II-Morrow – 2nd Student Leaders’ Investiture

A Brighter II-Morrow

Eunoia Junior College's second cohort of student leaders were invested in a ceremony on 13 July 2018. To welcome them, our first cohort of student leaders from the college's co-curricular activities groups, houses and Student Council passed down symbols of their dedication, passion and courage to the incoming JC1 student leaders.

The college would like to thank the student leaders from our first cohort of Eunoians (2017-18) who served in extraordinary ways, created many traditions that will live on, and stepped forward courageously to lead their own cohort and their juniors.

As part of the handover ceremony, the President of the 1st Student Council, Nicholas Koh (17-E2) and the President of the 2nd Student Council, Rebekah Seow (18-A1) delivered an address to both cohorts.


Nicholas Koh

A very good afternoon to our Principal, Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, Vice-Principals, Mr Poh Chun Leck and Mr Mohamad Amran Shah, guests, teachers, and fellow students.  Before I begin, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for gracing this event today. Today marks the end of something that means a lot to us, but at the same time it marks the start of something even greater. As the first ever batch of student leaders steps down, we are sure to have many memories to look back on. Memories that made us smile, cry, laugh, and then smile again each time. Throughout this 1 year, I had the privilege of being a part of this unique team and I have made so many amazing memories serving alongside them. And today, I’ll take this time to share about my experience and memories about this team that I have grown to love.

More than a year ago, I stood here to deliver my speech as the incoming President of Eunoia’s first ever Student Council. Back then, I remember the excitement that I felt from the numerous opportunities that were unravelling before me. And excitement started turning into nervousness. I’m sure that the rest of them also had similar feelings when we first started out. We had no seniors to follow, we had no base plans to follow, everything we did was up to us to start. It was really exciting, but also nerve-wracking. We had a mere year with just so many ideas in mind, but would we be able to pull it off? As a part of the very first batch, we wanted to co-create something that was unique, fresh and new. Something that would wow others and show them just what Eunoia can do. With that joint goal in mind, we forged ahead. Since then, we have achieved many things as a college. From sleepless nights, to long days of running around school. From the countless hours of proposals, to the endless meetings and trainings, we were there to experience it all, and live fully in those moments. That day when we went all over Singapore which ended off with a rave at Sentosa, we were there to dance and sing our lungs out with our batchmates. That week when we witnessed our JC coming full circle, we were there to feel the pride and sense of achievement, together with the rest of the school. Event after event, I was constantly amazed at how much we could do and I realised that if it was something we really wanted to achieve, no one could really stop us. Which brings me to my next point, one of the reasons why all this was possible.

My fellow councillors, my friends, my family. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? We’ve been through so much together, and I can’t really express just how grateful I am for all of you. In a span of 1 year, we came together in ways which I never thought we could. We grew so much together and learnt much as well. We lost some, but we gained even more. Whenever I felt discouraged, you lifted me up. Even when I hit a low, you never gave up on me and you are the reason why I constantly strive to become a better leader, a better teammate, and a better friend. I hope that council was not just a CCA or a form of service to you, I hope that you’ve come to see it as more of a place of comfort amongst all the bonds you have forged. A place where we can be ourselves and do things like falling asleep on Skype. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for believing in me and having faith in me, and also to say that I am so proud of each and every one of you. Ranging from organisation skills to lizard catching skills, I have honestly been amazed by all of you. To see how some of you have grown from having no experience before, to organising large scale events that span across the whole of Singapore, it really is something.

Now, I would like to thank a few groups of people. Culture comm, thank you for always being the rah-rah ones and being the cleaning squad to lead school cheers. Welfare comm, thank you for always looking out for the students and doing whatever u can to make school life better. Comms comm, you all have been through difficult times, but thank you to both past and present members who have always been ready to rally ambassadors and organise outreaches. To the Secretariat, from the moment the Google Drive folders were created, I knew I could trust you. Thank you for always being there.  My fellow EXCOs, none of what has happened in this 1 year would have been possible without you. You all are the backbone of council and sometimes the backbone of my sanity too. And last but not least, Georgia and Celine, I think we’ve seen each other too much across this year, but I’d be glad to do it all over again with you two.

But of course, it was not just the councillors who made this possible. Every single student leader in this hall right now, had an important part to play. No house event would have been possible without the house captains’ directions and the house comm’s execution, the achievements of our various CCAs would not have been possible without the leadership of the CCA leaders. Some of you even helped out in some of council’s events, like facilitating the eUber eats/Hubert is hungry challenge from Euphoria, or stepping forward as Orientation leaders for both years. Be it a CCA leader or a house comm member, you all played major roles in this past year and our college would definitely not be the way it is today without our joint leadership. In a way, all of you have left a legacy of your own behind for the future generations of Eunoians.

To the teachers, Ms Teo, Mr Lee, Mr Yong, Mr Lim, Mr Sufian, Ms Tan and Mrs Koh, thank you for enduring all our nonsense and for continuing to guide us even when we may seem hopeless. I feel proud to say that even though we may have been rather scared of you in the beginning, many of us now see you more than teachers but as friends too. Friends who may continue to bug you for consultations or just for fun.

