Liberal Arts Programme

The Eunoia Liberal Arts Programme nurtures interdisciplinary thinking and curiosity. Co-designed by EJC teachers of different subject disciplines, the programme imparts a wide range of skills and knowledge in the formal and natural sciences, social sciences, and the Humanities. Students will also have opportunities for deep exploration and wide exposure, cultivating their love for learning and respect for perspectives.

It is the unexpected insights that come from exploring new topics that can have profound implications, developing curiosity when students discover the joy of learning, and when learning becomes less a burden and more a pleasure.
K Ranga Krishnan

Be engaged in spirited inquiry to co-create new insights with a community of critical and creative thinkers. As you deconstruct available solutions to pre-defined problems, you will be empowered to construct new knowledge and applications to novel contexts with undefined problems. In a world where fields like data analytics and social policy inter-mingle, interdisciplinarity is key.