Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng

SL Wong Mei Heng

I graduated from the University of Alberta, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in English (First Class Honours). As part of my preparation for school leadership, I attended a leadership course at the National Institute of Education and graduated with a Diploma in Education Administration (Distinction). I also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Leading Organisational Change from the Civil Service College.

I started my school leadership career as the founding Principal of Compassvale Secondary School in 2000. My greatest satisfaction as a beginning Principal was to be involved in the creative process of school formation and culture building.  Together with the pioneering teachers and students, we built a community that was nimble and responsive to change, hungry for growth and present for one another. In 2005, I joined Schools Division in the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a Cluster Superintendent. In my stint as a Superintendent, I played a supporting role in the setting up of Centres of Excellence for Sports at Anglican High School, Teaching and Learning at Dunman High School, and National Education at Telok Kurau Primary School. I went on to head Serangoon Junior College in 2011. There, I continued to nurture the culture of care and concern present among the staff, and between the teachers and students. Critically, I empowered the college community to believe and gain confidence in its purpose and mission.

Even as an experienced school leader, I approach every journey of learning with the curiosity of a child, the idealism of a youth and the introspection of a benevolent adult. It is my privilege to be able to lead pioneering teachers and students on this Eunoian journey. I am confident that each day holds surprises for us who want to learn. When we are not afraid to embrace surprises, whether they come with sorrow or joy, our hearts are open to new learning, new friends and a full celebration of our shared identity and humanity.


Mrs Wong was appointed Principal of the college in December 2014.