Lighting the Way – EJC Yearbook 2020-21

The fourth edition of our yearbook tells the inspiring stories of staff and students who have ignited their passions and illuminated the lives of those around them.  We are proud to share some of their stories with you in our online edition.

The college would like to take the opportunity to thank Topix Studio, Adam Photography Specialist, EJC Press and EJC Media for contributing to this chapter of our history.

Blue, Gold, White – Release of 2021 A-Level Results

Blue, Gold, White


Dear Class of 2021,


The results of the 2021 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examination will be released on Tuesday, 22 February 2022.

Other than coming in person to collect your results, you have the option of accessing your results online or authorising a proxy to collect results on your behalf.

Please read the following information which will detail how you will be receiving your results and observe the 6 As! Refer to the deck of slides attached in the email for more information and follow-up.


With Safe Management Measures in place, you will need to observe staggered reporting to college as detailed below.

Akila - 1.00 pm

Eder - 1.10 pm

Isami - 1.20 pm

Ora - 1.30 pm

Uzuri - 1.40 pm

Please arrive at your assigned venues (refer to email) by 2 pm

Please only enter via the West Gate for SafeEntry check-in.

Members of the public (parents, family members & friends etc.) will not be allowed into campus on 22 Feb 2022.


Be your most presentable self - neat, uncoloured hair, proper outfit, light make-up (for ladies) and NS attire are acceptable.


The following activities will take place after the release of the results:
- ECG Advising at Library Discussion Rooms from 3.15 pm on 22 Feb (Tue)
- Scholarship Preparation (Online) on 26 Feb (Sat) - refer to email sent by CSH Team

- ECG Talk on Education Pathways: Post A-Levels (Online) on 21 Feb (Mon) & 27 Feb (Sun) - refer to email which will sent by the CSH team


You have put in a lot of hard work on your journey, trust yourself and always look forward to new beginnings and new opportunities open to you.


If you are unable to collect your results in person on 22 Feb, you may authorise someone to collect your results and other documents on behalf.

Please complete the letter of authorisation attached in the email sent to your EJC Mail address.

The authorised individual will have to bring along his/her NRIC and proceed to the General Office to collect the documents on your behalf AFTER 3.15pm on 22 Feb. Collection must be done by 24 Feb (Thurs).


Look out for each other, celebrate together with your fellow Eunoians, and be there for friends, forevermore! See you soon!

Mr Ganison Rajamohan
Dean (Class of 2021)

Appeals for JC1 Admission – JAE 2022

The 2022 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) Appeal Exercise is for students who have not been posted to Eunoia Junior College (EJC) under the JAE Posting Exercise.

Students admitted to other institutions via Direct School Admission (DSA-JC) are not eligible for this exercise.

The official appeal period for JAE is from 4 Feb 2022 to 9 Feb 2022 (5pm).

Appeals for transfer to Eunoia Junior College will be based on academic merit. Students who wish to appeal on other grounds are unlikely to be successful if they have not met the course Cut-Off Point (COP) for the year and do not present extenuating circumstances to merit a transfer.

The 2022 COP is 6 for the Science course and 8 for the Arts course.


Complete the online formYou are required to upload the following documents as part of your appeal submission:

  • Form A
  • Verification slip for choice of JC / Poly courses 
  • O-Level results slip, including O-Level Mother Tongue result slip (if applicable)
  • CCA certificate / records
  • Testimonials

If you are unable to upload the documents, you can submit the relevant documents by emailing the softcopy documents to with the email subject titled, "Documents for JAE Appeal 2022 - Full Name".

All appeals must reach the college by 5 pm on 9 Feb 2022. 

Please refer to and understand the subject combinations available in the college before starting the application. 

Incomplete / Late applications will not be considered.

Applicants will be notified by 10 Feb 2022 on the application outcome.

The decision of the Admissions Committee is final. No further appeals will be considered.


Level Up! – Orientation 2022

Level Up!


Dear new Eunoians,


Hello and the warmest welcome! Eunoia is now your home and we cannot wait to make you a part of the Eunoia family. As our newest and most promising members, you will level up in every sense at Orientation, enduring, euniting and excelling in your next two years with us. Speaking from experience, there will be many precious memories and beautiful friendships on the journey to savour. As one Eunoia, our minds ignite, our hearts unite and together, our dreams will take flight.


Mr Ganison Rajamohan
Dean (JC1)


Orientation 2022

Our EJC Orientation quest begins on 7 Feb 2022 (Mon) and will continue to double your XP until 11 Feb 2022 (Fri).

