Ms Geraldine Wong

I am here because I am passionate about education. I love teaching and learning. From studying anthropology to practising Zumba, I am always eager to expand my horizons. I also love sharing what I have learnt, which is why I am, and will always be, an educator.

At a young age, I discovered the joys of teaching through tutoring my peers and younger cousins. I continued teaching as a volunteer at non-profit organisations and as soon as I could be employed, I taught in various schools ranging from public to private, and even performing arts schools. Besides finding teaching fun, I find it fulfilling. I believe teaching is my calling. 

I see education as my best way to make a positive difference in our world. One day, I would like to set up my own enrichment school. The focus of my school will be developing cultural intelligence and empathy through the liberal arts as well as experiential learning, such as sports, culinary arts, community service, and (virtual) travels. It is my desire that my students acquire, through discovery and purposeful play, a love for learning and a love for the world. 

That dream school is my long-term goal. In the meantime, one way I am trying to leave a legacy is via the website and channel I co-founded, Eventful Globe. In every way that I can, I hope to share the gifts that were given to me by my teachers, not least of all, a passion for lifelong learning. 

Eager to give back to the education system that has raised me, I applied for the MOE Teaching Scholarship and am grateful that it sponsored my study of English Literature at the National University of Singapore, from which I graduated with First Class Honours. Prior to joining Eunoia, I was at an independent school and was given the Outstanding Contribution Award before I left. 

Here in Eunoia, I hope to continue to make meaningful contributions, not least of all, by doing all that I can to guide Eunoians in their journeys — academic and personal. As a teacher, I seek to embolden my students to pursue their purpose, to be Thinkers with Heart and Leaders with Courage.