Our Hearts Unite – Release of 2020 A-Level Results

Our Hearts Unite


Dear Class of 2020,


The results of the 2020 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examination will be released on Friday, 19 February 2021.

Other than coming in person to collect your results, you have the option of accessing your results online or authorising a proxy to collect results on your behalf.

Please read the following information which will detail how you will be receiving your results.

Staggered and Safe Arrival

With Safe Management Measures in place, you will need to observe staggered reporting to college as detailed below.

Please arrive at your assigned venues by 2pm on 19 Feb.

Please only enter via the West Gate for Temperature Taking and SafeEntry.

Members of the public (parents, family members & friends etc.) will not be allowed into campus on the A-level results day.


Akila - 12.45 pm

Eder - 1.00 pm

Isami - 1.15 pm

Ora - 1.30pm

Uzuri - 1.45pm

Attire and Grooming

We trust that you will be in your most presentable self - neat, uncoloured hair, proper outfit, light make-up (for ladies) and NS attire are acceptable.


The following activities will take place after results release:
ECG Advising by CSH teachers
@ Library Discussion Rooms (3.15pm onwards)
Scholarship Preparation (Virtual) on 20 Feb (Sat)


If you are unable to collect your results in person on 19 Feb, You may authorise someone to collect your results and other documents on behalf.

Please complete the letter of authorisation attached in the email.

The authorised individual will have to bring along his/her NRIC and proceed to the General Office to collect the documents on your behalf AFTER 3.15pm on 19 Feb, or BY 23 Feb (Tue).

All the Best

You have put in a lot of hard work on your journey, trust yourself and always look forward to new beginnings and new opportunities open to you.

Every Eunoian A

Look out for each other, celebrate together with your fellow Eunoians, and be there for friends, forevermore! See you soon!