Why Eunoia Should Be
Your Next Move

What's Your Next Move?

We are moving and going all the way up. And we’d love to have you along. Fond friends, terrific teachers, memorable lessons, house parties and amazing experiences at every corner. We’ve got the right moves to welcome you into the family. Join Eunoia. Move in with us. We go higher.


Make your next move on 16 Jan 2019, 9am - 4pm. Performances, taster lessons, games, CCAs, global orientation and special programmes, food, great swag and our friendly student ambassadors will be ready specially for you. See you at our Mount Sinai campus!

High Rise School.
Higher Ambitions.

A brand new home. With the next best family you can find. Eunoia Junior College will move into its Bishan campus at the end of 2019. And we want you at the centre of it all.

Our 900-seat theatre will be the stage for your talent and the training ground for your mind. Your ideas and your feet can run wild in our rooftop stadium five storeys high. Or seek sanctuary in our duplex library on levels 9 and 10, opening up to a panoramic view of the park.

Study and interaction spaces are all around. Burst into dance, bring a prototype to life and blaze a trail wherever you set your mind to. With the new Bishan North Community Centre and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park next door, opportunities and dreams are always in the making.

Our new campus will be the birthplace of your brilliant ideas, and the home of your lasting memories. As the first cohort with the keys, our Bishan home will be where you leave your legacy.

Our Bishan campus is located at the junction of Sin Ming Ave and Marymount Rd, right beside Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. It is within walking distance of Bright Hill (TE7) station, which connects our campus to Woodlands in 2020 and Marina Bay in 2021. The campus is a short bus ride away from Bishan (NS17/CC15), Ang Mo Kio (NS16) and Marymount (CC16) stations.

For The Right Move
Come Right Up.

Whatever your groove, whatever your gifts, we have the right moves, the right opportunities for you. Three MOE special programmes in the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), Humanities Scholarship Programme and Music Elective Programme. For our shimmering scientists-in-waiting, we developed our STEM Research Programme. The multi-disciplinary LATITUDE Programme broadens our students' minds to public policy, social change and humanities in the real world.

Our flagship Passion Pursuit, World Readiness Programme and Life Coaching programmes empower you to chart your path forward, and embolden you to pursue your life purpose.

The journey starts with the 26 subjects at H2 and H1 levels and 131 subject combinations we are offering to our 2019 JC1 cohort. Because we are focused on your strengths and interests, you can propose your preferred subject combination if it is not on our list. 

Your passion is at the heart of our student life, with a wide array of co-curricular activities and 4 new student-initiated CCAs introduced in 2018. At Eunoia, what gets you up is never left behind.

We Will Move You.
To Move the World.

What’s next? Anything after conquering O-Levels should be easy, shouldn't it? Choosing your next school is tough. Here’s our advice. Embrace the difficulty. Look around, ask around, search for the right air, colours that match yours, a character you see yourself a part of.

You want to become your best self. That’s why people matter most to us in Eunoia. Eunoians want to be your pacesetters, whose excellence push you forward. Your cheerleaders, who get you up when you’re down. Amongst Eunoians, you'll meet the national athlete on the Dean's List, the dancer whose words dance on the page, the budding physicist who is also a musician, and the student councillor as adept at the podium as on the tennis court. 

Together we move the world. Travel to the world's fastest-growing city and cultural hotspots abroad. In the classroom, speak to industry movers and be inspired by passionate people who charted their own path. Compete with the best, and set your sights on high-standing universities and scholarships. Our connections take you as far as you want to go.

What’s next? Only the next greater you. Discover more at our Open House on 16 Jan 2019.

Make Your
Next Move

16 Jan 2019
9am - 4pm