To the JC1s and JC1 student leaders, I would like to take this chance to thank you for trusting us, and for working with us. I would also like to apologise if there were times when we were performing below expectations. We always have had and will strive to have your best intentions in mind and I hope you all know that.  We do not create the school’s culture or identity, we merely play a role in helping to shape it together with each and everyone of you. It is only when we have that level of trust and understanding that we can continue to bring Eunoia to greater heights. And years after when you look back on life, you can truly say that you have created and left behind a legacy, a legacy for many generations to come and you will be proud to have been a part of it, to have been a Eunoian. 

Looking back, did we manage to achieve what we wanted to? One year may be too short a duration, but I can say for sure that we are in the right direction. As I mentioned, today will mark the start of greater things as well. From today, we will no longer be captains, presidents or councillors. From today, we will no longer be staying late in school to grind out events. From today, we may no longer see each other as much. But today, we are student leaders and we will continue to be just that. Bright, young Eunoians who have much to accomplish and will aspire to inspire others. Our experiences may differ, but if there has been at least one moment when you stopped and realised that all the stress and worries were worth it, then I am glad. As we continue to forge a better relationship with our grades, I hope that we will continue to do good and continue to keep in touch. Honestly, all you’d have to do is play Can’t Stop the Feeling and 36 of us, and hopefully more, will probably be summoned on the spot. But until then, let us continue to be the best that we can be.

Signing off for the 2017/2018 batch of EJSC and student leaders, trailblazers, change makers, we lead to inspire. Thank you for having us.


Rebekah Seow

Good afternoon Mrs Wong, Mr Poh, Mr Shah, teachers, guests and Eunoians. I am Rebekah Seow and I am the incoming President of the 2nd Student Council. As our very first leadership handover in Eunoia, today’s investiture is particularly significant to us.

Thank you Nicholas for your speech earlier. To begin with, on behalf of all the JC1s, I would like to thank the outgoing JC2 student leaders. From kick-starting our CCAs, fostering our house spirit and organising huge events like orientation, to the little things that you have done for us, such as the advice you gave us in the EJ notebooks, thank you for making us feel at home at Eunoia!

To the JC1 student leaders: I’m very glad to be taking on this position alongside the rest of you. I can already foresee sleepless nights planning events for us all, but I’m sure we enjoy what we do and that makes things worthwhile.

Doing work and making things happen is important, but to me, everything should boil down to our purpose as leaders. There’s a fairy-tale that I feel aptly conveys the idea of what a leader’s role is. Some of you might have heard it before, but I want to tell the tale today to share with you my hope for us as leaders. It goes:

There was once a traveller who passed by a village, looking for a place to stay for the night. However, this village was extremely poor and when he knocked on the villagers’ doors, each of them would say, ‘I want to help, but so sorry I have nothing to give you right now.’

Despite his hungry stomach, the traveller wasn’t demoralised. He met another villager and said to her, ‘I have a soup stone in my pocket. If you can bring me a large pot of boiling water, I can make the most delicious soup in the world.’

Curious, the woman brought a large pot and the villager began to boil his soup. He dropped his stone in and took a sip from the boiling pot. ‘Mmm, delicious! Now, all it needs is some potatoes.’

A farmer nearby heard this and rushed to bring him a large quantity of potatoes. ‘Excellent! Now all I need is some meat.’ A neighbour heard this and offered to the traveller whatever meat she had. ‘Now all I need is some carrots.’ …

I think you know where the story is going. In the end, everyone sat down to a delicious soup meal filled with potatoes, meat, carrots - a luxury they thought they could not afford. In the middle of the excitement, the traveller slipped away, leaving behind the miraculous soup stone that the villagers could use anytime to make the most delicious soup in the world.

As leaders, we can think of ourselves both as the villagers and the traveller. As the villagers, all of us can build our classes, CCAs, houses and council to the best of our abilities but only if we find ways to collaborate with one another, will we be able to achieve our dreams for Eunoia as one. As the traveller, we must also remember that our job is not to be the best amongst everyone, but to help others be the best they can be. Like the traveller, we need to leave behind our own soup stone and to recognise our part in building a Eunoia culture for II-morrow that is bigger than us all.

Now, to all my JC1 peers: we, the Student Leaders, will give our all to make Eunoia a school that we can have fun in, where we support one another, and of which we will be proud of. This year, we’ve already started to plan and to discuss many events not just within student council, but with the other leadership boards. For example, we’re in the midst of preparing for Euphoria coming this November, in terms of the houses – for House Forum and inter-house games in August and not forgetting the World Cup Finals screening this Sunday! We also welcome you to lead with us in other activities, such as orientation next year. So, please join us in our journey.

Once again, thank you to everyone here for being part of an important milestone in our leadership journey as Eunoian student leaders. We hope that you will give us your support as we officially take on our roles as the 2nd cohort of student leaders of Eunoia.