-Level Art Background who wish to take Art will take a diagnostic test and portfolio interview.

Students without Upper Sec Art Background who wish to take Art will take a diagnostic test, drawing test and portfolio interview.

Students who wish to take Art must attend the diagnostic/drawing test and portfolio interview for the teachers to support curricular design that better meets their learning.

For the diagnostic test, please bring along drawing material (e.g. pencils, coloured pencils & writing material). For portfolio interview, please bring along 7-10 pieces of original artworks. Digital portfolio is allowed but must be saved in a thumb drive.

For clarification, please contact Ms Low Sok Hui <low.sok.hui@ejc.edu.sg>


H2 Translation (Chinese)

Selection Test: 7 Feb 2022, 3.30 - 4.30pm (LT2 and LT3)

To offer Translation (Chinese), students must have obtained a minimum of A2 for English Language and B3 for Higher Chinese or A2 for Chinese at GCE O-Level.

It is not compulsory for you to take the diagnostic test if you have met the above centrally-stated pre-requisites. This is a DIAGNOSTIC TEST for students who have met the centrally stated pre-requisite. It serves the purpose of allowing prospective students to assess their aptitude for the subject and for teachers to support curricular design that better meets their learning.

Students who have fulfilled only one of the above pre-requisites and intend to offer H2 Translation (Chinese) should take this as a qualifying test for the college to assess your suitability.

For clarification, please contact Mdm Ng Lai Sze <ng.lai.sze@ejc.edu.sg>


H2 Further Mathematics

Selection Test: 8 Feb 2022, 9 - 11am (LT1)

Students who wish to take Further Mathematics must have taken and passed the selection test.

For clarification, please contact Mr Low Chang Hong <low.chang.hong@ejc.edu.sg>


H2 Knowledge & Inquiry

Selection Test: 7 Feb 2022, 2.30 - 4.30pm (LT1)

Students who wish to take Knowledge & Inquiry must have taken and passed the selection test.

For clarification, please contact Mr Perrin Singarayar <perrin.singarayar@ejc.edu.sg>

Thank You, Mrs Wong – Our Tribute

Thank You, Mrs Wong

Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, our founding principal, will be retiring from the education service at the end of 2021 to begin a new journey. Since her appointment in December 2014, Mrs Wong has led Eunoia Junior College through many phases of its development: from recruiting the college's pioneering staff to guiding the deputy principals and key personnel, from creating the college vision to cultivating beautiful thinking amongst Eunoians, and from rejuvenating the Mount Sinai campus to overseeing the completion of our home in Bishan. Pivotal as she is, Mrs Wong was more than a Principal - an artist, teacher, leader, mentor, colleague and the head of a young Eunoia family. Together with our first five cohorts of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and stakeholders, Mrs Wong has made a blank canvas into a beautiful community. While words alone cannot express our gratitude to Mrs Wong for her seven years of leading Eunoia Junior College, this is our little tribute:

I appreciated how ready you were to entertain wild ideas that supported a culture of creativity and openness, and the sheer variety of names helped us converge on some principles — and having a name that will give us a unique three-letter acronym was one consideration. I remember that when we discussed “Eunoia”, of course we considered the sound and pronunciation of the name.

And because we all agreed that the meaning resonated with us, you shared this perspective — that we are teachers, and so we will teach people to say our name. And we did. I felt that this exemplified leading with the heart of a teacher.


I recall how determined Mrs Wong was in ensuring buy-in from all the pioneer staff. Those of us still around would recall our first Staff Eunite, where we engaged in several activities at Ghim Moh, NUS Guild House and the Hort Park. Mrs Wong was instrumental in shaping the programme and engagement of staff, and what you see here was our collective unpacking of the strategic plan. I also remember how she tried to recreate a caterer’s red bean soup for all of us to enjoy, one of the many ways in which Mrs Wong actively looked out for our welfare!


From the time we occupied one small corner office at MOE HQ (Ghim Moh), it has been a very enriching experience for me to learn from her. I remember the times when Mrs Wong bonded the newly form team of KPs, through many staff welfare activities that she would be the lead and even becoming the trainer for us! Mrs Wong, always being elegant and well composed, brought assurances to us that we were on the right track on uncharted waters, throughout our time together.


Despite only being in EJ for 2 years, I will always remember Mrs Wong as a motherly figure - someone who is very nurturing. She always smiles and checks in on us whenever she sees us along the corridors. That simple "how are you?" really means a lot and shows how much she cares about us. Thank you for being Eunoia's very first Principal and for leading us to embrace the challenges as we embarked on a journey as the first cohort in EJ. We have come a long way under your leadership and we are very grateful for whatever you have done for us. Your lasting legacy will always be remembered and thank you for being an inspiration to us. 


Thank you, Mrs Wong, for always holding that strong belief that our college will make history. You have instilled courage in us to dare to be different. You have shaped our college to be one that embraces students' creativity and initiative and which provides so much safe space us to experiment, make mistakes and do even better the next time. Thank you for setting up such a wonderful foundation for our college. I am so excited for the many things you will pursue beyond Eunoia.


Graduation Day 2021 – Into a New World

Graduation Day 2021


The Class of 2021 marked the end of their two-year journey in the college on 22 Oct 2021. All 27 civic groups gathered in their classrooms in line with safe management measures, but the 600-strong cohort still felt the spirit of one Eunoia.

The ceremony gave time for our Eunoians to reflect on their journey, congratulate batchmates who received Commendation Awards for individual subjects and Best Progress, and cheer their peers on the Dean's List (Academic) and Dean's List (Character & Service) in the classroom.

