Goodbye Mount Sinai

Goodbye Mount Sinai


Our Beginning

Eunoia Junior College operated from its interim campus at 53 Mount Sinai Road from 2017 to 2019, while construction of its permanent home on Sin Ming Avenue was ongoing. Before welcoming its first cohort of students, the college was situated in nearby offices at the Ministry of Education (Ghim Moh) headquarters and the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

To meet the needs of a modern junior college curriculum, rejuvenation works at the Mount Sinai campus began in 2016. A new academic block, which included a seminar room and art room, was built to extend classroom space.  The multi-purpose hall, library, lecture theatres, student lounge and dance studio were refurbished. Special rooms for the Bicultural Studies Programme Room, Humanities Scholarship Programme and Music Elective Programme, as well as a jamming studio behind Lecture Theatre 1, were also added while the atria and canteen were given a facelift.






Our Home

The college's pioneering cohorts would find a home at our Mount Sinai campus. For some, the day began with a shuttle bus from MRT stations as far as Bedok and Sembawang. For many, reaching school meant a short ride on bus service 92 from Buona Vista station or a slightly longer walk from Commonwealth Ave West or Holland Road. Morning assembly started at 8 am in the hall and the quickening of footsteps could be heard from 7.55 am as the march-in music played.

Most of the day would be spent moving between classrooms,  laboratories, seminar rooms and lecture theatres for lessons that started from 8.30 am and ended as late as 6 pm.

During breaks, Eunoians would spend time at consultations with teachers at the study benches spread across Atria, quiet study time at the library or bonding over food at the student lounge and canteen. After 1 pm on weekdays, the nearby Ghim Moh Hawker Centre became an extension of home for many classes and orientation groups.

The heart of the college itself was always bustling with life. Post-exam treats from Parents@Eunoia, cultural activities led by the Mother Tongue Language department, bazaars and performances were a frequent sight at the Atria. CCA banner painting and house totems found their place at the Olympia block, alongside the queues to purchase uniforms at Seminar Room 3 or collect notes at the photocopy shop. The sounds of the college's Chinese Orchestra and Symphonic Band would overflow to accompany the training at the indoor sports hall and outdoor courts.

Amidst the gruelling training and fun, much of Eunoia's history took place in the hall: orientation for the college's three pioneering cohorts, the launch of the college anthem, the release of the first cohort's A-Level results, and the final Graduation Day at Mount Sinai for the Class of 2019. Every space in the campus holds dear memories for Eunoians, and the hall is no different.






Our Gratitude

After the 2019 A-Level Examination concluded in early December, the college began its campus shift operations. A group of Eunoians from the Class of 2019 started Project Mohmento in July to gather notes of appreciation for the stall owners at Ghim Moh and visited them in December to personally thank them for being a part of their life at Eunoia Junior College. In an email to their peers, they wrote:


On 4th Dec, Project Mohmento went down to Ghim Moh to deliver the postcards we've all written to appreciate the hawkers and people who contributed to our memories at Mount Sinai. The pictures we have with them are attached. As we conclude our journey here, we would like to thank everyone for making this project a meaningful ending note for Mount Sinai.
The hawkers have expressed both their gratitude and their dejection that they've not just lost any random customer, but people who've integrated into the Ghim Moh community the past 3 years. Thank you for all the support you have given us, and we are sure that Ghim Moh would never forget the mohmentos of gratitude and love, and the same for all of us! 🙂 Remember to come back for the food!



The Eunoia community is thankful for the memories at Mount Sinai. Even as we look forward to our new home in Bishan, we regard the time at our first home as fond, most beautiful years.

Last Long – Now on Spotify, Apple Music and Vimeo

'Last Long', a song written by Deputy Principal Mr Adrian Tay and performed by Karis Goh (18-A3) and Donavan Bay (17-E5), was launched on Eunoia Junior College's third College Day.

The music video was produced by a team of JC2 Eunoians from EJC Media Club, and the track was produced and arranged by Daniel Wong of Ardant Studio.

The song captures the friendships of our pioneering cohorts and some of the memories they made at our Mount Sinai campus in 2017 and 2018.

Click the links below to listen to the track on Spotify and Apple Music, or watch the music video on Vimeo.


Doesn’t seem, really doesn’t seem so long ago
When I looked at you, you looked at me, and then we said “Hello”
I used to wonder why, wonder why growing up felt so slow
But now it seems the years have just flown by
What did we know?

Remember the time we stayed up all night?
Remember the time we had that fight?
The memories we made I don’t want them to fade
The joys and regrets 
I’ll never forget

Laughing so hard that the tears came falling
In and out of love so many times I’m going
Crazy that’s the way you drive me
Just by being you
This is our song!
Minute after minute the clock keeps ticking
On towards an end where there’s a new beginning
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
The question we’re all asking is
Will we last long?
Will we last long?

Through it all, through the ups and downs we stood by each other
I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine – rain or shine, whatever the weather
We said that we, said that we would be best friends forever
And even though this chapter’s done
Our story isn’t over

Remember the time we played in the rain?
Remember the time we lost that game?
The memories we made I don’t want them to fade
The joys and regrets 
I’ll never forget

Laughing so hard that the tears came falling
In and out of love so many times I’m going
Crazy that’s the way you drive me
Just by being you
This is our song!
Minute after minute the clock keeps ticking
On towards an end where there’s a new beginning
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
The question we’re all asking is
Will we last

Laughing so hard that the tears came falling
In and out of love so many times I’m going
Crazy that’s the way you drive me
Just by being you
This is our song!
Minute after minute the clock keeps ticking
On towards an end where there’s a new beginning
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
The answer to our question is
We will last long!
We will last long!

