Mr Poh Chun Leck

SL Poh Chun Leck

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Second Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore on a Public Service Commission Scholarship. I was subsequently awarded a Ministry of Education (MOE) Postgraduate Scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts (Education Policy and Society) from King’s College London.

I first pursued my passion for education as a History and English Language teacher in a secondary school. I anchored its character and citizenship programme as Head of the National Education Committee, and participated in curriculum research as a “Teach Less, Learn More – Ignite!” Research Activist. In my time at MOE HQ, I was involved in policy planning, human resource and communications work. A highlight for me was the development of a broad-based and lifelong education for secondary schools as part of the Secondary Education Review and Implementation Committee. I also oversaw the review of MOE’s performance appraisal system and the development of human resource policies for MOE schools and pioneer kindergartens. In 2012, I was appointed as an Administrative Officer under the Public Service Division, engaging in whole-of-government work streams including media regulation, information policy, arts development and the restructuring of ministries.

I believe that education serves as a channel between the individual and life — to help unearth one’s hidden talent, passion and purpose, and in turn maximise one’s contribution to others in the community. Learning is a constant process that can take place anytime, anywhere, and through anyone, as long as one is willing, observant and introspective.

Being at Eunoia Junior College excites me, and I look forward to the many learning opportunities ahead. I particularly look forward to meaningful, purposeful and synergistic conversations with staff, students and parents, whether in the classroom or over a cup of coffee.


Mr Poh was appointed Deputy Principal of the college in 2015.