It was also an entertaining affair with an inter-class competition based on Wheel of Fortune and pre-recorded teacher performances, set alight by a rousing dance by Ms Chia Hui Ping, Ms Heon Mak, Ms Tan Fangxi and Mdm Tan Lingmin, a smooth rendition of 'Butter' by the Mathematics Department and scintillating examination tips from the Economics team.

More words of wisdom and encouragement were to follow from the Dean's Address by Mr Ganison Rajamohan and speeches by the respective Valedictorians for the Arts and Science streams, Rachel Grace Ong (20-U1) and Lim Tian Le (20-A2).

The ceremony would not be complete without the presentation of the gold collar pins, pinned onto graduands by the Civics Tutors of each class. While not a moment for euphoria, it was an emotional - and sweet - conclusion to the Class of 2021's journey in Eunoia.

Eunoia: Our Aspirations – College Day 2021

Our Aspirations


To commemorate our 5th College Day and the opening of our Bishan campus, the college commissioned a video from Advocado Films, a production house founded by Eunoians from our very first cohort. Hear the voices of our Eunoians, alumni, teaching and non-teaching staff and stakeholders, and find out what Eunoia means to them and what they hope Eunoia will grow to be in the future.

Ministry of Education Special Awards 2021


Special Awards 2021

The Ministry of Education Special Awards recognise students' diverse achievements in both academic and non-academic spheres, including their contributions to the community. In line with COVID-19 safe management measures, no physical award ceremony was held this year.

The college congratulates our Eunoians and alumni for their outstanding achievements and holistic excellence. Clarice Tan Hui Ling (21-O6) and our alumna Le-anne Ong Li Ying (19-A1) from the Class of 2020 were awarded the Prime Minister's Book Prize.

Asia Tan Xiao Xuan (21-A3) was presented the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence.

In addition, the college would like to also congratulate Glenda Chong Xing En (21-U2) on receiving the Ee Hoe Hean Book Prize.

Asia Tan Xiao Xuan (21-A3)

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE) is a national-level award for achievement in education that has been presented to secondary school students since 2005. It recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify the qualities articulated in our desired outcomes of education.

An alumna from Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Asia currently serves as a Deputy President of our 5th Student Council.

Clarice Tan Hui Ling (21-O6)
Le-Anne Ong Li Ying (19-A1)

The Prime Minister's Book Prize was established in 1974 as an award for bilingual excellence given to students at primary, secondary and pre-university levels.

Clarice is an alumna of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School. Le-Anne is our alumna from the Class of 2020.

Glenda Chong Xing En (21-U2)

The Ee Hoe Hean Book Prize recognises individuals who have performed exceedingly well in both the Chinese and English language and demonstrated exemplary character. The award is presented to one student from each of the 11 Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools every year.

Glenda is an alumna of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School.

JC1 Scholarship and Award Recipients 2021

JC1 Scholarship and
Award Recipients 2021

The college would like to congratulate 79 students from our 2021 JC1 cohort on receiving scholarships from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and other agencies.

Among our fifth cohort of Eunoians, we are proud to have 8 MOE Pre-University Scholars, 32 Bicultural Studies Programme Scholars, 27 MOE Humanities Scholars, 1 National Tamil Language Elective Programme Scholar, 4 MOE Foreign Language Elective Scholars, 2 DSTA Junior College scholars, 3 EJC Community Engagement Scholars, and 2 MOE Special Award winners. The JC1 Eunoians receiving scholarships in 2021 are:

MOE Pre-University Scholarship

Aaron Wong Jielun (21-I4)

Alexis Foo Li Lin (21-E4)

Angelica Koh Jia Qi (21-A4)

Ashley Tay Jia En (21-U3)

Isabelle Deborah Looi Yan Yi (21-E3)

Tan Chern Hong (21-A4)

Yan Yixiang, Eric (21-A3)

Esmond Ee Jun Wei (21-E6)

DSTA Junior College Scholarship

Alexis Foo Li Lin (21-E4)

Ho Wenn Mae Caithlin (21-I4)

EJC Community Engagement Scholarship

Loh Jen Nin (21-O5)

Yap Kah Him (21-I3)

Chantel Lee Su Xin (21-O2)

MOE Bicultural Studies Programme Scholarship

Chen Ding (21-U2)

Davey Loka (21-A1)

Elmer Eng Yu Haang (21-I1)

Goh Jean An (21-I1)

Lim Ying Xuan Alexandria (21-A1)

Wu Qianwen (21-A1)

Ashley Koh Yu Xi (21-A1)

Cheang Hui Xin (21-A1)

Jassy Wong Jia Xi (21-A1)

Ng Si Min, Maureen (21-A1)

Wang Danying (21-A1)

Ang Pei De (21-I4)

Chan Xuan Ru (21-I4)

Ho Wenn Mae Caithlin (21-I4)

Justin Chew Hong Yu (21-I4)

Kirsten Tan (21-I4)

Lim Teck Khai (21-I4)

Lin Peiyan (21-I4)

Poo Pei Yi (21-I4)

Siu Wen Xin (21-I4)

Tan Le Kai (21-I4)

Yeap Ning Shuen (21-I4)

Martin Phang Shi Ting (21-I5)

Yao Wei (21-I5)

Ang Sim Yee (21-U2)

Chin Tracie Xining (21-U2)

Chong Xing En Glenda (21-U2)

