Our Minds Ignite –
2020 A-Level Results

Our Minds Ignite


Eunoia Shining

Eunoia Junior College congratulates our class of 2020 for their outstanding achievement at the 2020 GCE A-Level Examination. Coming from 63 secondary schools, their collective strength as one Eunoia allowed them to ignite new possibilities amidst the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

The college is proud of all 591 Eunoians who sat the 2020 GCE A-Level Examination. The cohort achieved a median University Admission Score of 85 rank points, with 77 students attaining 90 rank points and 152 students scoring 89 rank points or more. Over 1 in 2 students garnered 85 rank points or more.

4 in 10 Eunoians scored at least 3 H2 distinctions.

1 in 4 Eunoians scored 4 H2 distinctions.

4 in 10 Eunoians attained 5 distinctions or more.

139 Eunoians attained 6 distinctions or more.

47 Eunoians achieved 7 distinctions or more.

4 Eunoians achieved a total of 8 distinctions.

1 in 2 Eunoians achieved a distinction in their H3 subjects.

Hearts United

Above and beyond their academic achievements, every Eunoian in the Class of 2020 excelled holistically as a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart, Leader with Courage. They strengthened Eunoia’s house culture and created more avenues for fellow Eunoians to pursue their passions, initiating the formation of a new CCA, EJC Press, and student-initiated interest groups, Chamber Strings and Street Dance.

The Class of 2020 made the Big Move to our Bishan campus successful and memorable, leaving their mark on the Ghim Moh community and taking the important first steps to make us a part of the Bishan community. They turned a new campus into a welcoming home, filling our 12 storeys with pride and song. In a year when the National School Games and Singapore Youth Festival were suspended, they found new ways to use their talents to bring hope, inspiration and joy to others in the Eunoia community and beyond. The Rock Band collaborated with students from Crest Secondary School and Fengshan Primary School to record Everyday Heroes, a tribute to those on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic. Eunoians in GLIDE, a talent management programme focused on advocacy and service, reached out to migrant workers who built our campus, and also distributed masks to members of the community. Our student councillors led a drive to collect well wishes for Changi Airport Group staff. Commendably, the Class of 2020 channelled their talents into living out the Eunoia ethos of beautiful thinking, goodwill to all.

Dreams in Flight

Dean of the 2020 JC2 cohort, Mrs Kellie Woo, shared, ‘The year 2020 had been an unprecedented one for the JC2s. I remember the day full Home-Based Learning was declared, there were thousands of questions and worries in our heads. Our Eunoians and teachers remained resilient and purposeful, and provided support to each other virtually. Upon the gradual return to college for face-to-face lessons, we treasured every moment together and settled down quickly. I am extremely proud of the Class of 2020 for emerging stronger together from this experience. Today, we celebrate our growth, and look forward to new beginnings with high hopes.’

Principal, Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng said, ‘As one Eunoia, we celebrate their holistic achievements, talent and contributions of the Class of 2020. They embraced our new campus with hope and a keen sense of determination to make the place a home for themselves and their juniors. We marvelled at the way they adjusted to the changes brought about by the pandemic with fortitude and good sense, emerging from it with greater sensitivity to what they value about learning and school life. Even as we celebrate their success at the A-Levels, and the opportunities their results afford them, they are ultimately not defined by their grades and certificates. We cherish the way the Class of 2020 supported one another, formed lifelong friendships, proved their resilience and left a legacy for their juniors to build on.’

The growth of our Eunoians and the glories they have defined would not be possible without the dedication and support of teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, College Advisory Committee and Joint Integrated Programme partner schools. To the Class of 2020, as Eunoians evermore, may you grow in purpose, heart and courage. We look forward to hearing your voices soar, once more.