We look forward to meeting you on 7 Feb 2022 at 7.55 am in your secondary school PE T-shirt and secondary school bottoms (pants/skirt). The programme on the first day will end by 4 pm.

Your Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) will be waiting for you all around the campus and at the entrances to provide directions to the reporting venues. If you are taking public transport, you may enter via the South Gate (Marymount Road), East Gate (Sin Ming Ave) or North Gate (Bishan-AMK Park). Those arriving by private transport may enter via the West Gate (Sin Ming Place) and alight at the drop-off point on level 2. For more information on getting to our campus, please click here.

Assembly will be held at the respective venues stated below. Flag raising begins at 8 am.


OG01 - OG19: Auditorium (Levels 1-2)

OG20 - OG30: Multi-Purpose Hall (Level 1)


Please also bring a water bottle, some writing material, a working thermometer and extra masks.

Our OGLs should be contacting you shortly after the release of the JAE Posting Results to provide the above information and to answer any immediate queries you may have. The full Orientation programme will be communicated to you on the first day.

For additional information, contact us at 6351 8388 or

We look forward to seeing you real soon!

Selection and Diagnostic Tests

H2 Music

Diagnostic / Selection Test, Audition and Interview: 8 Feb 2022, 9 - 11am (MEP Studios)

Students with a pass in O-Level Music/Higher Music intending to take H2 Music will take a DIAGNOSTIC TEST and AUDITION & INTERVIEW.

Students without O-Level Music / Higher Music intending to take H2 Music will take a SELECTION TEST and AUDITION & INTERVIEW

Students who wish to take Music must attend the diagnostic/selection test and Audition for the teachers to support curricular design that better meets their learning.

For clarification, please contact Dr Gooi Tah Choe <>.


H2 Art

Diagnostic Test, Drawing Test & Portfolio Interview: 8 Feb 2022, 9 - 11am (Art Studio)

Students with O-Level Art Background who wish to take Art will take a diagnostic test and portfolio interview.

Students without Upper Sec Art Background who wish to take Art will take a diagnostic test, drawing test and portfolio interview.

Students who wish to take Art must attend the diagnostic/drawing test and portfolio interview for the teachers to support curricular design that better meets their learning.

For the diagnostic test, please bring along drawing material (e.g. pencils, coloured pencils & writing material). For portfolio interview, please bring along 7-10 pieces of original artworks. Digital portfolio is allowed but must be saved in a thumb drive.

For clarification, please contact Ms Low Sok Hui <>


H2 Translation (Chinese)

Selection Test: 7 Feb 2022, 3.30 - 4.30pm (LT2 and LT3)

To offer Translation (Chinese), students must have obtained a minimum of A2 for English Language and B3 for Higher Chinese or A2 for Chinese at GCE O-Level.

It is not compulsory for you to take the diagnostic test if you have met the above centrally-stated pre-requisites. This is a DIAGNOSTIC TEST for students who have met the centrally stated pre-requisite. It serves the purpose of allowing prospective students to assess their aptitude for the subject and for teachers to support curricular design that better meets their learning.

Students who have fulfilled only one of the above pre-requisites and intend to offer H2 Translation (Chinese) should take this as a qualifying test for the college to assess your suitability.

For clarification, please contact Mdm Ng Lai Sze <>


H2 Further Mathematics

Selection Test: 8 Feb 2022, 9 - 11am (LT1)

Students who wish to take Further Mathematics must have taken and passed the selection test.

For clarification, please contact Mr Low Chang Hong <>


H2 Knowledge & Inquiry

Selection Test: 7 Feb 2022, 2.30 - 4.30pm (LT1)

Students who wish to take Knowledge & Inquiry must have taken and passed the selection test.

For clarification, please contact Mr Perrin Singarayar <>

OH EUNOIA! 2022 –
Live on 14 Jan 2022


Think Beautiful

In a black-and-white world, we all need a bit of colour. Eunoia’s student life, house culture and academic magic may be just the thing. We want to get your heart racing, feet jumping, mind firing and eyes sparkling. Join Eunoia. Make our beautiful world yours.

Let us show you our world on 14 Jan 2022. Find your #WhyEJ in our live webinars. Discover subjects and programmes that excite you in our Q&A sessions.


No pre-registration is required. Just have Zoom ready, come back here on 14 Jan (early, aren’t you?), click click, enter passcode OHEUNOIA and ta-da, you’re one step closer to Eunoia.


Meet our Principal and Eunoians, and let them tell you what makes Eunoia beautiful. Visit our Human Library sessions to hear our student ambassadors share their academic and CCA experience, and ask them questions. Learn about our many special programmes that take you to the next level. Shape your journey in EJC and the subject combination that will fulfil your purpose with our ECG counsellor.