Lin Yiqin (21-U2)

Pan Haihao (21-U2)

Sam Li Tong (21-U2)

Tan Yong (21-U2)

Wong Mei Hui (21-U2)

MOE Humanities Scholarship

Aidan Goh Quan Zhang (21-U1)

Alena Hua Xuan Ling (21-O1)

Athena Kirsten Kronenburg (21-O1)

Betuel Ng Yi En (21-U1)

Bryan Lim Yu Xuan (21-O1)

Chan Shan Wei Jovin (21-U1)

Cheah Wei Shan (21-O1)

Desiree Soh Shu Huei (21-O1)

Elizabeth Khoo Yuk Min (21-U1)

Emma Shuen Lee (21-O1)

Isabel Hikaru Yamada (21-O1)

Katelyn Joshy (21-U1)

Kelly Chin Kai Lee (21-O1)

Kelly Thai Kai-Li (21-U1)

Lai Fion (21-U1)

Lay Kai En, Ashley (21-O1)

Lee Zhi Qi Claire (21-U1)

Leong Xiang Wei, Ryan (21-U1)

Long Wen Xi (21-U1)

Marion Ang Yun Shuen (21-U1)

Megan Alexis Soh (21-O1)

Ng Wen Hui (21-O1)

S Sanjana Rajan (21-O1)

Sangireddy Samanvita Reddy (21-O1)

Shannon Sim Le Xuan (21-O1)

Tricia Loh Qiuxuan (21-U1)

Yap Zoe Ern (21-O1)


National Elective Tamil Language Programme Scholarship

Murugan Rakshita (21-E1)

MOE French Language Elective Scholarship

Chan Ning (21-I3)

Ho Jie Ning Fiona (21-I3)

MOE German Language Elective Scholarship

Avril Lim Si-Ying (21-A1)

MOE Spanish Language Elective Scholarship

Rachel Edith Lie Mei Rui (21-I3)

We Are Home – College Day 2021

We Are Home


On 6 Aug 2021, the college celebrated its 5th College Day and the official opening of its Bishan campus. Graced by Minister for Education Mr Chan Chun Sing, College Advisory Committee chairman Professor Su Guaning and members of Ministry of Education senior management, the event formally marked the college's move from its Mount Sinai campus to its permanent home at 2 Sin Ming Place.

Our 4th and 5th cohorts of Eunoians commemorated the opening of the campus in meaningful and personal ways. 'Journey' and 'Aspirations', two videos weaved by students from EJC Media and our alumni Advocado Films, provided both a nostalgic look at our early years and an introspective view of the Eunoia spirit. EJC Street Dance and Chamber Strings, student-initiated interest groups, gave verve to the proceedings. They were accompanied by the many creative, colourful visions of the college campus on the over 1200 postcards designed by our Eunoians and Eunoia staff.

The occasion also saw the launch of a college sculpture, commissioned by the alumni associations of our Joint Integrated Programme partner schools, Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School and Singapore Chinese Girls' School. The work, entitled Dendrýllio, was designed by Eunoians, Ryan Siu Kar Yung and Jay Teo (both 20-O5) and Eunoia alumni Marilyn Koh Ning (19-E1) and Cheryl Celeste Tan (19-U2), under the supervision of consultant Teng Kai Wei. The sculpture draws inspiration from the college's growth to take the form of a tree:

Dendrýllio, Greek for ‘Sapling’ symbolises the humble and yet flourishing growth of our Eunoia community and the undaunted soaring of our voices. With its extensive and overlapping roots, Dendrýllio recalls how Eunoians, from diverse backgrounds, have united to form a cohesive common identity and foundation for Eunoia.

Our guests for the event, including Mr Chan Chun Sing, Director-General of Education Mr Wong Siew Hoong and Deputy Secretary (Services) Mr Lim Boon Wee, were then joined by our student ambassadors for a tour of the college campus. They then took part in Human Library sessions to engage with selected civics groups, exchanging their perspectives on the emerging issues and trends in the education landscape.

The 5th College Day was overall a thoughtful affair that celebrated the creative endeavour and reflective ethos of the Eunoia community, important saplings in the Eunoia identity that promise to grow from strength to strength.

STRONGER – Pre-University Seminar 2021


Pre-U Sem 2021 is a four-day non-residential programme that brings together students from thirty pre-university institutions who are keen to make a difference to Singapore.

Participants will examine how Singapore can emerge stronger together as one through panel discussions, human library and brown bag sessions, blended learning and a special exhibition of their work.


1 - 4 June




Tougher, Bolder, Kinder


Deepen participants’ understanding of the Singapore identity and values in the evolving social, economic and political context;

Raise participants’ awareness of the opportunities and challenges for Singapore amid this period of disruption and transformation;

Empower participants to generate possibilities, ideas and solutions in charting Singapore’s future as one united people; and

Nurture teamwork and camaraderie among participants across institutions.


535 participants
30 schools

Split into 24 school teams across 6 cohorts
No mixing of schools across cohorts

Seminar Design


Participants indicate and scope their preferred Area of Focus (AoF), and exercise choice in the deliverables


Participants learn from the Speakers Protocol, the Fishbowl Protocol and Human Library


Participants partner with relevant professionals and show their work at an exhibition.



