“To communicate the truths of history is an act of hope for the future.”
Daisaku Ikeda

History may be written by the victors, but is constantly rewritten by the historian. In EJC, the student of History possesses the ability to negotiate opposing interpretations of global events and the skills to assess the past. You will debate the effectiveness of policies and investigate the forces behind them across nations, Southeast Asia and international politics. With cross-cultural skills and critical thinking skills that come with History, you can begin to write the future of society.

Our Curriculum

History considers regional and international developments of the twentieth century through an issue-based, analytic approach. Adopting a conceptual lens, you will recognise patterns of change and continuity, appreciate diverse views about past and present, and make informed judgements of historical accounts. Consider the evolution of the global social, political and economic order and Southeast Asia’s search for identity and stability across two papers, as you engage in collaborative research, thought-provoking debates and a rigorous writing process.

Our Enrichment

To us, history is ever-present. We will re-imagine debates between Gorbachev and Reagan, stage mock-protests in Burma, hold Model United Nations conferences and engage in other activities that bring the subject to life and into the spotlight. On an overseas immersion trip in Asia or Europe, you will experience first-hand how the past has shaped the present in authentic case studies. Bring your broad perspectives to ministry dialogues and public seminars, peering deep into national and international concerns. To leap forward, take a step back through History.