Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2018

Inspiring Teacher of English Award

The college congratulates Ms Bernice Yeo on receiving the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2018 from Guest of Honour Ms Indranee Rajah at a ceremony on 11 Oct 2018. Ms Yeo is one of five who were recognised with the Teaching Award, which acknowledges teachers who ignite a love for the English language and are effective in helping their students speak and write accurately.

Ms Yeo, a Literature in English tutor who co-developed the new teaching syllabus here, is one of four recipients of the Inspiring Teacher of English Award currently teaching in Eunoia Junior College, including Ms Chia Hui Ping (2012), Mr Marc Kenji Lim (2015) and Mr Ian Tan (2016).


In Ms Yeo's words, her "greatest victories come from helping my students achieve a genuine connection with Literature. Those moments when students realise that they are able to talk eloquently about the emotions embedded within a poem, or when they find themselves wiping away a tear while reading, or when they quote a line in response to some moving life event – those are the best moments in my career."

On receiving the award, Ms Yeo also expressed her gratitude and goodwill to the college community:

"I have been given a huge privilege, and I am extremely grateful for the effort and time that my students, colleagues and mentors have taken to nominate me. This achievement is largely because of the strong support of my colleagues, and the selfless guidance I have been given time and time again by the teachers around me. To all my students - thank you for making the classroom a joyous place with your presence and lively jokes. You are the reason why we come to school every day."

On Ms Yeo's achievement, Head of Department (English) Mr Lionel Lye added:
"In a department filled with many outstanding and inspiring teachers, Bernice stands out through her thoughtful and well-balanced pedagogical approach. She encourages higher-order thinking while remaining deeply anchored in skill development. Besides inspiring her students through her suite of pedagogical tools, Bernice inspires with her evident passion for the subject. Whether one is passing by her classroom or sitting in as a participant, her energetic lesson delivery is evident to all."