Mrs Kellie Woo

Arts Kellie Woo 1

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Second Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Geography. The highlight of my undergraduate study was my final year project, in which I collaborated with the National Environment Agency (NEA). The project involved predicting dengue hotspots using Geographic Information System (GIS), and was eventually adopted by NEA to identify dengue hotspots nationwide. Beyond Singapore’s shores, I took part in volunteer work locally to help in the re-building of Nias Island using GIS, after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

I was part of a small but close-knit Geography Unit in a junior college, where I was entrusted with the JC1 Geography coordinator role in my second year of teaching. This introduced me to valuable leadership experiences early in my career. My Civics Tutor portfolio, as well as my time in charge of the student-initiated cafe, brought me my most memorable experiences — till today, I still keep in close contact with my form class, and I am happy to give both career advice and wedding hongbaos when invited to do so! Since then, I have gone on to further postings both in the Ministry of Education HQ, and at my previous school where I was the Subject Head for Humanities.

In my personal time, I pursue diverse interests — baking, taking photographs of my bakes, online shopping and yoga amongst some of them. Like myself, it is my belief that all students are able to shine in their own way, which is what the college’s Passion Pursuit programme is all about. I enjoy working with youths of the JC-going age group. In my role as Dean, I will engage students actively in their overall learning process. I am looking forward to meeting and knowing every single student, and being part of the pioneer team that will build Eunoia Junior College.


Kellie joined the college as a pioneering Head of Department in 2016.