All webinars are hosted on Zoom.


11 am - 12 pm

Meeting ID: 817 7623 2980
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Subjects and Enrichment

10 - 11 am

Meeting ID: 867 7810 1271
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


A Chat with Our
ECG Counsellor

10 - 11 am
1 - 2 pm

Meeting ID: 817 8217 9579
Passcode: OHEUNOIA

CCAs, Leadership
and Student Life

12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 867 7810 1271
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


From Secondary School to JC

1 - 2 pm

Meeting ID: 867 7810 1271
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Latitude, Altitude
and Magnitude

11 am - 12 pm

Meeting ID: 865 1762 3725
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Bicultural Studies Programme

9 - 10 am

Meeting ID: 895 110 3938
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Humanities Programme

2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 842 5621 2947
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Music Elective Programme

12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 848 7386 1713
Passcode: OHEUNOIA

Q&A Sessions

Not sure about your JAE choices or have a question on Eunoia we haven't answered? Ask our Deans during our Admissions Q&A at 9 - 10 am and 2 - 3 pm.

Speak to our teachers, students and alumni to find out more about your new favourite subjects! In the meantime, why not watch our subject talks and taster lesson videos on


All Q&A sessions are hosted on Zoom. Guests are admitted in 20-minute intervals (e.g. 10 am, 10.20 am, 10.40 am) to maintain the quality of interaction. Please wait to be admitted or enter the Q&A session at a later time. Thank you for understanding.


9 - 10 am
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 832 1556 4351
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


General Paper

10 - 11 am
1 - 2 pm

Meeting ID: 833 7395 9481
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Knowledge & Inquiry

11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 856 6906 9494
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



9 - 10 am
1 - 2 pm

Meeting ID: 846 3385 0478
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



10 - 11 am
12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 814 4567 0017
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 843 8961 1108
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



10 - 11 am
12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 828 2359 6757
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



10 - 11 am
12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 867 8293 2906
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



9 - 10 am
12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 835 6596 5842
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
1 - 2 pm

Meeting ID: 899 7847 9597
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



9 - 10 am
1 - 2 pm

Meeting ID: 862 6096 3039
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 868 9915 3895
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 848 7386 1713
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



9 - 10 am
12 - 1 pm

Meeting ID: 895 110 3938
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 812 8221 2130
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 812 8221 2130
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 863 0750 7527
Passcode: OHEUNOIA



11 am - 12 pm
2 - 3 pm

Meeting ID: 838 2092 3642
Passcode: OHEUNOIA


Online Open House

We wish we could take you around our Bishan campus, give you a taste of our lessons and opportunities, show you what student life and CCAs in EJ are like or just share our Eunoia experience with you in person. We can't do so yet but you certainly can see and hear from us online on!

Thank You, Mrs Wong – Our Tribute

Thank You, Mrs Wong

Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, our founding principal, will be retiring from the education service at the end of 2021 to begin a new journey. Since her appointment in December 2014, Mrs Wong has led Eunoia Junior College through many phases of its development: from recruiting the college's pioneering staff to guiding the deputy principals and key personnel, from creating the college vision to cultivating beautiful thinking amongst Eunoians, and from rejuvenating the Mount Sinai campus to overseeing the completion of our home in Bishan. Pivotal as she is, Mrs Wong was more than a Principal - an artist, teacher, leader, mentor, colleague and the head of a young Eunoia family. Together with our first five cohorts of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and stakeholders, Mrs Wong has made a blank canvas into a beautiful community. While words alone cannot express our gratitude to Mrs Wong for her seven years of leading Eunoia Junior College, this is our little tribute:

I appreciated how ready you were to entertain wild ideas that supported a culture of creativity and openness, and the sheer variety of names helped us converge on some principles — and having a name that will give us a unique three-letter acronym was one consideration. I remember that when we discussed “Eunoia”, of course we considered the sound and pronunciation of the name.

And because we all agreed that the meaning resonated with us, you shared this perspective — that we are teachers, and so we will teach people to say our name. And we did. I felt that this exemplified leading with the heart of a teacher.


I recall how determined Mrs Wong was in ensuring buy-in from all the pioneer staff. Those of us still around would recall our first Staff Eunite, where we engaged in several activities at Ghim Moh, NUS Guild House and the Hort Park. Mrs Wong was instrumental in shaping the programme and engagement of staff, and what you see here was our collective unpacking of the strategic plan. I also remember how she tried to recreate a caterer’s red bean soup for all of us to enjoy, one of the many ways in which Mrs Wong actively looked out for our welfare!