Encourages participants to embrace a diversity of voices in Singapore


Invites participants to celebrate different journeys undertaken by Singaporeans, and appreciate the process through which outcomes emerge


Empowers the aspirations of ordinary Singaporeans, because it is the collective dreams of all Singaporeans that give meaning and shape to the Singapore Dream

Pre-Seminar Workshop


Student participants from 30 schools kick-started their Pre-University Seminar journey with the Pre-Seminar Workshop held online on 13 March. Grouped according to their respective areas of focus, the participants met their group mates from different schools for the first time.

Guided by their enthusiastic Teacher Facilitators and Student Facilitators, the participants learnt more about each other through games and engaged in robust discussions about the Seminar theme, the relevant sub-theme, as well as their specific area of focus.

The discussions were further enriched by the diverse backgrounds and learning experiences of the participants as they exchanged ideas and collaborated to deepen their understanding of issues in Singapore.

Following the Workshop, the groups will continue to engage in meaningful conversations on their areas of focus and draw on insights from resource persons from the community with the support of their Teacher Facilitators and Student Facilitators.


“Although having the programme online made it slightly difficult to get to know each other and to interact, most of us were able to get a much clearer understanding of our theme, sub-theme and area of focus. I was able to gain insight on how my group mates viewed Singapore and what they believed would make a kinder community. In addition, the short bonding sessions allowed us to get to know one another better and I have learnt many new things from the participants from the variety of schools. I am so excited to see what we have planned ahead of us as we continue to plan our deliverables!”

Seraphina Low


Sub-theme: Kinder
Area of Focus: Community

“At first, I was a bit skeptical about how the programme would be properly carried out online as it would severely limit the face-to-face interactions between the participants. However, I was really surprised by how well the online sessions went! The initial meeting was extremely engaging, considering its online setting. I’m really looking forward to the Seminar in June!"

Wong Jeun Ming


Sub-theme: Bolder
Area of Focus: Engagement

"Through the application of the ‘See, Recall, Mean’ framework, I gained a deeper understanding of my area of focus, which is Security. With participants coming from different backgrounds and holding different experiences, I had the opportunity to explore the different aspects of security more deeply. In addition to cybersecurity, which is a widely discussed topic in recent years, I also learned more about food and energy security, as well as a less often debated and more intangible topic – security of our identities. Touching on the topic of cybersecurity, one of the participants shared an experience of an internet breach and having personal information stolen. This helped us appreciate that our personal cybersecurity is facing greater risks as compared to the past, and added a more personal touch to the discussion."

Sim Jia Hui


Sub-theme: Tougher
Area of Focus: Security



Seminar Programme


1 JUN 2021

Learning Journeys

Opening Ceremony


2 JUN 2021

Concurrent Panel Discussions

Work on Deliverable


3 JUN 2021

Human Library Sessions

Work on Deliverable


4 JUN 2021

Festival: 'Yours, Truly'

Closing Ceremony

Seminar Highlights

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony kick-started this year’s unique experience of a fully online seminar where our participants joined us in this virtual seminar from their own homes. Focussing on envisioning possibilities for Singapore to emerge stronger amid this period of disruption and transformation, the Opening Ceremony marks the start of our 4-day programme where we embark on this journey of reflection, reinvention, and re-imagination in co-creating a vision of a STRONGER Singapore. Dr Maliki Osman, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Education and Foreign Affairs, graced the seminar as the Guest of Honour at the Opening Ceremony. In his speech to the participants, Dr Maliki stressed the timeliness of the seminar’s theme, “Stronger”, amidst the challenges faced in the Covid-19 pandemic and how this pandemic would be a clarion call for the youth of Singapore to co-create a vision for a stronger Singapore as we venture into the post-COVID world.  We are excited for our participants to be stewards of this vision.

Learning Journeys


The Pre-University Seminar opened with our 24 groups of participants embarking on 24 different learning journeys. The learning journeys are a celebration of the Journeys undertaken by Singaporeans from all walks of life. Through a diversity of Voices, our seminar participants engaged in authentic and meaningful conversations with fellow Singaporeans. Drawing strength from the aspirations of these Singaporeans, our students are inspired to dream, reimagine, and reinvent for our collective Singapore Dream. 


“After the fruitful virtual learning journey we had this morning with the Institute of Mental Health, my greatest takeaway is that Singapore does have the resource capacity (in the form of medical amenities and facilities to care and support mental health), but the obstacle that hinders us from truly being able to maximise these resources is deeply entrenched stigma and negative perceptions of mental illness that prevent patients from seeking help early.”

Lu Yi


Sub-theme: Tougher
Area of Focus: Capacity

"At first, I was actually very sceptical of this online learning journey, I wasn't too sure of how much I'll be able to take away. But the talks were really very inspirational. As of now, my aspiration is to become a journalist. This dream of mine came about because I wanted to share untold stories. So the film and the speaker’s words really broadened my perspective as to how storytelling should be like. Storytelling must not sensationalise but instead, be authentic. In the future, it will definitely be a struggle to find a balance, especially as a new writer. However, this just spurred me to continue working hard towards what I believe in."



Sub-theme: Kinder
Area of Focus: Empathy

Panel Discussions

Day 2 PD collage

On day two of the seminar programme, our participants engaged in a panel discussion with invited panellists. Three concurrent panel discussions, aligned to the sub-themes Tougher, Bolder and “Kinder, took place and our participants were enriched by the knowledge and experiences shared by our distinguished panellists. The robust and authentic exchange of ideas with the panellists has inspired in our participants a vision of a STRONGER Singapore.


