Our Glories We Define – 2019 A-Level Results

Our Glories We Define


This is Eunoia Shining

Eunoia Junior College congratulates our class of 2019 for their outstanding achievement at the 2019 GCE A-Level Examination. Coming together from 73 different secondary schools, they built on the legacy set by the first class, with their contributions and achievements making the Eunoia identity shine.

The college is proud of all 610 Eunoians who sat the 2019 GCE A-Level Examination. 1 in 3 Eunoians attained at least 3 H2 distinctions, with 3 in 10 scoring 5 distinctions or more, 100 Eunoians scoring 6 distinctions or more and 5 Eunoians achieving a total of 8 distinctions. 4 in 10 students achieved a distinction in their H3 subjects. The cohort achieved a median University Admission Score  of 83 rank points, with 69 students scoring 90 rank points, 118 students attaining 89 rank points or more and 4 in 10 students garnering at least 85 rank points.

Our combined total of 73 scholars from the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), Humanities Scholarship Programme and Music Elective Programme, our MOE Pre-University Scholars, international scholars, book prize and scholarship recipients continued the college’s tradition of excellence with their stellar results. Our Eunoians have also received close to a hundred conditional offers from institutions including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and King's College London, and provisional offers of scholarships such as the Public Service Commission scholarship. The college anticipates more good news from our Eunoians in the coming months.

Lighting the Way

Above and beyond their lustrous academic results, each Eunoian in the Class of 2019 has excelled holistically as a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart, Leader with Courage. Within a few months of intensive practice, our performing arts CCAs clinched the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2019 in the Chinese Orchestra, Choir and Symphonic Band categories and the Certificate of Accomplishment in the Dance category. This was followed by another outstanding showing in Drama at the SYF Arts Presentation in 2018. Our student-athletes made history, emerging champions in the ‘A’ Division Hockey (Girls) and Floorball (Boys) Championships in 2019. Eunoia athletes were also recognised for outstanding individual performances in Golf, Shooting and Wushu at the ‘A’ Division Championships. In various academic competitions and olympiads, our Eunoians built on the legacy of their seniors, achieving commendable results. Most importantly, our Class of 2019 contributed a glorious chapter of the Eunoia story; their historic achievements light the way for future generations of Eunoians to draw inspiration from and build on.

Coming Full Circle

Mr Ganison Rajamohan, the Dean of our 2019 JC2 cohort, shared his treasured memories and hopes: ‘The Class of 2019 has had a remarkable journey over the last 2 years, one that has culminated in success at the A-Level examination. We will always remember this cohort as one which added colour, vibrancy and dynamism to a young college. They have stamped their mark for future batches to emulate and build on. It has been my privilege to witness and be part of their growth story. I would like to congratulate them for their efforts and trust they will find fulfillment in the paths that lie ahead of them.’

Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, Principal, added, ‘We are proud of our Eunoians’ achievements and all-rounded development. The A-Level result is but one step in their lifelong learning journeys and their holistic growth is shown in the college culture they helped define, the college spirit they have fostered, the friendships they have built, and the cognitive sharpness they have developed. Even as we celebrate their success at the A-levels, they are ultimately not defined by their grades and certificates. We treasure the teachable hearts the Class of 2019 has displayed, the bold explorations they embarked on, and the different ways in which they have lit the way for their juniors.’

As one Eunoia, we celebrate the holistic achievements, talent and contributions of the Class of 2019. The college would like to extend its deepest gratitude to our teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, our College Advisory Committee, Joint Integrated Programme partner schools and all who have helped Eunoia define its glories. To the Class of 2019, we look forward to seeing you grow and shine ever more brightly as Eunoians evermore.