From the time we occupied one small corner office at MOE HQ (Ghim Moh), it has been a very enriching experience for me to learn from her. I remember the times when Mrs Wong bonded the newly form team of KPs, through many staff welfare activities that she would be the lead and even becoming the trainer for us! Mrs Wong, always being elegant and well composed, brought assurances to us that we were on the right track on uncharted waters, throughout our time together.


Despite only being in EJ for 2 years, I will always remember Mrs Wong as a motherly figure - someone who is very nurturing. She always smiles and checks in on us whenever she sees us along the corridors. That simple "how are you?" really means a lot and shows how much she cares about us. Thank you for being Eunoia's very first Principal and for leading us to embrace the challenges as we embarked on a journey as the first cohort in EJ. We have come a long way under your leadership and we are very grateful for whatever you have done for us. Your lasting legacy will always be remembered and thank you for being an inspiration to us. 


Thank you, Mrs Wong, for always holding that strong belief that our college will make history. You have instilled courage in us to dare to be different. You have shaped our college to be one that embraces students' creativity and initiative and which provides so much safe space us to experiment, make mistakes and do even better the next time. Thank you for setting up such a wonderful foundation for our college. I am so excited for the many things you will pursue beyond Eunoia.


Graduation Day 2021 – Into a New World

Graduation Day 2021


The Class of 2021 marked the end of their two-year journey in the college on 22 Oct 2021. All 27 civic groups gathered in their classrooms in line with safe management measures, but the 600-strong cohort still felt the spirit of one Eunoia.

The ceremony gave time for our Eunoians to reflect on their journey, congratulate batchmates who received Commendation Awards for individual subjects and Best Progress, and cheer their peers on the Dean's List (Academic) and Dean's List (Character & Service) in the classroom.

It was also an entertaining affair with an inter-class competition based on Wheel of Fortune and pre-recorded teacher performances, set alight by a rousing dance by Ms Chia Hui Ping, Ms Heon Mak, Ms Tan Fangxi and Mdm Tan Lingmin, a smooth rendition of 'Butter' by the Mathematics Department and scintillating examination tips from the Economics team.

More words of wisdom and encouragement were to follow from the Dean's Address by Mr Ganison Rajamohan and speeches by the respective Valedictorians for the Arts and Science streams, Rachel Grace Ong (20-U1) and Lim Tian Le (20-A2).

The ceremony would not be complete without the presentation of the gold collar pins, pinned onto graduands by the Civics Tutors of each class. While not a moment for euphoria, it was an emotional - and sweet - conclusion to the Class of 2021's journey in Eunoia.

Eunoia: Our Aspirations – College Day 2021

Our Aspirations


To commemorate our 5th College Day and the opening of our Bishan campus, the college commissioned a video from Advocado Films, a production house founded by Eunoians from our very first cohort. Hear the voices of our Eunoians, alumni, teaching and non-teaching staff and stakeholders, and find out what Eunoia means to them and what they hope Eunoia will grow to be in the future.

Ministry of Education Special Awards 2021


Special Awards 2021

The Ministry of Education Special Awards recognise students' diverse achievements in both academic and non-academic spheres, including their contributions to the community. In line with COVID-19 safe management measures, no physical award ceremony was held this year.

The college congratulates our Eunoians and alumni for their outstanding achievements and holistic excellence. Clarice Tan Hui Ling (21-O6) and our alumna Le-anne Ong Li Ying (19-A1) from the Class of 2020 were awarded the Prime Minister's Book Prize.

Asia Tan Xiao Xuan (21-A3) was presented the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence.

In addition, the college would like to also congratulate Glenda Chong Xing En (21-U2) on receiving the Ee Hoe Hean Book Prize.

Asia Tan Xiao Xuan (21-A3)

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE) is a national-level award for achievement in education that has been presented to secondary school students since 2005. It recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify the qualities articulated in our desired outcomes of education.

An alumna from Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Asia currently serves as a Deputy President of our 5th Student Council.

Clarice Tan Hui Ling (21-O6)
Le-Anne Ong Li Ying (19-A1)

The Prime Minister's Book Prize was established in 1974 as an award for bilingual excellence given to students at primary, secondary and pre-university levels.

Clarice is an alumna of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School. Le-Anne is our alumna from the Class of 2020.

Glenda Chong Xing En (21-U2)

The Ee Hoe Hean Book Prize recognises individuals who have performed exceedingly well in both the Chinese and English language and demonstrated exemplary character. The award is presented to one student from each of the 11 Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools every year.