“I think the biggest insight that I gained from the panel discussions is that kindness should not be forced, but instead should truly come from the heart to mean something. Since young, we've always been told that we have to be kind to others around us, but turning that thought into action also requires a significant deal of courage to be able to go out of our way to approach someone. The government has also been incentivising people to be kind. I think that it may work to make Singapore a much more beautiful place to live in. However, in my opinion, I think that kindness that has been shown through this manner is less meaningful than when it comes from the heart. Kindness should come from understanding, and subsequently wanting to make a difference and help someone.”



Sub-theme: Kinder
Area of Focus: Inclusivity

“I think what stuck with me the most, and was touched upon quite a few times during the discussion, was the duality of boldness; in certain situations being bold means speaking out and challenging what has been normalised or routinised in society to engage with issues that have been buried and carve new paths for society to embark on, whereas other situations require a more analytical and critical approach to understanding the mechanisms that define society and how we can make changes to this system through our actions even without being forthright or contesting the entire system. But while there is a duality to boldness, it is not a binary; there is a  spectrum of boldness that different individuals fall on where we take different actions to pursue our ambitions and hopes for society, but through it all, we must stress the importance of acceptance and support. And lastly, the concept of balance, in that any act of our boldness will expect pushback or retaliation, and that this is merely indicative of the fact that our acts are being seen and should encourage us to continue whilst being open and receptive to other viewpoints.”



Sub-theme: Bolder
Area of Focus: Engagement

“It has been an insightful sharing from both the panelists and the participants. It was interesting to understand the different perspectives that people had towards what being "tougher" means in Singapore. I think that it is important for us to recognize that there are many differing viewpoints in Singapore as to what being "tough" (or resilient) would actually mean, and I gained a deeper understanding of some of the issues that our country might still be facing currently. Through today's session, I think what struck me the most is multilateralism and inclusivity: we need to be empathetic towards others to ensure minimal conflict; I believe that this will ultimately be the fuel for maintaining Singapore's success in the future.”



Sub-theme: Tougher
Area of Focus: Sustainability

Human Library


Following Day 2’s Panel Discussions, our participants had the opportunity to interact with Human Books as part of the Human Library session. Individuals from different walks of life generously contributed their time to be Human Books, and shared their unique personal experiences in intimate online spaces. Through the heartfelt exchange of authentic voices, our participants uncovered fresh stories and perspectives and were inspired to build a STRONGER Singapore. 


“I am touched by the stories shared and I am genuinely happy that so many of the Singaporeans are willing to help others at this time of crisis. This phrase was shared by Mr. David Hoe, it is "We become tougher by choosing to care" this is the mindset that all of us should carry. It is about being innovative and being willing to care. We are tougher when we are together.”

Jia Wen


Sub-theme: Bolder
Area of Focus: Engagement

“From the Human Library session today, I have learnt a lot regarding Singapore's biodiversity. As an enthusiast myself, I feel motivated to pursue a long-suppressed passion. I liked how Mr N Sivasothi shared about his background and how it was not forced on him to pursue a particular field. He was given his freedom to choose and explore. He interacted with nature and had direct touch with insects and animals before his love for nature grew and became his main career. This emphasises the importance of doing something that we feel strongly about so that we can involve ourselves actively in the field. With that too, changes can be made. Now, Singapore is working towards being a green city and so much goes into conserving our marine biodiversity, forests, and even our native fauna. This can be tied back to becoming a stronger Singapore as we can be bolder in our steps to step up for positive changes”



Sub-theme: Tougher
Area of Focus: Security

"I find that the discussion on how we can better educate Singaporeans on culture and how we can better represent the history that we have was very insightful. It gave me a new perspective in terms of the way people see and think of history, and how it is being expressed by institutions and people alike. I wonder how we can use the information that is being taught to us by institutions and experts in their respective fields, and use that to gain enough understanding and insight to create positive change. I also wonder how we can use this information to change the way we as a society see the diversity of communities around us, how we can empathise with and integrate marginalised or minority communities. I have been interested in history for as long as I can remember, and I want to be a part of a national discussion that is always revolving in the public eye."



Sub-theme: Kinder
Area of Focus: Empathy

Presentation of Deliverables

Following intense days of exploration, research and discussion, our participants generated possibilities, ideas, and solutions, and charted Singapore's future as one united people. Drawing on their collective creativity, they used various forms of expression to showcase their ideas for a STRONGER Singapore. These were presented ahead of the Closing Ceremony on 4 June. In addition, 3 groups had the opportunity to present their projects to the Guest of Honour, Minister for Education Mr. Chan Chun Sing. Here are some of our participants’ deliverables.


1 Tougher - Security

LAPIS TIDES features a physical sculpture that consists of 14 wire humanoids on a landscape of foam waves and a wooden base. The fishermen and the waves remind us of the “Orang Laut” (the sea people of Singapore) who made a living from fishing and collecting sea products. Hence, they represent food security. The bodies of the statues are made of wires, and the flexibility of the wires represents the human capacity for change. There is also a sense of dynamism as reflected in the poses of the statues. The use of hardy wood for the base of the physical sculpture represents the firm foundation that Singapore has. Our physical sculpture aims to reflect how far Singapore has come.

Sub-theme: Tougher
Area of Focus: Security


1 Bolder - Passion

SEMPUR FORTIS: ALWAYS BRAVE features a short slide story featuring three passionate and brave individuals from different walks of life who stepped out of their comfort zones to make a difference through volunteering at the place we call home. These three volunteer stories show us what it means to be brave for a bolder Singapore.