Doesn’t seem, really doesn’t seem so long ago

First to Future –
2019 Bulletin #1

Dear Parents and Alumni,


Allow me to begin by going back in time. In October 2016, our Mount Sinai campus saw its first glimpse of student life at a gathering of our then-Year 4 Joint Integrated Programme students. The assortment of colours grew when we welcomed our Eunoians from the Joint Admissions Exercise in February 2017 to complete our first class of students. So much of the college, from the cheers that reach our neighbours in Ghim Moh to the ineffable pride that has reached deep into our third cohort, started from those incipient meetings. It felt almost strange in the first weeks of the year to not see the familiar faces of our pioneering cohort each morning, studying at the Atria benches, painting banners or running around the campus.


First Going Forward

The hall and canteen at our Mount Sinai campus reside in a block we have named Concordia. The Latin word means harmony, translating literally to ‘with heart’. It is perhaps apt that we welcomed some members of our first class – whom we can now call our alumni – in the heart of our school at a few points in Term 1. The campfire at our Orientation finale burned stronger with our past student councillors and orientation group leaders watching on. Some of them also joined us to lou hei at our Chinese New Year Celebrations. Just the day before the release of the A-Level results, many more came back with strong hands and big hearts to help us pack goodie bags full of higher education and scholarship collaterals for their own batchmates. After the results were released, we saw many Eunoians return to the college once again with gifts and cards to thank their teachers. The joy at seeing our alumni come back goes together with seeing their passion and thoughtfulness after they have left the college. We thank our alumni for keeping Eunoia close to their hearts and minds and hope to see many more of them return home, whether at our current campus or in Bishan.


The day the A-Level results were released gave us very many reasons for celebration. Seeing our ladies and gentlemen, some in uniform and clean heads, a little more mature with three months’ worth of adventures and work experience under their belt was one. Another was their stellar academic performance as a cohort, both a capstone to their all-round achievement and contributions as pioneers and a milestone for the Eunoia community. Their stories of resilience, from overcoming personal and social challenges, confronting their fears and mistakes, and working together with their peers and teachers, will inspire their juniors and a full generation ahead of them. Their can-do spirit is a part of the Eunoia DNA. We now know that every Eunoian has the potential to shine in the sporting arena, the performance stage, community engagement and academic pursuits.

With even brighter paths ahead of them, we remain keenly interested in their growth after junior college: our gentlemen will set purposeful milestones in national service, and our Eunoians will be receiving offers from universities and scholarship boards. We have been elated to learn that many are likely to take on courses they are passionate about locally and in Peking, Oxford, King’s, Imperial, UCL, Virginia amongst many other overseas institutions. To our first alumni, let’s keep in touch and do come back to share your experiences with your juniors!


Gift of the Present

Our JC2s have themselves shone as Eunoians who take pride in their identity and rise to the occasion. The finale at our open house, where hundreds gathered at our Atria for a rapturous batch dance, particularly made our hearts sing and our eyes water a little. At Eunite and EJC Orientation, we saw our second cohort of students stepping up with youthful purpose, heart and courage to lead our JC1 Eunoians. Behind the games, races and cheers, our student-leaders and orientation group leaders have put in a remarkable amount of effort and thought, and we imagine that this experience, igniting the fire within their juniors and themselves, stay with them and push them to shine in their 2019 journey.


The fruit of their labour is already presenting itself. News of our Aesthetics groups and athletes’ achievements at the Singapore Youth Festival and National School Games is coming in week by week, a culmination of their intensive rehearsals and training alongside their scholastic preparations for the JC2 March Common Test and continual assessment for our JC1s. Just as important are the strong friendships they build and the memories they forge during the toughest of periods. Even as juniors and seniors look to each other for possibilities and direction, let them remember that the obstacles they encounter and the difficulties they work through will help them grow into bigger, braver versions of themselves.

Taking on the mantle as seniors, our JC2s can be confident of themselves and their contributions to the world around them. Our Global Orientation Programme in 2018 gave them the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in new communities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom. It is our desire that they regard service to others as a part of their daily life. At our most recent Deep Dive Day, our entire cohort embarked on different service projects in Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Admiralty, Punggol and Ghim Moh, and their interactions with our senior citizens would have given them much to cherish and learn. This being our last year situated at Mount Sinai, we hope to see our Eunoians continue giving back to the neighboring Ghim Moh community and find meaning in doing so.


Raising the Future

Each new year of the college’s short history has given us new opportunities for which we are thankful. Mr Adrian Tay joined us as Deputy Principal at the end of 2018, having served stints at the Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education and led as a pioneering Head of Department at Crest Secondary School. Our third cohort of students, already invigorated in their houses and civics groups from their Orientation, will soon be taking up leadership responsibilities and take the college to greater heights. The construction of our Bishan campus too has been progressing steadily, with the academic block nearing completion. Our architects have presented to us some of the spaces our Eunoians will be able to learn, train and interact in. Drive past Marymount Road or take a walk at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, and you will have a good view of the possibilities that await us. We hope to share with you more photos of the campus from the inside as soon as we can.


