OH EUNOIA! Full Circle –
13 Jan 2018

Join us at our Open House on 13 Jan 2018, 9am – 4pm for a full day of colour with the best seniors and most inspiring teachers ever. Come full circle.

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Achieve as We Aspire –
Term 4 Bulletin

In our Term 4 bulletin, we reflect on our Eunoians in action, the achievements by our community in recent weeks, and larger aspirations for the year to come.

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Grow and Glow –
Term 3 Bulletin

In our Term 3 bulletin, we dive deep into the learning opportunities our students have experienced and the growth that lies ahead of us.

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The Eunoians of 2017
– Volume Two

Friendship, school spirit and a common purpose – four more of our first Eunoians share their journey so far, and what they cherish most about Eunoia.

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The Eunoians of 2017
– Volume One

We catch up with our first cohort of Eunoians to find out about their best memories from 2017 and how they hope to write the Eunoia story in 2018.

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Euphoria 2017 – From Race to Rave

In a rousing finale to the year, the cohort of 2017 embarked on an Amazing Race around our island-city that culminated at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa on 17 Nov 2017.

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Commendation Ceremony 2017

Celebrating Achievements, Re-igniting Aspirations with Anticipation. Eunoians took turns to shine and look forward to a more brilliant year of achievements ahead.

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JIP Schools Open House 2017

Our Joint Integrated Programme partner schools will be opening their doors to interested Pri 6 pupils and their parents in November. Click the link to find out more.

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Ready to Overcome – Spartan Challenge 2017

On 6 Oct 2017, we saw the five houses pit their strength and stamina against their ultimate foe – themselves – at the inaugural EJC Spartan Challenge.

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