Mr Boy Eng Seng


I was awarded a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (First Class Honours) in 2001 by the National University of Singapore. I completed my Master of Engineering in collaboration with Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) under the Accelerated Master’s Programme and Research Scholarship in 2002. In 2014, I pursued a Master of Education at the University of Melbourne under the Ministry of Education Postgraduate Scholarship. I was awarded the Certificate of Honour for Inspirational Mentorship of a Koh Boon Hwee Scholar (NTU) and also the Certificate of Exceptional Teaching of a Patty Jeanne Semura Awardee (Stanford University).

I started my career teaching Physics at Victoria Junior College. My proudest achievement as a beginning teacher was having non-Physics students attend my lectures because they found them enjoyable and informative. In 2003, I joined a team of teachers to design the Victoria Integrated Programme and helmed the programme as Head of Department in 2008. As Vice-Principal of Victoria School, I was involved in the setting up of the Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme. Having experienced designing and implementing the Integrated Programme, I was elated to learn that I would be able to start the programme at Eunoia Junior College.

I love a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “If you want people to explore, do not teach them how to build a ship, but show them the endless immensity of the sea.” It reminds me of the importance of vision and purpose in our lives. Education is not simply about teaching students how to build the ship but also how to steer it. Besides learning about the things around us, education is also a journey within oneself, to discover one’s gifts, dreams and purpose — the things that inspire and energise us.


Mr Boy was appointed Deputy Principal of the college in 2015.