SL Edmund Chen

Mr Edmund Chen

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper Honours) in Life Sciences from the National University of Singapore on a Public Service Commission Local Merit Scholarship (Teaching). As an undergraduate, I was enrolled in the NUS University Scholars Programme, and was awarded the Straits Times Bronze Medal for being the top graduating student in the area of concentration of Biology in my cohort.

I started my career in education as a Biology teacher in a junior college. I subsequently served in the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) where I had the privilege of working closely with colleagues in the fraternity and Master Teachers in areas such as the Ethos of the Teaching Profession, professional networked learning communities, the Biology Subject Chapter, and a review of the Teaching Track. Leaving AST, I joined a secondary school as a Subject Head of Biology, and was later appointed Head of Department for Science.

In my professional journey, I have had the privilege of interacting with students from different streams and from very diverse backgrounds. These interactions have broadened my perspectives on education, and helped me to understand that while learning can mean very different things to each student, each deserves our best efforts to provide them appropriate opportunities for furthering their learning. I also learned that there are many different roads to success for our students, some more well-trodden than others, and ending at many different places. These notions of success are all valid in their own right, and I believe it is important to help our students find the route best suited for them.

As the pace of innovation and change in the world continues to increase relentlessly, I firmly believe that educators urgently need to look beyond our traditional roles as teachers of a subject discipline. By focusing on equipping our students with strength of character, a sense of purpose and a suite of transversal skills and competencies, we prepare them to thrive and uplift others in the society of tomorrow. I am heartened by our college’s commitment to our vision in our curriculum and programmes, and look forward to working closely with my colleagues in nurturing youth with purpose, thinkers with heart, leaders with courage.