Ms Eleanor Grace Wong

I read Sociology and Communication Management at the Singapore Management University and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Cum Laude). With my keen interest in exploring the Chinese Diaspora phenomenon, I embarked my undergraduate thesis on the Ethnic Identity in Singapore where I focused my research particularly on the complexities of Chinese identity formation, negotiation and sense-making among the Singaporean Chinese. I was later awarded Distinction for my research. In my time in university, I was also placed on the Dean’s List for Outstanding Academic Performance. My days in university were extremely fulfilling and enriching as I was presented with many amazing opportunities to explore my passions, to develop my interests and to grow my intellectual curiosity. The highlight of my university experiences would be the global exposure that I received; I was given the opportunity to spend a semester studying in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as to embark on a study mission to Guangzhou, China to conduct an in-depth study on Urbanisation and Urban Issues in the city. These experiences have definitely allowed me to experience the true meaning of the ‘joy of learning’ and intellectual exploration through authentic learning experiences and I definitely aim to replicate and enhance this important aspect of education for my students as well.

Upon graduation, I worked in the Public Service overseeing the social sector of Disability and Special Needs in Singapore where I undertook the role of Strategic Planning and Policy research. After my stint, I went on to pursue my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Junior College), specialising in the teaching of General Paper and the English Language. Since then, I was given the opportunities to teach in two other junior colleges in Singapore. My memorable personal and professional experiences and takeaways in my education journey have definitely developed my personal convictions about teaching and learning and henceforth, shaped my teaching philosophy which is firmly anchored on developing a continuous and enduring thirst for knowledge through a sense of intellectual wonder and wander. In the space of the General Paper and Project Work classroom, I aim to facilitate critical thought where students challenge boundaries, perspectives, ‘truths’ and ‘mistruths’. I believe in inculcating a sense of enthusiasm and authenticity through honest conversations and thought-provoking discourse and I design my lessons based on these key aspects and beliefs. My greatest wish for Eunoians is to grow to be inquisitive, mature citizens with a keen sensitivity towards the frailty of the human condition and be able to translate their understanding into motivation to make a memorable and impactful difference to the world, and/or to the others around them, regardless of how big and small their actions might be deemed.

I have lived by this quote by Edward Everett Hale in my teaching journey – ‘I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do’. Apart from facilitating learning, I also personally believe in learning from my students and to also build long-lasting bonds and ties with my them; to guide them not as merely as a role of a teacher, but also as a mentor, an adult, a kindred soul that they can journey with in their own personal development.