Ms Yvonne Ho

Econs Yvonne Ho

I was blessed with the MOE Teaching Award when I pursued my passion in Economics at National University of Singapore (NUS) and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Second Upper Honours). My educational belief is that I teach a child, not a subject, and it was largely shaped by the high point in my education experience. A semester of student exchange at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) placed me awkwardly in a class of advocates from all over the world and bombarded me with diverse perspectives and stimulating thoughts. That experience left me determined to be an educator who empowers my students not simply with knowledge, but also with confidence, purpose and core competencies such as cross-cultural thinking, communication and collaborative skills. It also emboldened me to take on an entrepreneurial endeavour to represent NUS as a finalist in the Queens’ Entrepreneurs’ Competition by the Queens’ University in Canada.

Before joining the Eunoia family, I served about 7 years in a junior college and 2 years in the Schools Division of the Ministry of Education Headquarters as a Special Assistant to the Zonal Director. My professional experience began as a teacher in the Economics department, and I subsequently assumed the role of Head of Department for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), which aims to strengthen sound values, core 21st Century Competencies, and  the Singapore Spirit. Staying true to my educational belief, I value holistic education and had the privilege to lead a team of like-minded teachers in the college-wide integration of CCE into both academic (e.g. General Paper) and student development programmes (e.g. CCA).  It was heartening to receive strong affirmation from our staff and students through the Outstanding Contribution Awards for my team and for my role as team leader. More importantly, it was inspiring to witness how the school community, comprising our students, staff and partners, bonded together in our shared belief in CCE over the years, as we mould the future of Singapore together.

Collectively, my educational and professional experiences always lead me to nod unconsciously to a quote by John Cotton Dana, that is ‘He who dares to teach must never cease to learn’. As the School Staff Developer, I strive to nurture a culture of learning and grow a learning community for our staff, so as to support their continuous learning, connection and innovation as a team. Together everyone achieves more for our Eunoians, developing them as youth with purpose, thinkers with heart, and leaders with courage.


Yvonne joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.