Sub-theme: Bolder
Area of Focus: Passion


1 Kinder - Inclusion

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL? features a video that uses digitally drawn pictures to showcase the journey of Thomas, who was incarcerated for 7 years. Due to a series of bad choices in his formative years which led to him taking part in illegal activities that landed him in his arrest and imprisonment. During and after his sentence, Thomas received guidance from organisations such as Yellow Ribbon and Singapore After-Care Association that allowed him to successfully reintegrate into society despite the discrimination and challenges he faced. Through this video, the group aims to emphasise the importance of acceptance, inclusion, as well as the importance of being humane for a kinder Singapore.

Sub-theme: Kinder
Area of Focus: Inclusion

Special Programme

The Special Programme (“From Me to SG”) is a key feature of the Pre-U Seminar Closing Ceremony. Prior to the seminar this year, all participants were asked to design a postcard based on their area of focus and to pen down their hopes and aspirations of Singapore based on their area of focus. 24 postcards from the seminar's three sub-themes (Tougher, Bolder, and Kinder) were eventually selected to be featured - showcasing the creativity of the student participants and their hopes and aspirations for Singapore. Out of them, six postcards were presented in an acrylic frame as tokens of appreciation of the Guests of Honour. As part of this Special Programme, Eunoia Junior College’s Rock Band also penned and performed the song “Stronger” to convey the collective vision of a Tougher, Bolder, and Kinder Singapore.

Closing Ceremony

The virtual closing ceremony marks the end of 2021’s Pre-University Seminar. Minister for Education, Mr Chan Chun Sing, was the Guest of Honour at the closing ceremony. During the ceremony, participants presented their thoughtful and exciting ideas for a Kinder, Tougher, and Bolder Singapore. Minister Chan and distinguished guests also engaged participants in a robust exchange of ideas in the Question & Answer session. 

In his closing remarks, Minister Chan encouraged our participants to not let circumstances define them and to focus on the actions in responding to these challenges faced instead; to have the collective will and action to keep Singapore going ahead in being Tougher, Bolder, and Kinder.

With the end of the Pre-University Seminar journey, we hope that the seminar provided an enriching space for our participants to reflect on their priorities as a community and inspire them to redefine the paths they can take individually and collectively, especially against the current backdrop of the pandemic. With the collective vision they co-created, we hope our participants will continue to be inspired in their desire to build a STRONGER Singapore.


2021 Direct School Admission Exercise


The 2021 Direct School Admission (DSA-JC) exercise for admission into JC1 in 2022 opens on 5 May 2021. The college is looking for outstanding individuals in the following areas:

Interested students should download the application form and email EunoiaDSA@ejc.edu.sg with the required attachments, which must reach us by 28 June 2021.

All applicants should note the following instructions:

1. Scan the completed hardcopy application form and save it with the personal statement as a single PDF file.

2. Save all supporting documents as a single zip file.

3. Email eunoiadsa@ejc.edu.sg with the two files specified above attached.

Selection Process

Applicants go through three selection phases: (i) shortlisting; (ii) video conferencing selection exercise; and (iii) panel e-interview.





Students should demonstrate passion and strong ability in their niche area.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Achievement / awards in international / regional / national / zonal competitions;

- Represented the Country or Singapore Schools



Students should demonstrate passion and strong ability in their niche area.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Achievement / awards in international / regional / national competitions;

- Participated in Singapore Youth Festival.



Students should demonstrate passion and strong ability in the English and Chinese Languages.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Consistently attained distinctions in O-Level English Language and either Chinese or Higher Chinese at secondary school examinations.

- Achievement/awards in competitions, essays, projects that shows passion and flair in both English and Chinese Language.

- Strong interest to learn about Western and Chinese cultures.



Students should have overall consistently strong academic results, demonstrate passion and strong ability in the humanities, and have good CCA / holistic contributions.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Consistently attained distinctions in O-Level English Language and one or more Humanities subjects at secondary school examinations.

- Strong and heightened interest in global and local issues, with a unique personal voice.

- Balanced reading diet (beyond textbooks and literature texts).



Students should demonstrate passion and strong ability in music.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Consistently attained distinctions in O-Level Music or Higher Music at secondary school examinations.

- Achievements / awards in music performing or composing.

- Participation in national-level music ensembles, e.g. Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO), Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO).



Student leaders should have qualities aligned to our College Vision:

- Youth with Passion: one with the passion and the conviction to lead in various capacity (in social causes, student leadership bodies, school population and the community)

- Thinker with Heart: one with the heart to serve by inspiring and influencing others with initiative, dedication and empathy

- Leader with Courage: one with the moral courage to do what is right, the confidence to speak up for others, the integrity to do right by the community

They should meet the following criterion:

- A portfolio consisting of supporting documents of your leadership experiences and reflections of those experiences.



Applicants who successfully cleared the Shortlisting phase will be required to attend a video conference. Interviews will be conducted in July 2021. Details will be emailed/SMSed to successful applicants.

Note: Applicants for DSA (Leadership) will attend 2 rounds of video conferencing: 1 Individual and 1 Group.



Applicants who successfully clear the Video Conferencing Selection Exercise will be required to attend a final e-interview with the College Admissions Committee comprising the Deans of Eunoia Junior College to assess their suitability and readiness to offer the A-Level curriculum at Eunoia Junior College.

Admission Criteria

Applicants must be current Secondary 4 students in local schools and confident of handling the rigour of the A-Level Curriculum at Eunoia Junior College. They must show passion in their area of application, as well as knowledge of the requirements of a JC Education.