A Home for All

To make our Bishan campus truly a home for all, we are raising funds for the air-conditioning of our new multi-purpose hall. This is not a standard provision by the ministry, and the college has embarked on a series of fundraising efforts including our upcoming College Day Concert. This joint performance by our five Aesthetics CCA groups – the Eunoia Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Dance, Drama and Symphonic Band – is accompanied by several more of our talented Eunoians’ artwork and musical items. We invite you to join us at the University Cultural Centre Hall on 11 May 2019 as well as our Funfair and Unconference at our Mount Sinai campus on 20 July 2019.

The next term promises to be a most exciting and intense one for our Eunoians, as the Singapore Youth Festival and National School Games seasons kick in and progressively higher academic demands come their way. With your continued support, may they light the way forward as leaders, thinkers and youth with purpose.


Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng



Shining Most Brightly – 2018 A-Level Results

Shining Most Brightly -
2018 A-Level Results

A Truly First Class Performance

Eunoia Junior College congratulates our First Class of students for their outstanding achievement at the 2018 GCE A-Level Examination. Coming together from the Joint Integrated Programme, Direct School Admission and Joint Admissions Exercise pathways, they have shone brightly as the change makers and pioneers of the college. They have truly made history and created a great legacy for their juniors to carry forward.

The college is extremely proud of all 529 Eunoians who sat the 2018 GCE A-Level Examination. 1 in 2 Eunoians attained at least 3 H2 distinctions, with 1 in 3 scoring 5 distinctions or more and 94 Eunoians scoring 6 distinctions or more. In addition, 1 in 2 students achieved a distinction in their H3 subjects. The cohort achieved a median University Admissions Score (UAS) of 85 rank points.

Our combined total of 80 scholars from the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), Humanities Scholarship Programme and Music Elective Programme, our MOE Pre-University Scholars, international scholars, book prize and scholarship recipients have set a tradition of excellence for the college with their stellar results.

Amongst the many milestones for our first cohort, our Eunoians have to date received conditional offers from distinguished institutions including Oxford University and Peking University, and provisional offers of scholarships such as the Public Service Commission scholarship and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Defence Merit Scholarship. The college eagerly anticipates more good news from our Eunoians in the coming months.

Brightness and Splendour

Above and beyond their lustrous academic results, every Eunoian from our First Class has excelled holistically as a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart and Leader with Courage. Within a few months of intensive practice, our inaugural cohort of performing arts CCAs clinched the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2017 in the Dance and Concert Band categories. This was followed by another outstanding showing in Drama at the SYF Arts Presentation in 2018. Our student-athletes represented Singapore at the Asian Youth Games and ASEAN School Games, while also attaining a very commendable 2nd and 3rd place in the ‘A’ Division Hockey (Girls) and Netball championships in 2018. In various academic competitions and olympiads, our Eunoians also paved the way in our first years to even greater successes and wins in the near future. Most importantly, our First Class served as writers of the Eunoia story, handing over a school culture future generations of Eunoians are proud to call their own.

A Beautiful Journey

Mrs Kellie Woo, the Dean of our 2018 JC2 cohort, shared her heartfelt thoughts, ‘I am extremely proud of our pioneering cohort, who have been with Eunoia every step of the journey, some from as early as 2013. From being orientation leaders for their own batch to starting CCAs from scratch, they truly created Eunoia's legacy. The First Class indeed holds a very special place in all our hearts. Today we not only celebrate their holistic achievements but also the Eunoia identity that they have created.'

Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, Principal, added, ‘We are proud of our Eunoians’ achievements and all-rounded development. The A-Level result is but one step in the lifelong learning journey of our pioneer students. In many ways their growth and development have been defined by the college culture they have pioneered, the college spirit they have fostered, the friendships they have built, and the cognitive sharpness they have developed. While their A-Level results open doors to possibilities in their next journey, they are ultimately not defined by their grades and certificates but by who they are as a person and what impact they leave on others.’

As one Eunoia, we celebrate the holistic achievements and contributions of our First Class. The college would like to extend its deepest gratitude to our teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, our College Advisory Committee, Joint Integrated Programme partner schools and all who have made the Eunoia dream a reality. May our First Class spread their beautiful thinking and goodwill far and wide, and shine brightly as thinkers, leaders, and Eunoians forevermore.



OH EUNOIA! Next Move
– 16 Jan 2019


This is Your Next Move

We are moving and going all the way up. And we’d love to have you along. Fond friends, terrific teachers, memorable lessons, house parties and amazing experiences at every corner. We’ve got the right moves to welcome you into the family. Join Eunoia. Move in with us. We go higher.

Make your next move on 16 Jan 2019, 9am - 4pm. Performances, taster lessons, games, CCAs, global orientation and special programmes, food, great swag and our friendly student ambassadors will be ready specially for you. See you at our Mount Sinai campus!

