House System

Five Houses, One Eunoia

Houses are the heartbeat of Eunoia. The Eunoia House System seeks to promote college experiences through deeper engagement with students in a closer, tightly knit community. Five houses exist to divide the college population into small, permanent, cross-sectional, teacher-led and student-initiated, family-like communities that foster both learning and loyalty. They are led by their respective student-elected House Captains and House Committees, under the guidance of their House Mistresses / Masters.

The five houses of Eunoia take after the college's name. Akila, Eder, Isami, Ora and Uzuri each signify beauty and beautiful thinking in five unique languages from five continents, coming together to form the five main vowels of the English language.

House Identities

The houses uphold their own distinct identity, including house colours, emblems, flags, mascots and cheers. The pioneer cohort of Orientation Group Leaders conceptualised the identities of the five houses. The house crests were designed by Kay Yeung (17-I2).

Akila House is represented by the colour red. Its house emblem is the eagle.



Eder House is represented by the colour green. Its house emblem is the stallion.



Isami House is represented by the colour orange. Its house emblem is the wolf.



Ora House is represented by the colour cyan. Its house emblem is the bison.



Uzuri House is represented by the colour purple. Its house emblem is the bear.



Houses are Home

The network of relationships within each house is developed through long acquaintance in a stable community and regular interaction throughout the year. The social calendar promises a rich and regular rhythm of life week after week, month after month, letting students feel personally secure while the academic curriculum stretches their abilities.

Not only are there house events such as House Parties, House Assemblies and House Camps, which nurture friendships and a sense of belonging, there are also inter-house events such as the Road Run, the Inter-House Games and the Spartan Race, which inspire loyalty and a sense of being part of something greater than oneself.

The college's Civics Groups are also named after their respective Houses, with each house comprising students from an even spread of subject combinations.