Application Process

Interested students should download the online application form and email EunoiaDSA@ejc.edu.sg with the required attachments, which must reach us by 28 June 2021.

Additional requirements for the respective categories are stated below:



i) Two samples of writing (one in English; one in Chinese – could include school essays)

ii) A 500-word personal statement on "What does being bilingual mean in the current world context?”现今社会,双语人才应该具备哪些条件?



i) Two samples of writing: school essays can be included

ii) A 500-word response to "What is the value of the Humanities in today's world?"



i) A music composition up to 3 minutes (can be existing composition)

ii) A 500-word personal statement on "How do you envision yourself contributing to EJC's music and aesthetics scene as a Eunoia MEP student?"

iii) An audition video of 5-10 minutes (can be existing video)



i) A 500-word personal statement on "Based on your personal experiences, what does it mean to lead?"

ii) The names and contact details of 2 referees who can vouch for your leadership experiences. (Please state their positions and their relationship to you.)

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by phone for a Video Conference at a given date and time. During the session, you will be informed to prepare the following documents for verification, if needed. Please wait for further instructions from the respective teachers.

  • Secondary School CCA record
  • Secondary 3 End-of-Year Exam results slip (or equivalent)
  • Secondary 4 Continual Assessment results slip (or equivalent)
  • Other supporting documents such as awards or highest certification of achievements

Applicants who are not shortlisted will receive an email notification by 23 July 2021.

Applicants who have cleared the Video Conferencing Selection Exercise will be required to attend a Panel e-Interview with the College Admissions Committee comprising the Dean of Eunoia Junior College. Candidates will be notified by phone.

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer latest by 11 August 2021. Applicants who have been placed on the waiting list will be notified via phone. Applications who are not offered a place in the DSA-JC exercise will be notified via email.

Successful applicants* are required to accept our offer by 16 August 2021, 3pm. Applicants on the waiting list will be informed of their final application outcome by 16 August 2021.

*Successful applicants are guaranteed a place in the college, provided they meet eligibility criteria for admission to a JC after the release of their Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level results. Successful DSA-JC students will NOT be allowed to take part in the JAE as places have already been reserved for them in the DSA-JC schools. They will also NOT be allowed to transfer to another JC after the release of the GCE O-Level examination results. They are expected to honour their commitment to the posted DSA-JC schools.

For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Education DSA-JC website.

For further enquiries on the EJC DSA-JC exercise, please email EunoiaDSA@ejc.edu.sg

The Class of 2020 Take Flight – Vol 4

The Class of 2020
Take Flight


The Class of 2020 demonstrated how when hearts unite and minds ignite, our dreams can take flight. In this fourth volume, Wei Ting, Hon Jung, Ga-lan, and Jia Yi share the importance of having support structures and a never-say-die attitude, factors that contributed to their exceptional achievements and leadership roles.


Chua Wei Ting


Chua Wei Ting (19-E3) was a highly intelligent and conscientious student who consistently featured on the Dean’s List (Academic). Possessing a natural flair for language, she was a recipient of the MOE Spanish Language Elective Scholarship and offered H2 Spanish. As Head of Video Training and Module in the Media Club, despite not having prior experience in the technicalities of producing videos, Wei Ting picked up filmmaking skills on her own through online tutorials and conducted sessions to help them develop their skills in video production. Despite her multiple commitments such as the Pre-University Seminar, the 8th International Biomedical Quiz and Our Singapore SG75, Wei Ting still found time to help in community Service Learning Projects, demonstrating a strong sense of purpose, heart and courage.


I am quite happy and thankful for my results, and grateful for the support I have received from my friends, family, and teachers. My friends were a constant source of love and support for me - from being my study buddies in the library, to providing academic support and ensuring that I had regular breaks and time to unwind. I also appreciated how school facilities like the library continued to stay open in spite of the pandemic, providing me with a space to concentrate, and opportunities to consult teachers. Lastly, I am thankful to my family for their unconditional support and love.


If I could choose a single word to embody my Eunoia experience, it would be “unprecedented”. I experienced many firsts throughout my JC years, both in my academic and personal life. Some of the biggest contributors to my JC life were my friends, who supported me through every step of the way, as well as my teachers, who were unendingly patient in providing guidance - from answering hundreds of questions on WhatsApp, to sacrificing their rest days for work-from-home consults.


The phrase that grounded me through my challenges and difficulties was: “It gets better”. Lightning never strikes twice at the same place, and things are bound to get better. Many things in life are a state of mind, and the first step in many good stories is to fake it until you make it.

Tan Hon Jung


Tan Hon Jung (19-U3) was a student leader, Hon Jung believed in empowering the people around him and respecting their opinions. As House Captain, he helmed the organisation and coordination of Uzuri House events such as House Parties and House Signature Events. Jung empowered his House Committee Members by encouraging the sharing of ideas and adopting them in organising House activities. He recognized and harnessed the different strengths and capabilities of his House Committee members, nurturing them into leaders. When it came to making changes to the Orientation Programme so it could be carried out safely amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Hon Jung exhibited grace under pressure and adapted activities deftly to suit Safety Management Measures. He was tenacious in overcoming challenges and forged a strong camaraderie amongst his team.


I was elated with my results as I achieved the rank points that I was aiming for, and would be able to enter most courses that I am interested in. Although I feel that I might have let certain teachers down for some of my subjects, I know that I have done my best and, thus, the only way from this point is to continue moving forward. I am thankful for all the people that I have met in my JC life, as well as my supportive family, schoolmates and teachers, who had faith in me throughout and constantly provided me with the help I required.