What's On


Campus Tour

9am - 4pm



10am - 3pm


Popcorn, Candy
and Ice Cream

By Parents@Eunoia


Global Orientation

Academia (F1-11)
9am - 4pm
Presentations at 10.15, 12.15, 2.15

Taster Lessons

Scientia + Academia
Refer to schedule below


Special Programmes

9am - 4pm


General and
Subject Enquiries

Media Resource Library
9am - 4pm


Human Library

Media Resource Library
9am - 4pm
Hear our student ambassadors' stories

Principal's Talk

Lecture Theatre 1
10am and 1pm


CCA Showcase

Canteen + MPH
9am - 4pm


Performing Arts Showcase

11am and 2pm


House Performances

Various times

Taster Lessons


Seminar Room 1
Academia Level 1

9am - 10am



Learning Room 2
Scientia Level 3

9am - 10am


& Inquiry

Learning Room 1
Scientia Level 3
10am - 11am



Biology Lab 1
Scientia Level 1

10am - 11am



Seminar Room 2
Scientia Level 3

10am - 11am

General Paper

Seminar Room 1
Academia Level 1

11am - 12nn



Learning Room 2
Scientia Level 3

11am - 12nn


China Studies
in Chinese

BSP Room
Symposia Level 1
11am - 12nn



Chemistry Lab 3
Scientia Level 2

12nn - 1pm



Learning Room 1
Scientia Level 3

12nn - 1pm



Seminar Room 1
Academia Level 1

1pm - 2pm



BSP Room
Symposia Level 1

1pm - 2pm


Tamil Language
& Literature

Learning Room 2
Scientia Level 3

2pm - 3pm


General Paper

Seminar Room 2
Scientia Level 3

2pm - 3pm



Learning Room 1
Scientia Level 3

2pm - 3pm

Getting Here

From Buona Vista

We are located at 53 Mount Sinai Road, Singapore 276880. The nearest MRT station is Buona Vista station, located on the East-West line (EW21) and the Circle line (CC22). Board feeder service 92 at the bus stop nearest to Exit C. Spot our friendly student leaders who will be there to welcome and speak to you!

By Public Transport

You can board bus service 92 from Buona Vista station and alight at the third bus stop, 112131 (Aft Grove Rd). Other services in our vicinity include: 100 and 111 from Ghim Moh Bus Terminal, 14105106147 and 185 along Commonwealth Ave West and 76175156 and 165 along Holland Rd.

By Car

Our Mount Sinai campus is accessible via Holland Road (enter via Holland Grove Road) and Commonwealth Avenue West (enter via Ghim Moh Road).

Parking is available near Ghim Moh Block 1 and Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre (Blocks 7-8).

Your Move and Ours

This is an invitation. With your name on it. Join us at our taster lessons. Soak in the colours of our CCAs. Meet your future collaborators and teachers, and hear from them why life in Eunoia is beautiful. Make your next move at our Open House on 16 Jan 2019, 9am - 4pm. 

Why Eunoia Should Be
Your Next Move

What's Your Next Move?

We are moving and going all the way up. And we’d love to have you along. Fond friends, terrific teachers, memorable lessons, house parties and amazing experiences at every corner. We’ve got the right moves to welcome you into the family. Join Eunoia. Move in with us. We go higher.


Make your next move on 16 Jan 2019, 9am - 4pm. Performances, taster lessons, games, CCAs, global orientation and special programmes, food, great swag and our friendly student ambassadors will be ready specially for you. See you at our Mount Sinai campus!

High Rise School.
Higher Ambitions.

A brand new home. With the next best family you can find. Eunoia Junior College will move into its Bishan campus at the end of 2019. And we want you at the centre of it all.

Our 900-seat theatre will be the stage for your talent and the training ground for your mind. Your ideas and your feet can run wild in our rooftop stadium five storeys high. Or seek sanctuary in our duplex library on levels 9 and 10, opening up to a panoramic view of the park.

Study and interaction spaces are all around. Burst into dance, bring a prototype to life and blaze a trail wherever you set your mind to. With the new Bishan North Community Centre and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park next door, opportunities and dreams are always in the making.

Our new campus will be the birthplace of your brilliant ideas, and the home of your lasting memories. As the first cohort with the keys, our Bishan home will be where you leave your legacy.

Our Bishan campus is located at the junction of Sin Ming Ave and Marymount Rd, right beside Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. It is within walking distance of Bright Hill (TE7) station, which connects our campus to Woodlands in 2020 and Marina Bay in 2021. The campus is a short bus ride away from Bishan (NS17/CC15), Ang Mo Kio (NS16) and Marymount (CC16) stations.

For The Right Move
Come Right Up.

Whatever your groove, whatever your gifts, we have the right moves, the right opportunities for you. Three MOE special programmes in the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), Humanities Scholarship Programme and Music Elective Programme. For our shimmering scientists-in-waiting, we developed our STEM Research Programme. The multi-disciplinary LATITUDE Programme broadens our students' minds to public policy, social change and humanities in the real world.

Our flagship Passion Pursuit, World Readiness Programme and Life Coaching programmes empower you to chart your path forward, and embolden you to pursue your life purpose.

The journey starts with the 26 subjects at H2 and H1 levels and 131 subject combinations we are offering to our 2019 JC1 cohort. Because we are focused on your strengths and interests, you can propose your preferred subject combination if it is not on our list. 

Your passion is at the heart of our student life, with a wide array of co-curricular activities and 4 new student-initiated CCAs introduced in 2018. At Eunoia, what gets you up is never left behind.

We Will Move You.
To Move the World.

What’s next? Anything after conquering O-Levels should be easy, shouldn't it? Choosing your next school is tough. Here’s our advice. Embrace the difficulty. Look around, ask around, search for the right air, colours that match yours, a character you see yourself a part of.

You want to become your best self. That’s why people matter most to us in Eunoia. Eunoians want to be your pacesetters, whose excellence push you forward. Your cheerleaders, who get you up when you’re down. Amongst Eunoians, you'll meet the national athlete on the Dean's List, the dancer whose words dance on the page, the budding physicist who is also a musician, and the student councillor as adept at the podium as on the tennis court. 

Together we move the world. Travel to the world's fastest-growing city and cultural hotspots abroad. In the classroom, speak to industry movers and be inspired by passionate people who charted their own path. Compete with the best, and set your sights on high-standing universities and scholarships. Our connections take you as far as you want to go.

What’s next? Only the next greater you. Discover more at our Open House on 16 Jan 2019.

Make Your
Next Move

16 Jan 2019
9am - 4pm

As One We Write
– Official Opening

Eunoia Junior College
Official Opening
5 May 2018

Eunoia Junior College celebrated its official opening on Saturday, 5 May 2018 with a harmony of sound, colour and learning. In attendance were newly appointed Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung, Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Division, Ms Yong Ying-I, Chairman of the EJC College Advisory Committee, Professor Su Guaning, senior officials from the Ministry of Education, present and past principals, alumni chairpersons and school management committee representatives from the Joint Integrated Programme (JIP) partner schools, parent partnership group Parents@Eunoia, and the most important guests for the day, our two pioneering cohorts of Eunoians.

The theme As One We Write, taking after lyrics of the college anthem written by present and future Eunoians, reflects the opportunities and responsibilities our students have in shaping the destiny and legacy of the college. The hive of activity, consisting of learning workshops, performances, games and food throughout the day, would attest to the vibrancy Eunoians have brought and will bring for many years to come.

The opening performance, specially choreographed for EJC Dance by instructor Mr Dan Kwoh, served an appetiser for our guests on what to expect — a circus of colour, a feast of learning, and plenty of passion to go around.

We are Eunoia: our origins may be beautifully different but our spirits shine as one. Each of us carries within us a story waiting to be told, and together we weave our silken strands into one beautiful Eunoia fabric. Let us tell our story through our heartbeat, our people, our triumphs, our struggles, our comebacks and our prospects.


The day's excitement kicked off in three concurrent segments: a Carnival that showcased our Eunoians' creative games and challenges, an Unconference programme for all to explore a wide array of interests and passions and a Human Library in which participants could 'read' human books that told the Eunoia story from conception to present day.

In the Human Library, our special guests participated alongside our JC1s to listen to the struggles and satisfactions of starting a new junior college. The pioneers they heard from included the past and current principals of our Joint Integrated Programme partner schools, our first cohort of Student Councillors and student-leaders who organised Orientation and many other programmes for their own cohort, the student-designers of our uniform, student-composers of our college anthem, and the parents who stepped up as executive committee members of Parents@Eunoia even before the college began formal operations. As our human books shared their heartfelt moments, our 'readers' shared curious questions and words of encouragement, some even diligently taking notes along the way.

Our guests had the opportunity to visit learning workshops taking place, many initiated and facilitated by the college's students and staff. Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung, together with Director-General for Education Mr Wong Siew Hoong, tried their hand at corsage and boutonniere-making in a session taught by our Principal Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng and student-volunteers. They later had their hands full negotiating a Python coding session chaired by Mathematics teacher Dr Chen Weiqiang, a crash course in juggling by Mr Victor Yang and an introduction to beatboxing led by the self-taught Chin Zhen Yu (17-O4). Greeting Eunoians along the way, Mr Ong also met Mr Jose Pedro Cairos Correa, a Deputy Head Keeper at the Singapore Zoo and his friend, a South American Boa. Elsewhere, other workshops on the Korean language, internet meme-making and crochet taught by Eunoians captivated their peers' attention.

With squeals of excitement inside our classrooms, there was definitely as much fun to be had outside them. Our Eunoians' carnival stalls, ranging from the curious to the familiarly satisfying, promised to fill bellies, tell fortunes, test your skills and your patience, and to scare off the stress of examinations. These certainly tapped on our JC1 students' ingenuity, and expanded on the task their Project Work tutors set them in Term 1.

We are passion embodied. We celebrate each other’s talents, interests and dreams — we are home to those venture off the beaten path; we are champions of tinkering and trying. We are our ideas and stories. Eunoia is beautifully different because all Eunoians are individual lights who sparkle in their own unique ways.


Their passion would set the stage for the official opening ceremony. Emcees Kenneth Hoh (18-O5) and Sanchana Gnanasekaran (18-O4) ushered the start of rousing performances by the EJC Symphonic Band, Choir and Chinese Orchestra, including a medley of familiar 1970s disco favourites, a Broadway number and an orchestral piece about the inexorable spirit of youth.

This was followed by a commemorative video on the birth of the college, produced by Nicholas Lee Jun Yi (17-E4) together with members of the EJC Media Club. Reflecting on the video, Nicholas spoke about the creative process and the many stories of Eunoians his team wanted to capture and weave together. In the same spirit, Mrs Kellie Woo (Dean, JC2), Mr Mahmood Fahmi and Mr Cao Jiandong also came forward to share their memories of their journey in Eunoia thus far, and their hopes for the college in the near and distant future. You can read their speeches in a companion article here.

In his address, Minister Ong Ye Kung echoed their ambitions as he recounted the conception of the college as part of the Joint Integrated Programme and the groundwork laid by colleagues at the Ministry of Education. Pledging to put students in the centre of everything the school and MOE do, he recognised the importance of diversity in the national education landscape as well as at the college — its first two cohorts hail from 73 different secondary schools, and with that diversity of experience and passion, will build a distinct culture that generations of students will be proud of.

The myriad of photos that formed the backdrop was a reminder of the vibrancy and possibility at the heart of the college. To officially launch the college, distinguished guests including Minister Ong completed the picture wall with iconic photos of the college's history.

Beautiful thinking, goodwill to all. Words that every Eunoian would identify with the name of the college, and words that are now etched as an indelible part of the college's history. To commemorate the occasion, students, staff and parents in the audience sang the college anthem in harmony with the Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra and Choir in a combined performance as beautiful as its meaning.

Eunoians are visionaries — our pioneers dreamed and built a junior college on the ideals of beautiful thinking and goodwill to all. We are trailblazers, guided by a sense of service and purpose for our fellow people. Hear our story. Look at our journey of writing Eunoia's history, destiny and legacy.


No celebration in Eunoia would be complete without food, music and dance. Tucking into bento boxes with their classes, our Eunoians staged their own picnic in the courtyard.

The roving Music Caravan too made its way to the grandstand, serenading all with tunes from Donavan Bay (17-E5), Jelita Jaimon (17-U1), Nigel Goh (17-U4) and Twinkle Shakthi (18-I1) and the signature dance moves of XYZ, comprising Kwek Xiu Qi, Lam Kai Yi (both 17-I4) and Lim Zhineng (17-U4).

The resident emcees for the Feast segment, Gilliam Lam (18-A1) and Lek Siang Ern (18-U1), added to the festive mood, urging our Eunoians to their feet and end the night with a dance-off between JC1s and JC2s.

As the sun set and the long day became night, there was to be one more reminder of the Eunoia story that has been written and can be written — a long line of balloons that rose ever higher, flying, shining in the night sky.

Eunoia is now complete, a dream made reality in a kaleidoscope of colour and talent. We celebrate our journey thus far, and we promise to light the way forward for everyone we meet along the way.


2018 Direct School Admission Exercise

The 2018 Direct School Admission (DSA-JC) exercise for admission into JC1 in 2019 opens on 7 May 2018. 

The college is looking for outstanding talents, particularly in Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Dance, Drama, Symphonic Band, Floorball, Tennis, Volleyball (Boys), Basketball (Boys), Hockey (Girls), Field (Boys), Softball (Boys) and more. Please refer to our Admission Criteria for a full list of relevant Sports and Performing Arts CCAs.

Interested students should send the completed application form to (Attn: Mr Charles Cheak). Applications must reach the college by 30 Jun 2018.


The DSA-JC exercise allows all Secondary 4 students with special talents and achievements to apply to Eunoia Junior College directly.

Successful applicants are guaranteed a place in the college provided they meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a JC after the release of their GCE ‘O’ Level results. Students admitted under DSA-JC are expected to honour their commitment to the college.


Selection Process

Applicants go through two selection phases.



Applicants may be invited by the college to attend a trial / audition.

Trials for Hockey (Girls) will be held on 22 May 2018 at Delta Sports Complex, 7-8pm. Trial and audition dates for other CCAs will be communicated to applicants.



Applicants who successfully cleared the previous selection phase may be required to attend an interview. Interviews will be conducted in July 2018.


Admission Criteria

Applicants must be current Secondary 4 students in local schools and confident of handling the rigour of the A-Level Curriculum at Eunoia Junior College. We are looking for students with outstanding achievements and talents in the following areas:



·  Badminton
·  Basketball
·  Floorball
·  Hockey (Girls)
·  Netball (Girls)
·  Softball
·  Squash
·  Table Tennis
·  Tennis
·  Track and Field
·  Volleyball

Students should demonstrate passion and strong ability in their niche area.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

·  Achievement / awards in international / regional / national / zonal competitions;

·  Represented the country or Singapore Schools


·  Chinese Orchestra
·  Choir
·  Dance
·  Drama
·  Symphonic Band

Students should demonstrate passion and strong ability in their niche area.

They should meet one or more of the following criteria:

·  Participated in Singapore Youth Festival

·  Achievement / awards in international / regional / national competitions


Application Process

Students who are keen to join EJC via the DSA-JC exercise must submit the application form to (Attn: Mr Charles Cheak) by 30 Jun 2018.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by phone for a sports trial or audition at a given date and time. During the session, please bring along your hardcopy application form and all supporting documents, which may include the following:


  • Secondary school CCA record
  • Secondary 3 Mid-Year Exam results slip (or equivalent)
  • Secondary 3 End-of-Year Exam results slip (or equivalent)
  • Secondary 4 Continual Assessment results slip (or equivalent)
  • Secondary 4 Mid-Year Exam results slip (or equivalent)
  • Any other documents that might support your application


Applicants who are not shortlisted will receive an email notification by 20 Jul 2018.

Applicants who have completed the sports trial or audition may be required to attend an interview with the College Admissions Committee. Candidates will be notified by phone.

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer by 25 Jul 2018. Applicants who have been placed on the waiting list will be notified via phone. Applications who are not offered a place in the DSA-JC exercise will be notified via email.

Successful applicants are required to accept our offer by 27 Jul 2018, 3pm. Applicants on waiting list will be informed of their final application outcome by 27 Jul 2018.

For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Education DSA-JC website or its FAQ section.

For further enquiries on the EJC DSA-JC exercise, please contact Mr Charles Cheak, Deputy Head (CCA) at 6351 8388 or email

For We Are Eunoia –
Term 1 Bulletin

Dear Parents and Alumni Members,


The first year of Eunoia Junior College is now behind us, with its share of historic moments, memorable achievements and burgeoning opportunities. Another year of firsts beckons. 2018 will see a Eunoia propelled by two cohorts of students, ready to write new and exciting chapters ahead. As a youthful school, the only limit is our imagination. On this voyage, even brighter days await us and our students will go as far as, if not farther than, their aspirations.

Throughly our termly bulletins, we hope to provide you a slice of our Eunoians' experience in the college, and share the latest developments in our programmes. At the same time, we would like to chart the way forward for our Eunoians in JC1 and JC2, so that we may work with you to anticipate the decisions they will make for a meaningful year ahead.

Full Circle

Our JC1s complete us as a school. They give us new strength and greater heart in all we achieve as a school. In January, we welcomed our second cohort of Joint Integrated Programme students from our three partner schools, and they have brought new energy into our midst. Their fervent cheers and joyful laughter, which could be heard from my office, moved me to join them in their orientation activities. On occasions I could not join them, they gave me reason to smile for the rest of the day. I am glad to see that our students from Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School had from their first week in the college already grown into proud Eunoians. My fellow school leaders were just as happy to share that on the day they returned to their secondary schools to receive their O-level results, their sense of affiliation echoed through the hall, and stories of new friendships were shared with their former teachers.


Encouraged as we are by their passion, we know that Eunoia is not yet complete. The students we take in via the Joint Admissions Exercise come from different backgrounds, and will bring a wealth of strengths and perspectives to our growth as individuals, as a school and as a larger family that includes our parents and alumni of our partner schools. Our name leads us to pursue the good of all and to build beautiful friendships. It is our hope, and will, that all Eunoians, no matter their background, study, work, play and grow together and emerge as leaders of people here, now, and in the near and distant future. 

We promise that the educational journey they will embark on be second to none. In the early weeks of January, our JIP students experienced some of the intrigue that permeates the Eunoia classroom. They investigated crime scenes as forensic scientists-in-waiting, tested their problem-solving skills to the power of infinity, and showed ingenuity as they crafted games using only recycled cardboard and limitless creativity. In the following weeks, this breadth of learning will be guided by our educators towards greater depth in the subjects our students have chosen; we will ensure that we never lose the inspiration to learn so evident in their eyes.

It is our hope, and will, that all our Eunoians, no matter their background... together emerge as leaders of people here, now, and in the near and distant future.

First Class

We would not be able to speak boldly of a first-class educational experience if not for the hard work put in by our passionate teachers and our pioneer cohort. Their myriad achievements are testament to this. Most recently, our shuttler and student councillor Nicolette Tan (17-A3) took on the role of lead oath-taker at the opening ceremony of the 2018 National School Games. Nicolette is but one of many Eunoians who have borne the responsibilities of a pioneer with exuberance and perseverance, like our six Science Olympiad winners who will usher more wins in the future or the various CCAs who have made their talent known on the national stage. I am reminded of a banner in our school hall that reads, ‘Striving as Five Houses, Shining as One Eunoia’: with the talent and industry they have shown, we are confident that our JC2s will light the way for their juniors, representing themselves and Eunoia with the fullest pride.

We are confident that our JC2s will light the way for their juniors, representing themselves and Eunoia with the fullest pride.

The banners, flags and photographs you see on our campus symbolise more than our seniors’ determination and desire to create a student culture of their own. These represent the friendships they have made across different backgrounds to unite in their classes, houses, CCAs and finally, as one college community. Add to these their social media posts, which may seem fleeting, and we have a collective monument standing for the enduring meaning of eunoia –– beautiful thinking, goodwill to all, a bridging of the heart and mind.

It is with these bonds that their academic and co-curricular pursuits become meaningful. Through these connections they can grow braver, kinder and wiser.

Our JC2s have grown in the maturity the past year. If the few weeks of Term One have given us any indication, they have shown the drive and tenacity to conquer the challenges ahead. Our teachers have remarked that our seniors have settled into the rhythm of school work very well, asking intelligent questions in class, being fully prepared for tutorials and planning their work ahead. Before the term commenced, some requested for the operating hours of our library to be extended and for more study spaces in the school to be open until closing time. The rigours of the A-Level curriculum indeed demand high levels of preparedness, and our teachers are similarly eager to carve a smoother, though not always easy, path towards our common goal. Even as the examination looms, we must remember to strike a balance between academic achievement and appreciating the beauty of life.

