Mr Timothy Ng

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Second Upper Honours) from Nanyang Technological University and subsequently began my career at a junior college teaching both General Paper and Literature in English at a junior college for two years before specialising in Literature for another two years. I have also paired my academic education with a passion for sports, having been on school and varsity teams for Track and Field (Throws), rugby, basketball, football and handball.

Having been the acting subject head for Literature in my previous junior college, as well as the teacher-in-charge of Rugby, basketball and an annual Drama festival, I like to see myself as a conflux of academic and physical education; but beyond set texts, readings and sporting events, I also draw inspiration from the narratives I experience while gaming, enjoying films, reading comics and manga (as well as the occasional anime series), as well as eating, exploring and interacting with people around the world.

Having been enlightened and inspired by some great teachers, I believe that “every good teacher is a student of students. After all, if he is to venture to cross over to the student’s side of experience, he should have some idea of where he is going, and how to get there”. This quote by Wayne R. Rood resonates within my learner’s soul as the brain has potential to learn continuously, and to actively involve learners of any age, one must recognise and empathise with the fact that learning is driven by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, as well as being both a social and personal endeavour. My curiosity has always been piqued by the interconnectedness of learning and I found much joy and relief when I found that Eunoia Junior College affirms and celebrates such an attitude to learning.

I am excited to enable, empower, embolden and witness the beautiful thinking and goodwill to all that Eunoians will embody as skilful, courageous and concerned citizens of this ever-increasingly globalised world in the years to come.