Glenda is an alumna of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School.

JC1 Scholarship and Award Recipients 2021

JC1 Scholarship and
Award Recipients 2021

The college would like to congratulate 79 students from our 2021 JC1 cohort on receiving scholarships from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and other agencies.

Among our fifth cohort of Eunoians, we are proud to have 8 MOE Pre-University Scholars, 32 Bicultural Studies Programme Scholars, 27 MOE Humanities Scholars, 1 National Tamil Language Elective Programme Scholar, 4 MOE Foreign Language Elective Scholars, 2 DSTA Junior College scholars, 3 EJC Community Engagement Scholars, and 2 MOE Special Award winners. The JC1 Eunoians receiving scholarships in 2021 are:

MOE Pre-University Scholarship

Aaron Wong Jielun (21-I4)

Alexis Foo Li Lin (21-E4)

Angelica Koh Jia Qi (21-A4)

Ashley Tay Jia En (21-U3)

Isabelle Deborah Looi Yan Yi (21-E3)

Tan Chern Hong (21-A4)

Yan Yixiang, Eric (21-A3)

Esmond Ee Jun Wei (21-E6)

DSTA Junior College Scholarship

Alexis Foo Li Lin (21-E4)

Ho Wenn Mae Caithlin (21-I4)

EJC Community Engagement Scholarship

Loh Jen Nin (21-O5)

Yap Kah Him (21-I3)

Chantel Lee Su Xin (21-O2)

MOE Bicultural Studies Programme Scholarship

Chen Ding (21-U2)

Davey Loka (21-A1)

Elmer Eng Yu Haang (21-I1)

Goh Jean An (21-I1)

Lim Ying Xuan Alexandria (21-A1)

Wu Qianwen (21-A1)

Ashley Koh Yu Xi (21-A1)

Cheang Hui Xin (21-A1)

Jassy Wong Jia Xi (21-A1)

Ng Si Min, Maureen (21-A1)

Wang Danying (21-A1)

Ang Pei De (21-I4)

Chan Xuan Ru (21-I4)

Ho Wenn Mae Caithlin (21-I4)

Justin Chew Hong Yu (21-I4)

Kirsten Tan (21-I4)

Lim Teck Khai (21-I4)

Lin Peiyan (21-I4)

Poo Pei Yi (21-I4)

Siu Wen Xin (21-I4)

Tan Le Kai (21-I4)

Yeap Ning Shuen (21-I4)

Martin Phang Shi Ting (21-I5)

Yao Wei (21-I5)

Ang Sim Yee (21-U2)

Chin Tracie Xining (21-U2)

Chong Xing En Glenda (21-U2)

Lin Yiqin (21-U2)

Pan Haihao (21-U2)

Sam Li Tong (21-U2)

Tan Yong (21-U2)

Wong Mei Hui (21-U2)

MOE Humanities Scholarship

Aidan Goh Quan Zhang (21-U1)

Alena Hua Xuan Ling (21-O1)

Athena Kirsten Kronenburg (21-O1)

Betuel Ng Yi En (21-U1)

Bryan Lim Yu Xuan (21-O1)

Chan Shan Wei Jovin (21-U1)

Cheah Wei Shan (21-O1)

Desiree Soh Shu Huei (21-O1)

Elizabeth Khoo Yuk Min (21-U1)

Emma Shuen Lee (21-O1)

Isabel Hikaru Yamada (21-O1)

Katelyn Joshy (21-U1)

Kelly Chin Kai Lee (21-O1)

Kelly Thai Kai-Li (21-U1)

Lai Fion (21-U1)

Lay Kai En, Ashley (21-O1)

Lee Zhi Qi Claire (21-U1)

Leong Xiang Wei, Ryan (21-U1)

Long Wen Xi (21-U1)

Marion Ang Yun Shuen (21-U1)

Megan Alexis Soh (21-O1)

Ng Wen Hui (21-O1)

S Sanjana Rajan (21-O1)

Sangireddy Samanvita Reddy (21-O1)

Shannon Sim Le Xuan (21-O1)

Tricia Loh Qiuxuan (21-U1)

Yap Zoe Ern (21-O1)


National Elective Tamil Language Programme Scholarship

Murugan Rakshita (21-E1)

MOE French Language Elective Scholarship

Chan Ning (21-I3)

Ho Jie Ning Fiona (21-I3)

MOE German Language Elective Scholarship

Avril Lim Si-Ying (21-A1)

MOE Spanish Language Elective Scholarship

Rachel Edith Lie Mei Rui (21-I3)