Achieve as We Aspire –
Term 4 Bulletin

Dear Parents and Alumni Members,


Time is constantly lost, and we are gaining time. Packed with action, achievements to celebrate, and streaming appreciation, Term 3 passed in a flash. Together we look forward to Term 4, and the many opportunities to apply our joint talents and learning. The year – our year of establishment – is almost over, and each moment becomes ever more significant to shaping the future of the college. What we aspire towards now will in the hands and hearts of new Eunoians and teachers, become definitive. The writing of the Eunoia story never stops.

Eunoians in Action

This story is at its most meaningful where there are tests and challenges. Our Eunoians sat for their first examination when Term 3 began, and had the chance to reflect on what they have learned and what they must learn in the post-examination period. For some, anxiety and frustration temporarily took over while for others, it was a time for humility. The Eunoia community came together through introspection, refocusing on our strengths, areas for learning and the action that will take us to our destination.

Looking inward, we search for our better selves.
Seeing who we want to be, we work on who we are.

Walking past the study rooms in Academia block, one can feel the collective sense of purpose. The road to the ‘A’ level Examination cannot be thought of as a sprint by individual runners. As students, parents and teachers, we must run the marathon together and support each other across obstacles, slopes and storms. It was heartening to see student-leaders and teachers alike put together a welfare package for their respective house members. The notes of encouragement they penned would have given their friends an additional push towards the upcoming Promotional Examination, as stress mounts and revision intensifies.

Art of Our Own

Beyond the cognitive and academic, we watched with pride as our performing arts groups and Music Elective Programme (MEP) students showcased their talents to a wider audience. The Eunoia Symphonic Band, alongside concert bands from our Joint Integrated Programme (JIP) partner schools, charmed a picnic-going crowd with familiar tunes that made for an enchanting evening at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. In a public performance at library@esplanade, our Eunoians from the Chinese Orchestra, MEP and Drama Club shared their repertoire of talents to a delighted audience. They truly were A Beautiful Muse in both sight and sound, musical and dramatic in tenort. Taking off from the public stage, our Drama thespians transported Joel Tan’s People back to Mount Sinai to rapturous applause from family and friends. These platforms to show and sharpen our Eunoians’ skills are much cherished, and we continue to seek new settings for them to shine. Beauty can be found everywhere, and as a Eunoia community, we want to expand that beauty on every stage, no matter how large or small.

Eunoia Achieves

We were elated to continually celebrate the successes of our staff and students in Term 3. Two members of staff – Mr Tay Theng Hwee and Mrs Tcheau Seow Hong – were awarded National Day Awards. Our students were also recognised with various awards. First, Khok Jie Ming (17-O2) was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Book Prize, which pays tribute to her excellence in bilingual scholarship. Second, Benjamin Soh Zikang (17-U3) received the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence at the Special Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017. This national-level award is a testament to Benjamin’s excellence in both academic and non-academic domains. In the true spirit of partnership, two of our own – Jelita Jade Jaimon (17-U1) and Damian Teo (17-A1) – represented the college in a combined JIP team at the National Xinyao Singing and Songwriting Competition, where they received the highest number of votes in an online popularity contest. Individual students have also participated in a wide range of competitions such as debating, oratorical and poetry writing competitions. What we celebrate is the dedication, perspiration and inspiration behind it all that turns their passion into our pride.

At Eunoia, we value achievements beyond the competitive. We celebrate the generosity of spirit and goodwill to all through acts of service rendered by everyone in the Eunoia community. Two groups of students stand out: the first were hosts for delegates at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament hosted in Singapore, and the second group served in various roles at the Victory Ceremony of the ASEAN School Games. Through their acts of service and interactions with their international peers, our Eunoians stepped up as engaged world citizens, and emerging leaders.

Fullest Appreciation

We observed our first National Day Celebrations and expressed our appreciation for our teachers in Term 3. The student leaders successfully organised our first National Day Fiesta. We walked through haunted houses, ate like kings, played games, and laughed at ourselves with 17-O1’s imaginative ‘mocktails’. Amidst the fun and games, we raised funds through coupon sales to provide financial assistance to support Eunoians in need. Together, we articulated our heartfelt appreciation for Singapore, our nation and home.

Perhaps there is no more appropriate way to end the term than with a bonanza expressing gratitude to our teachers, the engines who enable our programmes and enrich our Eunoians. Our ‘Justeach League’ were celebrated by the Student Council and the whole student body for the champions they truly are. The day was a truly joyous one: the corridors of the school were filled with cheer and song. It was certainly heartening to witness the gratitude expressed for the important work done by our teachers. Parents@Eunoia spared no effort when they hosted a breakfast in appreciation of their efforts, and their presence gave much meaning to the delicious spread and thoughtful decoration. As a community, let us not forget that an educator’s work is never done. While we dedicate a day for thanksgiving, it is also in the little daily actions that we demonstrate our gratitude.

Further Application

In the final term, we gear up for our first promotional examination. We are grateful to our Parents@Eunoia for working closely with us to create a conducive environment for our students’ revision. Besides exercising our intellectual muscle, we look forward to challenging ourselves physically in the upcoming Spartan Race in October.

Resilience and perseverance are attributes we want every Eunoian to develop, in both their academic endeavours and lifelong pursuits.

We are committed to developing well-rounded individuals and have planned various internships and externships to provide students with real-world work experience. Groups of students will also soon travel the world as part of our Eunoia GO! (Global Orientation) programme. We look forward to hearing their tales from Sri Lanka, Chiang Mai, Taiwan, and China. Opening their eyes to new experiences and contexts will enrich their learning in their second year at Eunoia, and shape their beliefs about the world.

Forward Aspirations

As we round up our first year and reflect on times past, we look forward to the inroads we will make next year. Our Eunoians will soon be able to lead their juniors in writing new chapters of the Eunoia story, with purpose, heart, and courage. We will soon head into a period of reflection and renewal. May the season ahead be a fruitful one for you. The rest of our year may pass in a second. The work we do then may last forever.


Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng