Mr Wong Jia Sheng

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Second Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2013, double majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. I was also a recipient of the Ministry of Education Teaching Scholarship (Local) and Masters Sponsorship. As such, I had the great fortune to continue my Master’s Degree in NUS, majoring in Statistics from 2013 to 2014.

Upon graduation from the National Institute of Education, I taught H1 and H2 Mathematics at a junior college and another pre-university institution. During my stint, I had the opportunity to lead a cohort to the A-Level H1 and H2 Mathematics examination as level coordinators for both subjects. Being clear of our shared objectives, I was able to synthesise ideas from my team of teachers to produce a robust set of revision resources for the students. I also led the team to engage in meaningful discussions on pedagogical content to better engage students in active learning, such as having a more investigative approach to the teaching of hypothesis testing. Our efforts paid off when we managed to value-add to our students’ performance at the A-Level Examination. In addition, I also managed important databases for the department. With my team, we designed a template for teachers to effectively record and monitor students’ progress across all levels. To further enrich students’ learning, I had the opportunity to organise tea-talks with university professors to effectively engage students in meaningful conversations about Mathematics and its relevant applications to various fields and subjects.

At the heart of my teaching philosophy is student empowerment and consistency. To me, the most effective form of learning comes when students are self-directed. In class, I facilitate discussions by getting my students to ask questions. Most of the time, many insightful points can be derived from the questions they ask. I am a strong adherent of consistent effort, and often model this to students through providing regular formative assessment, such as weekly quizzes to assess students’ understanding. Also, being the CCA teacher-in-charge in my previous school, I empowered my students to plan and decide CCA direction and programmes. Through mentoring and facilitating discussions, my team of teachers were able to motivate our students to greater heights, such as achieving good results in the Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes Challenge. Furthermore, their achievements were well-recognised by the school and they were asked on a few occasions to present on how to write good project proposals.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and exercising a lot. I believe that keeping fit is one of the important factors in ensuring a clear mind during work. It also allows me to have some introspection time and reflect on the day’s events. In addition to that, I often read up on various topics to enrich myself intellectually about the world’s developments. I also enjoy volunteering, and I help out at a few organisations occasionally to serve and support those in need.

In conclusion, I look forward to provide a rich Mathematics experience for the students, to make the learning of Mathematics a fulfilling and meaningful journey for all Eunoians. I also hope that through various methods of teaching, I will be able to influence Eunoians to better appreciate the applications of Mathematics in real-life situations, inspiring them to pursue Mathematics in higher education.