Beauty and Goodwill

The Eunoia Global Orientation Programme, or Eunoia GO for short, that took place at the end of 2017 gave our students greater avenues for growth. Venturing to five unique locations across Asia, our Eunoians traversed borders, trekked mountains, taught lessons, took on fresh perspectives and traded appreciation with newfound peers. The many stories shared by our teachers have stuck with me, but one on the trip to Sri Lanka particularly struck a chord. Two of our young ladies had noticed a young boy desperately chasing after their bus, and being concerned for his safety, requested for the bus to stop. Upon speaking to the boy, they realised that he was trying to sell flowers to our group of Eunoians to pay his school fees. While the more seasoned travellers amongst us doubt his intentions, our Eunoians thought with their minds and their hearts.

They decided that the small sum would be more meaningful in the young man's hands and could pay off in other ways. Once they reached the train station for their next stop, our students started to distribute flowers to their fellow commuters as a gesture of their appreciation for the warm hospitality that they received in Sri Lanka. Their actions represent our most human side, transcending the cold rationality that sometimes takes over our faculty to think beautifully for other people. These lessons are difficult to replicate in the classroom; it is in the college’s plans to expand the Eunoia GO Programme to more locations for our future cohorts to journey, learn about new cultures with humility and seek to learn most deeply about ourselves.

Joint Voyage

The full educational experience in our first year was made possible by our parents, alumni from our partner schools, partners and friends of the college. At our Commendation Ceremony in November, we had the pleasure of having our Parents@Eunoia in attendance and to present prizes to more than a hundred Eunoians for their sterling academic achievements and contributions. That said, the entire student population would have been poorer in spirit without the backing of Parents@Eunoia throughout the year’s events and study programmes. Our parents play an important role in the short two-year journey to the A-level Examination. Together we will spur your child to successes big and small.

To the parents of our JC1 Eunoians, we hope you can lend your time and support to our Parents@Eunoia group and participate in the college’s efforts to enrich your child’s education. You can catch them in their eye-catching pink polo t-shirts at our upcoming Parent Engagement Session on 23 Feb 2018, and we are sure they will be excited to share their plans and hear from you. We too look forward to partner you in the college’s growth, and I invite you to start a conversation with us at

As One Eunoia

Stronger with you, Eunoia will make greater headway in its second year. As individuals and as a college, we will always rise up to new challenges, strive for positive change, and stay humble when achievements come. As a junior college now complete with two cohorts, we commit ourselves to pursuing our purpose and our passion, seeing beyond grades, numbers and outcomes on paper. For Eunoia is about people and making a genuine difference to the lives of others. We spread our successes to all.

At our college’s opening ceremony in Term 2, we will be able to share with you in full the effort and beautiful thinking we stand for. Until then we wish you an enriching 2018 full of eunoia.


Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng


Welcome Eunoians! – Orientation 2018

Welcome Eunoians!

Dear New Eunoians,

Hello and a warmest welcome to the Eunoia family! As a member of our second cohort, you make us complete and we are elated to have you with us.

In the coming days, you will embark on a new, exciting voyage at EJC Orientation 2018, one which you will treasure for life. Together with new friends from a symphony of 61 schools, you will create your own beautiful future and as one, write a shining legacy for Eunoia.

We promise you will have many cherished memories and form many more enduring friendships here at Eunoia.

Our voyage begins with you.


Mr Ganison Rajamohan
Dean (JC1)


Voyage - EJC Orientation 2018

The EJC Orientation 2018 programme begins on 2 Feb 2018 (Fri), and the voyage will carry through 5 Feb (Mon) to 9 Feb 2018 (Fri).

We look forward to seeing you on 2 Feb 2018 at 7.50am in your secondary school t-shirt and secondary school bottoms (pants/skirt/pinafore).

Your Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) will be waiting for you at the entrance. Assembly will be held at the Multi-Purpose Hall on level 2 and begin at 8am.

Please also bring $9 for your Orientation Package, your personal water bottle and some writing material on 2 Feb 2018.

Our OGLs should be contacting you shortly after the release of the JAE Posting Results to provide the above information and answer any immediate queries you may have. The full Orientation programme will be communicated to you on the first day.

For additional information, contact us at 6351 8388 or

Administrative Information

Information on subject combinations and academic selection tests for Knowledge and Inquiry, Further Mathematics, Art and Music will be provided on Matriculation Day, 2 Feb 2018 (Fri).

The sale of uniforms will be held on 5 Feb 2018 (Mon) and 6 Feb 2018 (Tue) 2018 in the college campus. More information will be provided on Matriculation Day, 2 Feb 2018 (Fri).

Embarkation Point

We are located at 53 Mount Sinai Road, Singapore 276880. For directions, you may refer to our Mount Sinai campus page.

If you are travelling via public transport, our student-leaders will be waiting to welcome you at Buona Vista MRT station (EW21 and CC22). You can then take bus service 92 from the bus stop closer to the East-West Line station and The Star Vista, and alight at the bus stop 112131 (Aft Grove Rd).

Alternatively, you can take a ten-minute walk from Buona Vista MRT station through Ghim Moh estate to our campus.

Our campus is also served by buses at Ghim Moh Bus Terminal (9292M100 and 111), along Commonwealth Ave West (105106147 and 185) and Holland Rd (76175156 and 165).

If you are arriving by car, please enter and exit via Gate 2 for easier traffic access. More information on the gate opening and closing times and access routes can be found on this page. Gate 1 is our main gate and reserved for entry by our shuttle bus service on weekday mornings. Gate 2 is located further uphill on Mount Sinai Road. Gate 3 is a pedestrian gate accessible via the Ghim Moh HDB estate (Blk 1).