Environmental Literacy Programme

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”
John Keats

A beautiful world begins with you. The EJC Environmental Literacy Programme empowers you to carefor, protect and use our environment in a sustainable way. You will learn about ecological issues, transnational consequences for the environment and the links between society, the economy and the environment. As informed and responsible young adults, Eunoians are ready to write a new verse in our natural and urban world.

Our Mount Sinai and Bishan campuses are located right next to the Green Corridor and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park respectively. Opportunities for you to interact with and contribute to the environment are not just accessible. They are abundant! Curate a nature trail. Restore waterways. Build a sanctuary for butterflies, or start a community food garden. In a lush learning experience, you will gain hands-on insights into biodiversity, hear from experts, and work with government agencies and communities to care for the environment. Nature, for the Eunoian, is well and truly alive.

The programme will be co-created by students, and current ideas include:

  • An environmental research project that combines geographical and biological investigation;
  • An augmented reality app that allows users to get closer to animals and insects;
  • The creation of a cycling and walking trail along the Green Corridor; and
  • Environmental learning journeys for primary school students conducted by Eunoians.