Class of 2021 Shining On – 2021 A-Level Results

Shining On


Eunoia Junior College congratulates our class of 2021 for their excellent achievement at the 2021 GCE A-Level Examination. The first cohort to start their journey in our Bishan campus, the class of 2021 came together from diverse backgrounds to thrive amidst the testing circumstances in 2020 and changing conditions in 2021.

The college is proud of all 605 Eunoians who sat the 2021 GCE A-Level Examination. The cohort achieved a median University Admission Score (UAS) of 84 rank points and a mean UAS of 82.4 rank points. About 5 in 10 students garnered 85 rank points or more. 4 in 10 Eunoians scored at least 3 H2 distinctions, with 2 in 10 Eunoians attaining 6 distinctions or more. 4 in 10 Eunoians achieved a distinction in their H3 subjects.

2021 Results

Principal of Eunoia Junior College, Mr Andrew Tan said, 'While I have not had a privilege to know you as a cohort, I feel I know you through the imprints you have left behind in your juniors – and what an amazing imprint that is! I look forward to getting to know you through our alumni activities in the days, weeks and years ahead. Know that your true accomplishments are ahead of you, and may Beautiful Thinking, Goodwill to All last a lifetime within you and the meaningful paths you will take from this point forward.'

Mr Ganison Rajamohan, Dean of the Class of 2021, added, 'Congratulations on yet another milestone in your life journey. You made history in 2020 as the first cohort of Eunoians to be matriculated in our Bishan Campus. The excitement and energy which began on that day continued to flow in the two years you grew with us in Eunoia. I wish that you will cherish the friendships fostered and the memories made in your hearts for a long time. As you collect your A-Level results, your teachers and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Your grades do not define you. Instead it will be experiences you gain in the coming years which will refine you. Stay positive in your life journey, show gratitude towards those who stood by you and remember to be part of a larger community by paying it forward. I wish you Eunoia and EJ will always be your home. All the best.'

The growth and achievements of our Eunoians would not be possible without the dedication and support of teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, College Advisory Committee and Joint Integrated Programme partner schools. To the Class of 2021, as Eunoians evermore, may you grow in purpose, heart and courage as you let your dreams take flight.