Call for Internship & Externship Opportunities

The Internship and Externship Programme at Eunoia Junior College aims to help Eunoians gain exposure and insight into industries of their interests, and to make informed choices with regard to their future courses of study and careers. Eunoia Junior College is currently sourcing for a variety of opportunities to provide Eunoians with choices that are…

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And Shine

Lessons have begun and our Eunoians are already lighting the way. Read about their progress so far and the journey ahead in our second college bulletin.

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So We Rise

Read our first college bulletin for 2017 – a monumental year as we begin the Eunoia story with our first class of students on 9 January 2017.

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STEM Week 2017

From 17 to 21 April, the college conducted an array of workshops and talks under the banner of STEM Week 2017, that would draw connections between real world design and classroom study, and challenge Eunoians to think beyond. The daily puzzles certainly tapped on their curiosity and intellectual persistence, and came to be the centre…

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感受母语 – MTL Fortnight 2017

From 3 to 7 April, the college’s Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Department held the first half of MTL Fortnight 2017.

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Induction Day 2017 – Start Shining

The college commemorated its inaugural Induction Day on 20 Feb 2017, which marks the initiation of Eunoians into the college.

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Odyssey – EJC Orientation 2017

To welcome its first-ever JAE cohort and strengthen the Eunoia family, the college’s pioneering cohort embarked on an Odyssey – EJC Orientation 2017.

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Making a Record for the Community

On 10 Feb 2017, our first cohort of students and teachers made it into the Singapore Book of Records with the largest ‘social fabric’ of stories and photographs, measuring 9.3m by 5.9m.

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Launch of the Eunoia Junior College Anthem

On 6 Feb 2017, we launched the College Anthem, written and composed by a group of our students, to welcome our JAE cohort into the Eunoia family.

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