Commendation Ceremony 2017

The college commemorated its first Commendation Ceremony for the pioneering cohort of Eunoians on 16 Nov 2017. The theme of the ceremony was 'Celebrating Achievements, Re-igniting Aspirations with Anticipation'.

Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng addressed the crowd of students, staff and parents with her opening address. She reflected on the college vision, issuing a call for Eunoians to discover their purpose, strive with a heart for others, and live with courage. Our Dean of JC1, Mrs Kellie Woo, followed Mrs Wong's lead to affirm the achievements and aspirations of the pioneer cohort in a monumental first year.

In a special video segment, Chua Kai Ling (17-U3), Uzuri Vice-Captain, Nicolette Tan (17-A3), national Sportsgirl of the Year (Badminton), and Nicholas Lee Jun Yi (17-E4) from Advocado Films, a video production startup, gave voice to the friendships forged and the collective passion within the Eunoia community that motivated them on their journey.

As we heard the voices of Eunoians, we also saw the faces of Eunoians whose efforts would be celebrated in a formal awards ceremony.

A total of 16 Commendation Awards were presented to students for their top performance in the respective academic subjects.

Gracing the occasion, Mrs Carol Wee (Vice-Chairperson of Parents@Eunoia) presented 7 students the Commendation Award for Best Progress, kindly sponsored by Parents@Eunoia.

Within the Dean's List (Academic), 97 students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievement. Another 16 students, placed on the Dean's List (Character & Service), were commended for the exemplary character and contributions to the college in its year of establishment.

To cap the celebratory mood, the Presidents of EJC Dance and EJC Symphonic Band presented their Certificates of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 to Mrs Wong.

Representing the student body, Nicolette addressed the hall to celebrate how far Eunoia has come within the space of a year, an accomplishment that can be credited in no small part to the students.

It was appropriate then that the five house captains took to the stage to unveil the house crests designed by Kay Yeung (17-I2), while our house vice-captains unfurled the banner that marks our diversity and unity as five houses, one Eunoia. As our first year closes, we are reminded that we began with a dream. Long may it continue, as a new cohort of Eunoians will joins us next year. As one we will write Eunoia's legacy.