First Class Once More – Release of A-Level Results

Release of 2018 A-Level Results

Dear First Class,


The results of the 2018 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examination will be released on Friday, 22 February 2019.

Please note the following As and more to come:


Arrival Time

Please arrive at the Hall by 2pm on 22 Feb. The seating arrangement will be shared on-screen at the Hall. The programme will commence at 2pm sharp.


Attire and Grooming Expectations

We trust you will be your most presentable self. Refer to my email for more information.



Other than results release from 2pm, there are also a range of activities for you:

  • Library: University booths (from 1pm onwards)
  • SR1: ECG Advising by CSH teachers (from 3.15pm onwards)
  • Please refer to the email sent by Mdm Lam Wing Yee for more information.



If you are unable to collect your results in person on 22 Feb, You may authorise someone to collect your results and other documents on your behalf.

Please prepare a letter of authorisation (in HARD COPY). A sample has been attached in the email sent to your EJC account.

The authorised individual will have to bring along his/her NRIC and proceed to the General Office to collect the documents on your behalf after 3.15pm.

All uncollected documents will be returned to the General office after 3pm. Students / authorised individuals should proceed to the General Office to collect them subsequently.


All the Best

You've put in a lot of hard work on your journey, trust yourself and always look forward to new beginnings and new opportunities open to you.


Every Eunoian A

Look out for each other, celebrate together with your fellow Eunoians, and be there for friends, forevermore!


Alumni, Next

Stay tuned to your EJC email for updates from EJ Alumni - we want to see you on 22 Feb and other dates too!


See you soon, First Class 🙂


Mrs Kellie Woo
Dean of JC2 2018