Love’s Labour’s Won – 2017 A-Level MTL Results

2017 A-Level MTL Results

99 JC1 students from Eunoia Junior College’s first cohort sat the 2017 GCE A-Level Examination in their H1 Mother Tongue Language, H1 Foreign Language and H1 General Studies in Chinese subjects.

With their gleaming results, they have shone the way forward for themselves and their peers in the year-end 2018 A-Level Examination.

On the cohort’s performance, Ms Yang Shu Hung, Deputy Head of Mother Tongue Languages, said, ‘Most students did not expect much of themselves when it comes to Chinese Language (CL). However, the results have shown that as long as you put in the effort, you will achieve the results you want to achieve, or even better.’

Head of Department for Mother Tongue Languages and BSP, Mr Tay Theng Hwee added, 'While our students have achieved good results, I hope that they will keep their mother tongue language with them for life, to connect to others, communicate with a rising Asia, and understand our mother tongue culture on a deeper level.'

We congratulate our students on their first set of results. We would also like to thank our Mother Tongue Language teachers for guiding our Eunoians and inspiring in them a love for the language.

We share a few of their stories below.


Elated with her results, Faith worked steadfastly and reflectively on her A-level MTL journey. Learning Chinese came alive for her when her teachers integrated xinyao (a Singaporean Chinese music movement) in class. In her words, ‘it not only made me realise how beautiful Chinese is as a language, but also sparked my interest in the subject.’


HO ZHI HUI (17-I1)

Zhi Hui practised often, consistently reviewed her own work to improve, and sought to learn beyond the scope of examination questions. She credits her success to her tutor Ms Lu Jing for her kindness and attention to her class’s needs and her mother for supporting her on the journey.

Ms Lu said, ‘Zhi Hui has grown from being a quiet student in class to achieving a distinction in her Oral component and overall score. She proves that having self-confidence and the determination to do well makes everything possible.’



Tristan is thankful for his Chinese tutors and classmates who made Chinese lessons enjoyable for him. On his experience, he said, ‘Chinese lessons were very engaging as our teacher encourages us to express our views about topics that closely relate to us.’  Ms Lu, Tristan’s tutor, feels that his results affirm his passion for Chinese and hopes he will continue using and loving the language.



Ms Lu was the Civics Tutor and H1 Chinese Language Tutor of 17-I1 (2017), as well as Assistant House Mistress of Isami.

She is especially proud of her students because of the effort they put in and for making big strides towards being effectively bilingual.



Ryan was delighted with his MTL result, and glad that he made full use of every Chinese lesson and oral practice session. For Ryan, ‘the small class size and more personalised way of learning Chinese’ made lessons engaging and easier for him to appreciate the language.

He would like to thank his parents for supporting his growth in the subject, and his tutor Mr Tay Theng Hwee (郑澄辉) for his belief in his class and for always giving his best in his teaching.



Tasib was the only student in the 2017 JC1 cohort to offer H1 Bengali at an external centre.The interesting lessons and his teacher's encouragement helped him appreciate the language more. On his unexpected success, he said, 'Achieving what I have achieved has really taught me the importance of putting in the best for everything I do, no matter how hard it is.'

Tasib would like to thank his parents, teachers, friends who were by his side for believing in him even though at times he did not.



Having attained a B4 in Higher Chinese Language (HCL) at the O-Level Examination, Allyson was exempted from A-Level H1 Mother Tongue Language. She chose to offer it because she believed she could do better and looked forward to Chinese lessons in the college.

Her Chinese Language tutor and Civics Tutor in 2017, Mdm Chen Li Li (陈丽丽) said, ‘Her passion for the language and desire to excel were obvious from the very start, so I was very heartened to see her wish granted.’

Allyson would like to thank her parents, classmates, Mr Yao Zhanxin and Mdm Chen Li Li for their guidance.



Ms Yang is the Deputy Head of Mother Tongue Languages, as well as the Deputy Dean for the 2018 JC2 cohort. Addressing the cohort, she said, ‘being proficient in Chinese is an increasingly important asset on the global stage. No matter what is reflected on your result slip, being bilingual is one huge advantage that we are blessed with, and I'd like to encourage all our students to continue using their mother tongue language whenever possible.’