It's been an eventful and fulfilling two years in this school. During this time, I managed to take part in many activities that I would never have imagined myself partaking in. This taught me a lot of new things about myself too. It truly has been an unforgettable and memorable experience in Eunoia and I really owe it to those around me, from my friends who were my daily motivation for coming to school to various individuals whom I work with to organise school-wide events.


I would advise my juniors to learn the importance of balancing work and rest. It might get tough and you might feel disheartened at times but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. As long as you keep the end goal in mind, hustle on, and trust the process. All will turn out to be fine, and it will all be worth it in the end. Also, make sure you have a strong support system around you and reach out for help when you need it! Take care of one another and everything will be okay.

Gan Ga-Lan


Gan Ga-lan (19-E5) was a diligent and focused student with a positive learning attitude. A reliable and competent leader, Ga-lan was elected to be the Creative Director during the Eunoia Global Orientation Programme to Taiwan in 2019. As a Student Ambassador, he shared his personal learning experiences at many outreach sessions to several secondary schools. He also led campus tours for visitors during college-wide events such as College Day and Open House, and initiated many meaningful conversations with them. Ga-lan stepped up to be part of the planning committee of Eunoia Fiesta, raising funds for the college. Kind and helpful he took the initiative to help his peers who could use added support. He demonstrated excellent time management skills and mental resilience managing both his studies and extra-curricular commitments.


I feel really elated and blessed to have attained good results at the A-Level examinations. Although there were many challenges I faced, my friends and teachers always helped to keep my head up during the final stretch, consistently encouraging me. For example, they would always be ready to answer my questions. Furthermore, they would occasionally bring tidbits and drinks to help encourage me. I also have to specially mention my family. They were there to see me at my worst. When I felt like giving up, they would always take the time amidst their busy schedules to comfort me. All these sources of encouragement fueled me to do well for the A-Level examinations. Without their seemingly small acts of motivation, I wouldn't have done as well as I did.


My two years in Eunoia were a rather interesting journey. To this day, I still remember the day I received my Junior College Posting results. I vividly remembered feeling disheartened as Eunoia Junior College wasn’t my first choice. In addition, I was the only one from my secondary school, Saint Patrick's Secondary School, who was posted to Eunoia. I remember panicking as I worried about whether I would fit in. However, after the past two years, I am proud to say that I enrolled in EJC. The memories forged with my class, CCA mates, and teachers have made it a memorable journey. I can’t help but especially thank my close friends whom I’ve bonded with in the past two years. They have been with me through thick and thin. When I went through a dark patch in my life, they were strong pillars in my life and supported me back to my feet during that time. I would say that only in EJC could I have met so many caring teachers and friends. The teachers in EJC are not only driven but dedicated to helping the students here. If given this opportunity to go back in time to pick a different school, I would insist on enrolling in EJC. The past two years have been filled with many great memories and experiences. From being sad about being posted to EJC, I now feel proud to be a part of Eunoia.


I think one piece of advice I would like to share with my juniors is to not be afraid. Being the ‘odd one out’ at first made me afraid of trying and starting new things. I felt that because of this fear, I didn’t make full use of my time in EJ. If there is a particular cause or activity you want to start, I would fully encourage them to start it. As my teacher, Ms Iris Lee, once told me, “It is better to become than to stay in the becoming." What this means is that one should always strive for what you are really passionate about. Don’t let your fears hinder the pursuit of your passion.

Teo Jia Yi


Teo Jia Yi (19-E3) was an intelligent and versatile thinker who loved German and attained the MOE German Language Elective Scholarship. She volunteered to be part of German Opportunities Day, an event aimed at introducing German culture to Singaporeans. Jia Yi also served as an outstanding leader who contributed immensely to strengthening house and college pride. As the House Representative for her class, Jia Yi rallied the class to participate in House competitions and was involved in the planning of House activities. She enthusiastically seized opportunities for growth, and was a role model to her peers, possessing the mental and physical stamina to take on rigorous challenges with impressive grace and calm. 


I am very happy and thankful that my efforts paid off at the end and I felt that surviving this arduous journey was worth it. I could not have gotten through this long journey without the help and support of the people around me, especially my friends who supported me endlessly, by staying back together, working on assignments during our free periods, or having heart-to-heart talks. I am also immensely grateful for my tutors who often gave me lots of valuable advice during consultations. I would also like to thank my classmates from 19-E3 for always being there for one another, and my 8-men Biology class where I made many enjoyable memories.


My two years in EJC have been a special part of my life, allowing me to take away numerous memories from school events, such as Orientation, Inter-House games and House Signature Events. JC has taught me to cherish the mundane things in life and the many little experiences I’ve had with the people around me — be it the times we sprinted from Ghim Moh Food Centre back to school in time for lectures, or the days I stayed back late in school with my classmates to prepare for the A-Levels. These moments brought me much joy when everything seemed bleak and helped me pull through the tough times. Lastly, my school life would not have been as meaningful without the people I spent it with — my dearest friends, my tutors, and my parents.


JC life can be extremely daunting and challenging given its academic rigour and the numerous commitments we have to juggle. However, I have learned that I am not alone in this journey and that there are people I can depend on. Hence, don’t be afraid to seek help when you need to — be it from your peers or teachers — and be proactive in your learning! Nevertheless, the A-Levels is not everything there is to JC; have fun while it lasts. All the best!