Hello New Eunoians! – EJC Orientation 2017

Dear New Eunoians,   Hello and a warmest welcome to the Eunoia family! You complete us, and with you we write the legacy of Eunoia Junior College. Together with our students from the Joint Integrated Programme, you form our First Class – one that will live in the moment, rise to the occasion, and relish the journey ahead.…

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So We Rise

Read our first college bulletin for 2017 – a monumental year as we begin the Eunoia story with our first class of students on 9 January 2017.

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OH EUNOIA! First Class

We are ready to welcome our first class. You have the opportunity to write the Eunoia story. Take your first step at our inaugural Open House on 13 Jan.

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Launch of the Eunoia Junior College Anthem

On 6 Feb 2017, we launched the College Anthem, written and composed by a group of our students, to welcome our JAE cohort into the Eunoia family.

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Invitation to JC1 Parent-Teacher Meet

The college would like to invite parents of our JC1s to the inaugural Parent-Teacher Meet on 24 February 2017 (Friday), from 6pm to 7.30pm in the college.

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Bright Spots in Eunoia – Spring Cleaning Time

In preparation for the Chinese New Year festivities, our Eunoians picked up their cleaning weapons on a campus-wide crusade for cleanliness, and grew closer while at it!

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Appeals for JC1 Admission 2017

The Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) Appeal Exercise is for students who have not been posted to Eunoia Junior College under the JAE Posting Exercise. Students who have accepted Direct School Admission (DSA-JC) to other institutions are not eligible for this exercise.

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Epic – A Eunoia Adventure

The Eunoia Odyssey is starting and you could be a part of it. Read our college viewbook and find out what it means to be a first-class Eunoian. The story is yours.

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Well Wishes for Eunoians

Parents of our JC1s, alumni and staff from our JIP partner schools send their well wishes to our first cohort of Eunoians on the first day of their journey.

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